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Violet sighed, encapsulating various objects in her room into force fields, before removing them just as quickly.  Life had been fun, back in the days of super-villains, which of course, had only been a few years ago, but still... It was fun.  And besides, at nineteen years of age, Violet could safely (at least in her mind) refer to a few years ago as "back in the day".  Agilely hopping off her bed, she made her way to the living room, where Dash was playing some sort of video game on their vastly over-sized television.  This was currently Dash's favorite hobby- playing first person shooters online with people he didn't know.  With his completely unfair advantage of super speed, he hadn't lost a match since he got the stupid system- of course, had had gotten his fair share of "WALLHAX" messages in the past.  Still, he persisted.

"Why do you even play?  It can't be fun if you win every single time..."  Violet said in a bored tone, blowing her dark black bangs out of her face.  Dash didn't even turn around to look at her, instead killing several people in a row before the match finally ended.

"You wouldn't understand, you're a girl."  Dash said obnoxiously, zipping to the kitchen and back in a blur to grab a can of soda.  "Besides, winning is ALWAYS fun."  He said, before rapidly pressing several buttons in succession, causing him to quit out his current match and join another.  Despite bonding over fighting villains in the past, the truth was that the villain market had essentially dried out- no major crimes in over a month.  Violet would have gone elsewhere to fight crime, but she lacked the funds, and the empathy from her parents.

"You should really be focusing on college, you know?"  Her father had said over dinner one night.  "Brain like yours... You could get into pretty much anywhere!"  Of course, Violet had only nodded.  As quiet as she was, the truth was that she absolutely loved fighting villains!  It was so... Empowering!  Despite being almost as shy as ever (although she had come out of her shell quite a bit over the past few years), she still got such a huge rush from seeing thousands of people cheer for her and her family.  Sighing yet again, she stepped off the couch.

"I'm heading out to the store, you want anything?"  Violet asked Dash, already knowing the answer.

"If I wanted anything, I could get it faster than you could.  See ya."  Dash said, already absorbed in a brand new match.  Violet knew Dash wasn't trying to be hurtful, but it still sucked whenever he didn't appreciate her.  In fact, it felt like... Nobody really appreciated her, anymore.  Even her parents seemed more distant than ever, barely talking to her beyond encouraging her to try and get into a few colleges for the next year.  But Violet just couldn't bring herself to do it- sitting in a classroom every day, studying... It just sounded awful!  She was clearly meant to do great things!  If she wasn't, she wouldn't have been given super powers!  Sighing for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, Violet turned on her car and made her way to the local grocery store.


However, when she arrived, something seemed amiss.  The first sign was the broken automatic sliding doors in the front: one had been torn off it's track completely, and the other was covered in a strange thick goo.  Violet shut her car off and slowly made her way up to the building, wanting to go invisible but cursing herself for forgetting her super suit at home- if she went invisible, a floating blouse and pants would give her away as much as her being visible.  Violet knew she should call her parents or something, even the police apparently hadn't been alerted, but she wanted to scope things out first.  Sure, she was a little rusty, having spent months without any real action, but she was sure she could figure out who was inside, at the very least.

As she made her way to the door, a strange smell hit her: the strong smell of vanilla.  Inspecting the mysterious goop plastered to the door, Violet took a chance and stuck her finger into the mysterious mixture.  It was cold, which furthered her suspicions, which she used to justify her next action: sticking her finger into her mouth.  "Vanilla... Ice cream?  This is too weird..."  Violet muttered, although her mind was racing with possibilities.  Stepping inside the quiet store, she began to consider what it could be:  A transforming ice cream truck?  A vanilla ice cream mutant monster?  Or maybe, someone just spilled vanilla ice cream?  Although, that was quite a bit of vanilla ice cream, which made the last theory seem a lot less reasonable.  Scanning the shelves, Violet failed to see anything amiss- there was no more of the vanilla ice cream, no shattered glass, no screaming civilians... Maybe it had just been a spill?  But what would explain the broken door?  "Uh... Hello?"  Violet yelled, albeit in a slightly shaky voice.  She couldn't help but feel a little unnerved by the situation, and yet... She didn't want to get her hopes up, there was most likely nothing exciting going on, yet again.

"Oh, hello!  I'm just in the back here, by the frozen foods!  May I ask who's inquiring?"  A loud, jovial voice exclaimed from the rear of the store, followed by some very loud thumping.  "You should come back here, I need some, uh... Help!  Yes, help, help, HELP!"  The voice suddenly sound panicked, as though something was going terribly wrong.  Violet's old experiences kicked in, and she began to sprint towards the back of the store, the various packaged goods blurring together as she ran.  However, in her rush, she failed to see the copious amount of melted ice cream that had begun to run down the center of the aisle, and in a gut-wrenching second, Violet felt herself falling backwards, the fluorescent lights on the ceiling above her blinding her shortly before her head made contact with the hard, tiled floor, and then everything went black.


