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    "You know, Kate- It warms my heart to see that you've taken on my love of beer."  Her dad jokingly drawled in a drawn-out way.  Kate rolled her eyes in an exaggerated manner normally reserved for 15 year olds.

    "Dad, I'm in college.  I work in a restaurant with a liquor license.  And, believe it or not, I've actually..."  She paused for dramatic effect.  "Been to a frat party!"  He raised his eyebrows at her.  "...With beer!"

    Her dad, playing into the gag, gasped loudly as he cartoonishly slumped over the steering wheel, stopped dutifully at a red light.  "I've failed as a father!  Oh, whatever shall they say at the Parish when they hear that I've raised a... A... A HARLOT!"

    She raised an eyebrow.  "Okay, first, light's green, second, did you just call me a prostitute?"  Her dad accelerated through the light, grinning like a madman.

    "I did no such thing- I merely pointed out that you've fallen down a dark path and I daresay that the local witch-hunters would surely like to get their hands on you, to burn at the stake.  That's all."  Kate grunted angrily.  "Oh look, we're here!"  He whipped into a parking spot by the front of the brewery, his Sedan lurching slightly at the abrupt stop.  The brewery didn't look like much to sneeze at- it was kind of a dingy brown color, and looked like it had been around for at least 20 years.  "Say, I think they just had their 25th birthday!  These guys have been at it for a while."

    Well, that answered that.  But, if their beer was as good as she remembered it being at dinner the other night, well, it could come out of a log cabin out in the woods.  And after getting a text from Andrea that said she loved her- well, everything just seemed to glow with an air of positive energy.


    "Garbage, trash, dumb... Oh shit, is this The Incredible Hulk?"  Andrea stared for a moment, before she threw down the remote on the table and  giggled like a crazy person, her stomach wobbling with each bout of laughter.  She was a little tipsy, so her laughter wasn't entirely based on the garbage movie that was currently on the television.  She had scarfed down at breakfast- really gone all out, cooked up a delicious, yet sloppy- Kate usually cooked, after all- four egg omelette with cheddar, mozzarella, and the rest of the bacon bits from the fridge.  She also cooked up some real bacon, and had four pieces of toast- two with butter, one with peanut butter, one with jelly.  It had been, after the hellish one-day diet of yesterday, an absolute delight.

    Then, you know, since it was her day off, she took a shower, and you can't have a shower without a shower beer.  It was a real good shower.  Then she had a "putting away the dishes" beer.  Then she had a  "It's 1:30 PM and I want a beer" beer, with it's cousin, "It's 2:48 PM and I want a beer", and it's twice-removed Aunt, "I'm sick of looking at the clock, fuck it, I just want more beer" beer.  It was now 4:52.  She was a bit past tipsy.  It was awesome.  Pizza sounded good, but not yet.

    "In due time, young Padawon..." she muttered as a terrible CGI Hulk threw a car.  "The day is young."  She glanced at her phone, but Kate hadn't texted her back yet.  It was her last day at home, after all.  She was probably busy with her parents or whatever.  Andrea felt very relaxed.  But, just for shits and giggles- and to test a certain theory of hers- she decided to try something a little risque.

She angled her phone in a particular way, kicked up her feet over the side of the couch, and snapped a photo, letting out a mischievous chuckle as she did so.  "Let's see how Kate likes that shot..."  She muttered as she threw her phone next to the remote on the table, and reached for the last bit of her beer.


    Kate was feeling a bit sloppy.  Her father had insisted on getting her a flight of every beer on tap (a whopping 12)- which was basically two beers.  No big deal, normally.  But apparently this particular brewery had recently gotten into bourbon barrel aging, which mean most of those beers were a lot stronger than a normal beer.  Then, she had ordered a pint of a fancy Imperial IPA- not low in alcohol, either.  And now, sensing some sort of weakness, her dad had decided to press her for information.

    "So, Kate, how are you?  I mean, seriously, you're my daughter- don't give me you're usual one sentence 'I'm fine, seriously' speech.  What's going on?"

    Kate was torn between sarcasm and being honest- what came out was a bit of both.  "I mean, it's fine.  I'm in college, I'm makin' some, uh, serious cash at my job, and things are good.  Cool, even, I guess..."  She sipped at her beer, cringing slightly at the bitterness- she was still split on if she enjoyed it or hated it.  "I dunno what to tell you, my life is boring."

    Her dad gave her a weird look as he sipped his porter- it was only 4.7% alcohol, and so far, it was all he had drank- and he wasn't even half done.  This is called being responsible- something Kate wasn't focusing on right now.

    "Okay, so your life is boring.  All you do is work and go to class?  You don't have any friends?  What about your roommate?"  Kate hoped she didn't blush as hard as it felt like she did when he said the word, 'roommate', but she was pretty sure she did.

    "Um, bathroom real quick- Lemme get back to you on that one."  It wasn't a lie- she did have to pee pretty bad.  She jumped off her barstool and made her way to the bathroom as fast as possible, while pulling her phone out from her back pocket on the way.  Her father watched her run off with interest.

