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December 21, 2012
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"Ooof... OK girls, that's enough for tonight!"  Kristi said tiredly as she laid on the floor, out of breath.  Marcy and Tiffany jumped around the room, still full of energy in the way only small children can be.

"But we barely even played!"  Marcy whined, while still jumping around the room.

"Yes, well... I'm tired."  Kristi responded, still breathing heavily.  Internally, she was a little worried- she shouldn't be out of breath after playing with the girls for only five minutes, yet here she was, completely winded.  "And besides, the food will be here soon!"  The proclamation of food was enough to get the girls to forget about playing, and they jumped on the couch to watch whatever children's show was on at the time.  After the girls sat down, Kristi made her way to the dining table, where all her homework was scattered about, as usual.  While she had been doing fine in her courses, the semester was beginning to come to a close, which meant the amount of homework had revved up- as had Kristi's stress.  And as she was beginning to find out, when she was stressed, Kristi ate.  A lot.  Even when she wasn't babysitting, Kristi had begun to eat much more than she had before.  Whereas in the past Kristi would go a whole day without eating, choosing to sit and do homework on an empty stomach, now she almost felt like she HAD to have something next to her to munch on.

Looking over the various worksheets, Kristi was happy to see that she had a very small amount left to do- two hours of work, max.  However, as soon as she picked up her pen, she was interrupted by the doorbell.  Standing up and idly attempting to pull her shirt down her rapidly growing tummy, Kristi made her way to the door and opened it.  The same guy delivered to the house every night, and as such, he had been a spectator in Kristi's ballooning weight since day one.  As such, he wasn't surprised when the order was doubled for the first time today- it was pretty obvious that the little girls who lived here weren't eating most of the pizza.  "Total comes to... 18.46."  He said in a bored tone, looking down at the receipt.

"Oh, yeah!  I forgot the money, be right back!"  Kristi said, turning around on her heel and walking towards the kitchen area.  As she did, the delivery guy watched her walk away.  She apparently hadn't bought new clothes yet, and was still wearing small sized sweatpants and shirts, and it really showed.  When he had first started delivering here, Kristi had been a young, slim, and quite frankly, a hot piece of ass in his eyes.  Now, he felt repulsed by her bloated figure.  A ridiculous muffin top sprung over the top of her ill-fitting pants, and her ass clearly jiggled from the added poundage, which stretched her pants so tight that, if they weren't black, he probably would've been able to see her underwear, which most likely fit just as poorly.  When she came back towards him, he observed her front.  A very noticeable pot belly jiggle with every single step, at least 4 inches of skin showing due to her shirt being at least two sizes too small.  Her breasts had grown, he noticed- probably the only positive thing about it.  Her chest hadn't been flat by any means before, but now she had a solid set of D-cup breasts... Definitely not too shabby.  Kristi handed the guy the $20 bill, before saying "You can just keep the change.  You deliver here every day and I don't even know your name!" while she attempted to balance the two pizzas, and two bags of bread sticks.

"Oh, uh... My name's Patrick. And thanks for the tip."  He said, before walking away quickly, not even bothering to say goodbye.

"Well, that was rude...  Anyways, girls, the pizza is here!"


"Why can't I find this in the -urrp- book?"  Kristi said in frustration, idly munching on her seventh bread stick.  The dining table was a disaster zone of crumbs and sauce, Kristi eating constantly during her attempts to finish her homework for the following day.  Not only had she eaten several breadsticks, she had managed to eat five slices of pizza- an extraordinary amount by any means, but when Kristi was in the zone, she essentially shut out any and all outside distractions, which apparently included her overfed stomachs grumbles of misery and discontent.  Her shirt had been slowly edging it's way upwards until none of her stomach was covered, the dome of flesh openly sitting out in the air of the dining room.  "Well, at least I -hic- got most of it done."  Grunting as she stood up, Kristi looked down at the damage she had done.  Pizza sauce was noticeable on several sheets, and crumbs covered the table.  Sighing, Kristi began to shake off her worksheets and stash them back into her bag.  Once all her books and papers were off the table, Kristi took the box of pizza that she and the girls had emptied, along with the empty paper bag that held the first order of bread sticks, and slowly made her way out to the garage to throw them away.  Inside the empty garage, Kristi let out a loud belch, which echoed and reverberated in the empty room, causing her to giggle.

However, Kristi wasn't giggling when she walked back into the kitchen to grab some paper towel to wipe off the table, only to find that her gut pressed against the counter before she could reach the paper towel.  "I'm really starting to chub up... I should start exercising again."  Kristi said this almost every single day, yet her running shoes and work out clothes had been stashed away in her closet for several months, and most likely wouldn't be coming out anytime soon.  Dampening the paper towel, Kristi dutifully made her way back to the dining room to wipe things down.


Susan and Tom drove home, as they discussed current affairs, including Kristi.  "She's been really great with the kids, Tom, you know she has, and the girls love her, but..."

"Look, just because she's gained a little weight, it doesn't mean-"

"She hasn't just gained a LITTLE weight, Tom.  She's gained at least 30 pounds."

"Alright, well, the issue there is that-"

"It's not healthy and it's definitely not setting a healthy example for our girls.  I think you should say something."

"I should say something?  Susan, you're the one who's upset by this.  The girls eat perfectly fine the rest of the time, they aren't gaining weight, and they're kids!  Kids eat pizza.  It's what they do."

"Fine, I'll say something to her."

"Whatever you think is best, dear."

Pulling into the garage, Tom sighed.  He really liked Kristi- it was great to find a sitter that the kids actually adored, but Susan was hellbent on talking to her about the weight gain... It just seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.  Still, at least he had managed to get out having the talk with her.  Tom wasn't a fan of confrontation.  They walked into the house- spotless as always, another reason Tom liked having Kristi around.  She cleaned up really well every night, even wiping down the kitchen and putting away dishes that she hadn't even used, on the rare occasion that Tom or Susan didn't manage to grab them before they left.  However, when he walked into the living room, he had to agree with Susan on one thing- If Kristi didn't slow down on the eating, she was going to be massive.  Kristi and the girls had fallen asleep together on the couch, sharing a blanket, the girls resting against Kristi's arms.  However, even with the blanket on, Tom could see the definitive curve of Kristi's bloated stomach, and judging from the pizza box and bread sticks still remaining on the counter, Kristi had probably ordered double what she had been in the past.  Gently rubbing Kristi's shoulder, Tom said quietly "Kristi, wake up... We're home."  

"Hmmwassit- Oh, hi Tom... How's your night going?"  Kristi said sleepily, her hair sticking out at odd angles.  Tiffany and Marcy roused from their sleep as well, groggily greeting their dad.

"Oh, it's going fine.  I'm gonna put the girls to bed, I think Susan is in the kitchen... She wants to talk to you."
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Weight gain confrontations are terrifying matters!
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I wouldn't know! I'm pretty average. I wasn't sure how to approach it but I think I have a pretty good idea now!
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If that mother ruins Kristi's job...


The fact that their babysitter is turning into a fatty isn't bad, as we'd think with our disposition to defend fat ladies. They should only worry about their daughters, and let Kristi live how she wants.
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