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January 20, 2013
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With her finals quickly approaching, Kristi was kicking into full stress mode.  And whereas before, she had been able to deal with her stress with long nights fueled by coffee and tea binges, her dietary changes had caused some interesting habits to develop.  For one, she was no longer able to stay awake longer than 6 hours at a time, regardless of how much caffeine she had ingested, so naps had become a pretty common thing, due to her completely decimated sleeping schedule.  A regular day consisted of the following:  Waking up around seven AM, despite her alarm being set for ten AM, getting up, showering, studying, going to class, coming home, eating a slice (or five) of the pizza she had in the fridge from the night before, napping, waking up, eating the remainder of the pizza, studying, driving to Tom and Susan's house, playing with the girls, studying, making dinner for the girls (usually some healthy nonsense that Susan had made up the night before), giving up on studying because she was too hungry, napping on the couch while the girls watched television, driving home and picking up two pizzas on the way, binging on pizza, studying, and passing out around three in the morning.

Not exactly the healthiest schedule, but Kristi had to admit, she felt more prepared for her finals than she had in previous semesters.  Things with Susan had smoothed out after the first few days following her lecture to Kristi, with Kristi never ordering pizza at the house again, and only allowing the girls to eat what their mother had prepared them.  "I know it's not as good..."  Kristi said the first night as the girls stared apathetically at the food on their plates, "But it's what your mom wants."  They would sigh, and eat as quickly as possible before running back into the other room to do whatever.  

Kristi's weight had become a subject of taboo between Susan and Tom after that night as well.  Susan had tried to breach the subject one evening and Tom shot her a look that completely changed her mind about saying anything at all to either Kristi or Tom ever again.  That being said, nobody in the house could ignore the fact that Kristi seemed to be growing just as quickly as ever, despite apparently not eating the entire time she was at their house.  Her newer clothes already looked tighter on her yet again, but, Susan didn't mind too much- as long as Kristi wasn't binging in their house, in front of their children, then Marcy and Tiffany couldn't possibly be too negatively affected.  After all, they saw fat people all the time, but they weren't going to turn out that way, especially with the strict dietary restrictions that Susan had placed upon the household.  Furthermore, Susan was glad she had daughters... Even at their young age, she was sure that if she had boys, they would be hypnotized by Kristi's bulging breasts.

That being said, Kristi's clothing choices often left a lot to be desired.  For one thing, her breasts bulged out of literally any piece of clothing she wore, except for her sweatshirts, which she had completely ditched since a few inches of her flabby stomach would often peek out the bottom.  It wasn't uncommon for Tom find the 22 year old sleeping on their couch, curled up with a blanket around her waist, showing off a remarkable amount of cleavage for someone who was sleeping in one of the most unflattering positions.  On top of that, despite it being close to winter, Kristi often wore tight gym shorts, which were probably chosen for the elastic, the downside of this being that they gave Kristi ridiculous looking muffin tops.  Although it was apparent she had bought new clothes recently, Tom still felt a wardrobe upgrade was due for the chubby-rapidly-approaching-fat young woman.  Of course, he would never tell her this, after all, she was still a very good babysitter, and both of the girls loved her, despite Kristi quickly becoming more of a sloth than a proper babysitter.  Still, Tom understood she had finals coming up, and had been quick to quiet Susan's grumblings about Kristi's apparent laziness whenever the subject came up... Although he wasn't sure how he'd stop her from criticizing Kristi after her semester ended.


"Yeah, ok, goodnight Susan!  Goodnight Tom!"  Kristi shouted as she walked out the front door, smiling.  It was payday, so to speak, so Kristi happily walked to her car with a pocket full of cash, a welcome feeling to any college student who wasn't the child of a parent with a seven-figure salary.  Her butt jiggling violently as she cheerfully bounded towards her car, Kristi's stomach was in full-on panic mode: she hadn't eaten in almost SEVEN HOURS!  Not only that, tomorrow was Saturday, which meant she only had two more days until her first final exam!  Kristi had taken the time to write out a schedule for herself for the weekend, which read as follows:

Friday:  Relax, stock up on food (read: pizza), enjoy last few hours of sanity.

Saturday:  Wake up as late as possible, study from time of waking up to 8 PM, allow self small break, study all night, allow self small break at 8 AM, study until 8 PM, sleep.