"Ooooh, no, I know it, I do, this is definitely her!  She's so much older now, but it's her, it's her!  Oh my, first day on the job and what do I do?  I manage to knock out an Incredible!  I'm already as good as that one fellow with the silly hair... What was his name?"  Violet groggily came to, her head pounding and her vision spinning as the loud, boisterous voice from before rudely awoke her with it's pounding tones, not helping by the echoing effect caused by wherever it was that they were positioned.  "Ooooh, and now she's awake!  Isn't that glorious?"  The voice proclaimed, before erupting into a series of giggles.  "Hello, dear, hello hello hello!"

Violet's eyes slowly focused, at which point she could barely contain her surprise.  In front of her stood one of the most massive men she had ever seen!  His gut surged in front of him, straining his vanilla colored winter jacket, complete with the silly, fluffy hood that often adorned such coats.  He had a long, white beard, and shaggy, unkept white hair, and his eyes were a piercing shade of blue.  He hopped to and fro, displaying remarkable agility for his overwhelmingly large size.  "Who-  ugh, who are you?"  Violet managed to mutter, despite her splitting headache.

"Why, I'm hurt!  She doesn't know who I am!  She doesn't know!  Oh my, my, my!  Wait, why am I surprised?  I'm new, my dear, I'm new and you are old.  Well, older than you were!"  He said, babbling about as he skipped around the room like a madman.  "Why, I'll tell you who I am!  I'm the... Uh, what was I called?"  He said, turning and asking (with a completely serious face) a snowman that was seemingly made out of vanilla ice cream.  "Right!  I'm the Valiant Vanilla!"  He proclaimed, throwing his hands in the air.  "And you are Violet!  Our names both start with V!  That's just silly!"  He yelled, apparently getting more and more excited with every word as he began to bounce around the room.

"Well, why am I here?  Why are YOU here?  What did you do the the store?"  She asked, slowly regaining her sense, as she looked around the room.  They seemed to be inside some sort of storage freezer- which would explain the fact that she could barely feel most of her body.  Strewed around the room were snowmen of various sizes, all made out of vanilla ice cream.

"You're here because you were there!  The place I was!  That is... The, uh... Oh, right!  The store!  You see, I used to own an ice cream truck!  But then, I um... Well, I got bored, right, that's right, and I thought, well, I thought to myself, 'This ice cream is boring, but I could make it better!' but everyone just laughed, and said, 'Why would you try and change vanilla?  It's so simple, that's why it's so good!', but of course, they were wrong!  There's always room for improvement, so I... I, um..."  And at that, Valiant Vanilla seemed to get lost in thought, his hyperactive movements momentarily stopped.  Violet waited patiently for a few seconds before coughing, trying to shake him from his rut.  "Oh, right!  I made it better!  I did, it took me years, and a lot of taste testing, but I made it better!  And I, uh, that is, I was going, um, to put it, in the market!  But the shop keeper, he said, that um, they couldn't take it, so I made him try it!  But I got a little excited... Anyways, he tried to run away, and that's when I accidentally broke the front door!  It was just an accident.  And then, I was trying, to put it, on the shelves!  See, I even made my own cartons-"  And he rummaged through a box for a moment, before procuring a carton with his face on it, along with the words "Valiant Vanilla's Vanilla Ice Cream!".  "See, it was going really well, but then you showed up, and I got so excited!  You can ENDORSE ME!"  He screamed the last two words, jumping up and down, causing his whole body to quake.  

"I'm not going to endorse you... You're crazy!  You need to let me go, or I'll..." Violet began, attempting to strain against the ropes, but struggling to do so due to her body's lowered temperature.  At her words, Valiant Vanilla's face fell.

"Oh... I'm not crazy... I'm a good guy.  Like you!  I even have Valiant in my name..."  He began, looking quite upset.  "Trust me, if you try it, you'll love it!"

"I'm not trying it, you psycho!  You need to let me go!  Putting 'Valiant' in your name doesn't make you a good guy!  You're bonkers!"  Violet screamed, even though she had been trained better.  The cold was really affecting her judgement, in more ways than one.  Not to mention the fact that she very possibly had a concussion.

