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January 7, 2013
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Now that Kristi not only was not getting pizza while babysitting, but also not having left over pizza to wake up to in the morning, her visits to the pizza joint near her apartment became daily.  As it turned out, it was the same pizza place that was actually delivering to the girl's house every night, and as a result, Kristi saw Patrick on a daily basis.  And Patrick got to watch in disgust every day as Kristi's figure seemingly swelled, the word "tight" no longer being applicable in relation to her clothes... The word "obscene" would be more fitting.  Breasts clearly over strained in their bras, breast flesh oozing over the low cut top of whatever ridiculous outfit Kristi managed to strain into, while her jiggling ass and wobbly stomach became more and more apparent as the days passed.

Kristi's justification for visiting the pizza place twice in a day was that before, she had been eating two pizzas AFTER the girls had each had a slice- of course, this was flawed logic, as eating two pizzas minus two slices was still incredibly unhealthy... Not that Kristi cared.  She was absolutely hooked, managing to gobble down, on average, a slice or two an hour, until the greasy cardboard box was emptied, at which point she'd wait "a while"- usually meaning an hour or two, before heading right back to the pizza shop.

The wake-up call came for Kristi late one Saturday night.  In an effort to keep awake, Kristi had ordered two pizzas instead of one, trying desperately to cram for a very important exam she had on Monday.  Kristi's logic had been that, if she was painfully full, she wouldn't be able to sleep, and would be forced to focus on her texts.  What she hadn't anticipated was that her recent binges had finally stretched her stomach enough to the point where, even with two greasy pizzas inside her, she wasn't really in pain... More of a dull throbbing feeling, but certainly not enough to keep her awake.  The logic following this was, of course, to drink soda.  Sugar and caffeine would surely keep her awake!  The resulting hour of belching and hiccuping did little to further her studies, instead causing her to focus all her attention on her now painfully bloated gut, the carbonated sugar water mixing unpleasantly with the greasy pizza to form a perfect storm of indigestion.  Very little studying was done that night, and by the time Kristi staggered into bed, her studies were long forgotten.


That Sunday morning, Kristi stood up groggily from her bed.  Lately, she had been sleeping in the nude, preferring to forgo her excessively tight sleep outfit of gym shorts and a tank top.  As she stretched, her hefty breasts jiggled almost as much as her now undeniable pot belly.  Letting out a tiny burp- a remnant from the previous night's gluttony, Kristi bent over to pull on a pair of panties she had laying on the floor, her chubby stomach pressing into her thick thighs.  However, as she pulled the bright pink panties up, meeting the expected resistance, Kristi heard a new noise- a slight tearing.  Ceasing momentarily, Kristi attempted to look down at her panties, which were midway up her thighs- a pointless endeavor, as her swollen midsection and larger breasts prevented this.  Shrugging, Kristi pulled, until, with a much more pronounced rip, the panties tore violently, shredding on either side of her legs, the fatty thighs of the previously skinny blonde proving too much for the stressed fabric.

"Guess I'm going shopping today..."  Kristi said with a sigh.


New clothes were purchased with a gloomy air, Kristi finally accepting the fact that she had gained weight, although not readily- she only purchased one size up with everything (except the bras- those had gone up several sizes, to Kristi's delight).  As she exited the mall, the familiar pangs of hunger crept up her body, but Kristi's acceptance of her weight gain helped her fight the urge to stop by the pizza place.  "Today... Today I eat healthy!  No pizza... I need REAL brain food!"  Kristi said confidently as she drove herself home, thinking about what she might still have in her apartment.

Her lunch ended up being a can of green beans and a can of pear slices- Kristi hadn't been grocery shopping in a long while, so canned goods were the closest she could get to real food.  As she choked down the last of the overly sweet pear slices, she felt much more confident in her ability to get things done for the day.  "I've got new clothes and I didn't eat pizza, today is off to a great start!"  And with that, she flipped open her text book to the first chapter of several that she had to review, and began to read.

Of course, Kristi's body was used to being fed, and by the time six PM rolled around, her stomach was constantly making noises of discontent.  Kristi, adamant on at least finishing up her reading before eating, began to scan the pages faster, taking in as much information as she could without really absorbing it, as the need to eat overwhelmed her.  By the time she wrapped up the final chapter, she was actually shaking from hunger, her body having been worked into a familiar rhythm for so long that it wasn't sure why no food had been consumed in hours.  As ridiculous as she knew it was, Kristi viewed this as an excuse for getting pizza- obviously if she was going to quit eating pizza all the time, she had to do it slowly, rather than quitting cold turkey.  


Patrick flipped through the channels on the small, old television stationed behind the counter at the Pizza Shack, his current job.  Nobody came in here on Sundays, for some reason... Nobody except that Kristi girl, but judging by the way she had been ordering pizza lately, Patrick assumed she ate herself into a coma.  That pig ordered so much damn pizza, he was amazed she didn't have the face of a 14 year old in puberty- that much grease should've destroyed her face, and yet every time he saw her, she was acne free.  He had to admit, if she didn't weigh about 100 pounds more than she should, she would be... Kinda hot, actually.  Of course, it hardly mattered, the girl ordered pizza every day, at this point she'd be too fat to walk in a year, but if she was thinner, he'd probably never have a chance with her anyways.  Sighing, he continued to flip through the basic 6 channels they got on the television- the owner was far too cheap to pay for television, so all they got were cliche judge shows and the news.  His head snapped up when he heard the door ring, but of course, it was just that Kristi girl.  "Hey.  The usual?"  He asked in a flat tone, attempting to communicate just how little he cared- although he noticed that Kristi was actually wearing clothes that fit her.  "She must have finally busted out of her old stuff... No surprise there."  He thought as the girl nodded.  

"Yeah, just the one, Patrick.  Thanks."  She responded glumly.  On the way there she had mentally berated herself for being so weak.  Of course she already gave up, not even 12 hours into her vow to eat healthier!  She just bought new clothes and she was already going to pig out on pizza.  Still, it didn't matter- the important thing was that she focused on studying, something she clearly was incapable of doing if she didn't have a slice of pizza in her hand.  She paid Patrick mindlessly, her thoughts racing with various bits of knowledge she needed to retain for Monday, as Patrick stalked off to the back to make her pizza.  By the time he brought it back out to her, any anxiety about her weight or her dependency on pizza was gone, replaced with medical terms and phrases.
I realized I had never really written Kristi OUTSIDE of the babysitting job, so that's what this chapter is about I guess?!???!?!???
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Growing5 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
I love bellynoises and I would have love to hear her belly mixing with pizzas and soda.
FemaleWeightGain Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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very nice, cant wiat to see where you go with this, my only critique is id like to see longer and more detailed chapters :3
jerkajerk Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Baaah I've only got so many minutes to devote to writing! I'm sorry, I'd love to do some more detailed stuff but it's hard with my schedule.
FApartofme Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
thats fine, just thought id give what i thought is all, your work is still great :)
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love it, it just keeps improving and I feel im starting to know her better ;-)

(only things I can point out, as suggestions only, more description of how her body is changing, size shape etc, coparitive to well known fat celebs works well too)

anyways, keep at it, look forward to the next part
maximos123 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Yay another one :D.
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