It wasn't exactly the best of schedules, and in the grand scheme of things, probably a little excessive: Kristi was already very prepared for her finals, but Kristi was a bit obsessive when it came to grades.  Still, she was somewhat excited, it had been a long time since she had done one of her infamous "study binge" weekends... Although studying most likely wouldn't be the only thing she binged on.  Accenting this point was her planned order for the Pizza Shack, which she was silently mulling over in her head.  "If I got six pizzas... Hmm, would that even fit in my fridge?  Well, I could probably finish one over the evening tonight... I'm starving and I haven't really eaten much today (apparently half a pizza 'wasn't much') so I think I'd be alright..."  Kristi muttered to herself as she pulled into the Pizza Shack parking lot.

Patrick was there (as usual) although he was in much higher spirits today:  He had the brilliant idea to bring in an old DVD player he had around his house and hooked it up to the old TV, meaning he could watch whatever he wanted!  Of course, he had to keep it family friendly, so at the moment he was watching Seinfeld- not exactly the most family friendly thing, but it was better than his first choice, Alien.  His distraction wavered, however, when Kristi came in.  How, he thought to himself, was it possible for a girl to gain so much weight and yet still look so hot from the chest up?  Of course, beyond the chest was a disaster zone, but he had trained himself to keep his eyes level with the top of her head, and then he could pretend she was about twenty times hotter than the actual butterball she was, which helped him not be such a jackass to her: after all, he had been written up for being "too rude" to the customers, so he figured he might as well practice being nice with Kristi, even if it meant he had to pretend she was a fashion model with an above average sized rack to do so.  "The usual, Kristi?"  He said, actually forcing out a smile, a rare sight for Kristi's eyes.

"Hmm?  Oh, no, I've got a lot of studying to do this weekend, finals and everything coming up, so I'm gonna stock up now so I don't have to leave the apartment all week!"  Kristi giggled, causing her chest to jiggle a bit, which helped steel Patrick's resolve to actually treat her like a customer.  Despite this, he still couldn't believe she was really going to sit on her fat ass all weekend and stuff her face under the pretense of "studying".

"Right, well, that makes sense!  So, what can I get for you?"  Again, Patrick managed to put on the charade of acting like he cared by focusing solely on Kristi's admittedly beautiful face and her deep cleavage, accentuated by a low-cut (or possibly just poorly fitting) tank top.

"Hmm... Let's do, three pepperonis, one ham and sausage, one veggie, and one extra cheese.  Yeah, six should do it!"  Kristi smiled at Patrick.  She had always thought he was cute, although she could never date someone who worked at a pizza place- she'd get fat!  And besides, Kristi wasn't really looking to date anyone right now... Between school and the babysitting job, she had almost zero free time except on weekends, and those were dedicated to studying.  

"Right, sounds good.  Your total is on the screen, I'll go make those for you!  It'll be a little while, take a seat wherever!"  Patrick said, getting into the flow of pretending to actually give a shit, before turning around, grabbing an apron off the shelf behind him and walking into the back.  Kristi kept herself occupied by watching Seinfeld, although she had to admit she didn't understand some of the jokes- the dry humor didn't really match her personality.  It took slightly longer than usual, but by the time Patrick walked out with the tower of pizzas, Kristi didn't mind- the smell and the thought of eating all that delicious, greasy food was more than enough to make the wait worth it.  "Do you... Want help?"  He muttered, the pizzas already straining his endurance due to the heat radiating off them.  

"Nah, I'll be fine.  Thanks Patrick!  Have a good weekend!"  And she took the tower of pizzas, the upper boxes pushed out slightly due to her impressive chest, the bottom ones pushed out slightly as well due to her gut.  Kristi turned around and walked out of the store, giving Patrick a view of her expanded rear, tightly straining her shorts.  However, all Patrick could focus on was the chunkiness of her thighs, which completely destroyed the illusion of talking to a slim, busty model.  With a sigh, he went back to watching Seinfeld.

Next one is the last one.
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MrCandyMan007 Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, dude, another typo: "His distraction wavered, however, when Susan came in."

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"Furthermore, Kristi was glad she had daughters..."

More importantly though, great story.
jerkajerk Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
Thank you! I rarely proofread these more than once so other people always catch my mistakes. Good catch!
crtwrghtmrk Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
Happy to help. Most of the stuff I've written has been pretty long (two ongoing sagas over 60000 and 80000 words) and as a result I occasionally go back and read earlier chapters for reference points etc. and it seems as though every time I do pixies have added some more errors so I'm always grateful when people take the time to point them out.
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