"No, no, no no no no NO NO NO NO!"  Valiant Vanilla screamed, his cheerful demeanor completely gone.  "You're going to try it, and try it, and try it until you like it."  And with that, he pulled a carton out of a box, and walked over to Violet, before unscrewing the cap.  "Open up!"  He yelled forcefully, and Violet, suddenly scared, did just that.  He jammed a spoon into the carton, yielding an unreasonable amount of ice cream on the spoon before jamming it into Violet's awaiting mouth.

The taste... Oh, the taste!  Violet certainly didn't like Valiant Vanilla, but she had to admit... He might have been onto something with the ice cream.   Swallowing, she managed to smile at the older man, before opening her mouth to say, "This is actually really good!  You just... You shouldn't have gone about it like this!  You could have worked with manufacturers, and-"  Whatever Violet had planned to say was cut off by another scoop of ice cream.

Valiant Vanilla clearly wasn't listening to her, his eyes mad with power.  "If you don't like this carton, I have plenty more..."  He said, completely deaf to her words.  Now legitimately scared, Violet attempted to do what she did best- generate a force field.  However, to her surprise, nothing came!

"I can't-"  She began, before yet another spoonful of ice cream was crammed into her mouth.  It would seem that either the cold, or the head injury, or possibly both, were preventing her from using her powers!  Beginning to understand the gravity of the situation, Violet's eyes flew wide open as Valiant Vanilla shoveled out the largest scoop of ice cream yet...


"Dash!  Where's your sister?"  Bob asked Dash, who was still seated in front of the television.  "Dinner is almost on the table, and she's always home by now!"

"Yeah, I dunno, she said something about the store, maybe she went to a friends house?"  Dash answered non nonchalantly as he continued to shoot aliens and humans alike.

"That's weird, she usually calls..."  Bob said aloud, before shrugging and turning back to the table.


"Oooooooh, just... Stop and listen, for like, two seco-"  Violet began queasily.  She had lost count around 5 cartons, but Valiant Vanilla hadn't stopped in his never-ending quest for Violet to like his ice cream- even though she had said just about every conceivable thing to convince him of just that.  Swallowing hard, Violet let out a small belch, a testament to how stuffed her stomach was.  Although she wasn't able to look down due to the way she was currently tied up, her stomach felt quite tight against the waistband of her pants, and Violet was sure she had eaten at least a week's worth of calories already, with Valiant Vanilla showing no plans of stopping.

"Can't have you not like the little ice cream I worked so hard gave up everything vanilla ice cream vanilla beans vanilla rum vanilla sprinkles vanilla horses..."  Valiant Vanilla had been getting progressively worse as the non-stop barrage of ice cream continued, now muttering absolute nonsense almost constantly as he scooped spoonful after spoonful of ice cream into Violet's unwilling mouth.  Whenever she resisted, Valiant Vanilla would simply squeeze her nose shut until she gasped for air.  The one time she had spit out the ice cream, Valiant Vanilla had leaned in very close and threatened to make her mouth open permanently if she did that again- the last coherent sentence he had spoken.  Violet could do nothing but whimper quietly as the aching feeling in her stomach grew and grew.


"That's it, I'm going out to look for her.  She is in so much trouble!"  Bob yelled angrily, an empty plate now laying in front of him.  "She knows she's supposed to call!"  

"Come on, you know how it is at that age, Bob."  Helen stated, stretching an arm over to her muscle-laden husband.  "She's just acting how every teenage girl does."

Bob shrugged off her hand.  "I don't care.  With our line of work, you can't be too careful!  We bought her that cell phone for a reason!  If she's just going to shut it off (In reality, Valiant Vanilla had smashed it after it had rung the first time) then she's going to get in trouble!"  Bob said, furiously grabbing his coat.

"Bob, there hasn't been a major villain attack in years!  Calm down."  Helen demanded from the end of the table.

"Fine.  I won't yell at her.  But I'm still bringing her home.  Where did you say she was, Dash?"


"Burrrraaaaap!  Oh, God... Ple-"  Violet moaned in pain as more ice cream was shoveled into her face.  Apparently she had another super power that she wasn't aware of- being able to eat forever without exploding!  Despite her bound position, she could clearly see the sphere of her gut swollen out in front of her, her pale flesh completely freed from her blouse, the buttons popping off long ago.  Valiant Vanilla had been relentless in his stuffing of her, not even bothering to talk anymore, just scooping carton after carton into her mouth.  Empty cartons littered the floor around the two of them, and Violet had vanilla ice cream running down her face and all over her ruined clothes.  She had been reduced to an overstuffed mass of hiccups and belches, every shuddering breath of air coupled with a burp.  Her stomach felt like rupturing, and yet, miraculously, it held out- although at this point, part of her wanted to die.  It was absolute misery, and the thought of eating any more ice cream seemed like it would be the death of her.  That is, until her dad showed up.

The steel door shook once, and only once, before flying off it's hinges in a giant explosion of sound.  Valiant Vanilla, for the first time in what had to be hours, snapped out of his trance, his eyes growing wide at the sight of a very shocked Mr. Incredible.  "Wha... Violet?  What?!"  Was all he could exclaim, before Valiant Vanilla began to flee, his gigantic body quaking as he attempted to reach the back door.

"Dad- Urrrrp!- Get him!  Hic!"  Violet managed to yell, her eyes wide with fear and pain.  Mr. Incredible dashed forward, his muscles flexing hard against his coat as he pursued the obese Valiant Vanilla.  Despite Valiant Vanilla's hyperactive speed, he was no match for the very angry Mr. Incredible, who managed to tackle him to the ground with outlandish force- If Valiant Vanilla hadn't been so rotund, he would have easily broken a few bones.

Violet could only pass out, the massive amount of ice cream hitting her senses all at once.


Violet awoke groggily in her own bed, several very heavy blankets covering her body up to her neck.  However, from the pain radiating from her stomach, she knew very well that it hadn't been very long since her very vanilla ordeal.  "Dad?  Urrrp."  She said, unable and unwilling to stifle a belch after the word left her mouth.  Within seconds her door opened, Bob sticking his head inside the room.  

"Ah, you're awake... You've had quite the night, haven't you?"  He asked quietly, looking at his daughter with quite a bit of concern.

"Ugh... Yeah... I feel like I'm gonna barf."  Violet said, upset with what had happened earlier.  "I definitely screwed this up, dad."  

"Hey, it happens.  Although, in the future... Please call us!  Don't go into situations like that alone... I know it's been a while since we've seen anything exciting, but that doesn't mean you can rush into things like that."

"Yeah... I know -urp- that now.  Ugh, I feel like dying..."  Violet moaned dramatically, her hands finally finding her stomach, which still felt solid with ice cream.  "I'm gonna gain like twenty pounds..."

"Yeah, well... Look, I brought some antacids... I take 'em for my heartburn, maybe they'll help?  I'll leave those for you, and let you get some more rest."  Bob said, handing Violet two tablets and some water before standing up to leave.

"Thanks, Dad.  Hopefully they'll help..."  Violet said groggily, already beginning to fall back asleep to digest the massive amount of ice cream she had been forced to consume.  She swallowed the two pills with the water, before letting out a massive belch and immediately blushing red.  "Oh my God... You should probably leave.  That was embarrassing."

"Yeah... Goodnight, Violet."  Bob said, before quietly shutting the door.  Hiccuping softly, Violet slowly fell asleep, hoping she didn't dream about food.
An older Violet from The Incredibles (Copyright Disney? Pixar? How do I avoid getting sued? Is this good enough?) gets herself in a situation, as bored young superheroes are known to do.

Also, this turned out kind of dark... I guess it's impossible not to write a dark force-feeding story. Anyways, I hope it fulfills the request! I did my best, I swear!

Extreme stuffing/force-feeding, no weight gain (although you can always pretend!)
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lilcal218 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
you should continue this story it's great
Violet-the-Siberian Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Aw, this is really cute. I love the Violet/Bob moments, especially the end. I love how it started out with the references of how Violet felt ignored, and ended with her getting some TLC. I don't think it was too dark. Only the part here he threatened to "permanently" open her mouth, but that added to the drama. I also think the villain was interesting, more believable than most in this type of story. And You handled her family excellently, primarily Dash. If you do do a sequel, I'll be reading. Very nice :clap: .

Heh... I wonder how long it's gonna take poor Vi to get rid of that tummy ache... I think she'll be in bed for a while.
Colonel-Sandman Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

"How do I avoid getting sued?"

Pretend weight gain? What? Maybe you could think about writing a sequel sometime down the line that includes the weight gain part, if you felt like it. I enjoyed this one. Violet has always been a character I remember for some reason, even though I wasn't the BIGGEST fan of the Incredibles.
jerkajerk Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
It's possible! As I've said before, I always struggle when I'm writing with previously established characters- I suck at nailing their personality, which leads to me struggling to write what I think is a quality piece of work.

I'll consider it though, I was thinking up stupid follow-up ideas while I was working on this haha
Colonel-Sandman Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I have trouble writing with any character, ever. Or settings. I need to learn how to not be such a terrible writer, but even paying attention to peoples' works that I enjoy doesn't help.
jerkajerk Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012

Here, use this inspirational song to help

Colonel-Sandman Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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