    He briefly wondered if he should push the roommate angle.  He decided to test the waters in a little while.  Then, he decided he didn't care too much- his daughter seemed pretty happy, that's all that mattered.  Didn't want to make this weird on his little outing with his daughter- and if there was some sort of shenanigans going on, he wouldn't want to accidentally let something slip to the wife.

"One New Message-Andrea"

    "Oh, nice!"  She thought happily as she walked into the bathroom- the brewery didn't have multiple stalls, just a bathroom that you'd find in someone's house, with a lockable door.  And Kate found herself thankful for that as she checked her text from her girlfriend- her mouth hung open as she stared at it.

    It was a blurry shot of a television, with some stupid text message about 'The Incredible Hulk', but all Kate could focus on was the picture.  It was of a valley of cleavage that could only belong to Andrea, along with a pale dome of a stomach that, again, obviously was Andrea's.  It was, without a doubt, the absolute sexiest text image Kate had ever received.  Unsure of how she should proceed, she stared at the photo for a little while before nervously texting back.

    Maybe it's the beer, maybe it was just the positive reinforcement she had received earlier via text- but Kate was feeling sassy.

    "Nice view, wouldn't mind seeing it again!"  

    Before she could even hesitate, the message was sent.  If it was too forward- well, fuck it.  She could deal with it later.  She wrapped up in the toilet and made her way back out to where her dad was waiting for her.


    Andrea woke up with a start, almost falling off the couch and awkwardly shooting out a hand to catch herself, but instead just banging her palm against the coffee table.  "Dammit!"  She shouted out, half in frustration from hitting her palm and half out of frustration from falling asleep.  There's just something about having a beer or five, combined with a warm couch and a few beers and a really bad movie that just made her fall asleep without fail! 

    Usually Kate came home and woke her up, but since that wasn't quite possible, she had just slept for... 3 hours?  "Dammit!"  She shouted out- even her nice buzz from the beers had dissipated from her nap, replaced with a tiny bit of a hangover- and an appetite.

    Curiously, she checked the text she had received almost two hours ago (whoops) from Kate.  "Nice view, wouldn't mind seeing it again... Wait, what?"  Groggily, Andrea began to remember what she had sent- but when she checked the picture, it all came rushing back.

    Some things began to click in Andrea's head-  the night where she squeezed into overly tight clothes- Kate's reaction to that, Kate making amazing food all the time, the encouraging comments on her weight...  Andrea had heard of guys who liked bigger girls, could that go for girls who liked girls?  Feeling less daring than she apparently had while kinda drunk but more curious than ever, she decided to try something else.  She quickly went into her room, slid out of her current lazy ensemble and pulled a button-up blouse out of her closet, one she hadn't worn in at least a year- definitely before she moved in with Kate, and got to work.  Time to see just how much Kate thought of her newer, fatter body...
Andrea's Roommate (Chapter 27)
Hey-o.  Kate drinks with dad, Andrea embraces largeness.

Who will enjoy it more when they're reunited?
    Turns out, when Andrea didn't eat, she had nightmares.  She was never one to remember what she dreamt about, and tonight was no different-  all she knew is she woke up with a start, hands flailing around in the dark as her heart pounded in her chest.  "Fuck!"  She shouted out, startled so badly that she didn't even comprehend where she was, and when she blindly stumbled out of her bed, she immediately smacked her hip against her night stand.  Her vision briefly turned white and shimmery with pain, and she collapsed back down onto her bed, the box spring creaking wildly with the sudden reintroduction of her weight.

    As her hip throbbed, she felt around in the dark for her phone, finally grabbing it and wrenching it off it's charger cable.  She checked the time- 4:52.  The sun wasn't even close to coming up, and normally Andrea was in bed until after 9, at the earliest.  She had a missed call and a voicemail, along with a text, but she was quickly distracted.  Her stomach cried out in anger from the lack of carbs and fats that it normally was filled with, causing her to frown.  She stood up again, more careful to not smash her side into the nightstand again.  Slightly limping, she made her way to the bathroom, flicking on the light and squinting in the sudden light.  As she finished up, she spotted something on the ground beside Kate's laundry hamper.

    It was a scale, and as Andrea stared at it, she realized that she hadn't weighed herself in... Well, forever.  She was almost always around the same weight, and whenever she had a physical the doctor would just state that she'd gained or lost a few pounds, but never really made a comment about it beyond that.  Hell, she couldn't even remember her weight from the last time she went... One-thirty-something?  That sounded right... Since her weight had never fluctuated much, she figured that was probably around where she was.  But now... She glanced in the mirror above the sink, and even though she could only see from her chest up, her extra weight showed more than ever.  Her face was rounder, her boobs, unrestrained in just a tank top, still seemed massive compared to what she used to have...

    "Fuck it."  She said, kicking the scale out and watching it thud to the floor.  It was a cheap looking digital one, and when she pressed her foot on it to turn it on, it let out a sick-sounding tinny beep, and the display kicked on, faded and dust-covered.  It leveled out to zero, then let out another beep, presumably encouraging her to step aboard.  Andrea sighed, she knew it wasn't going to be a number she liked, but she dutifully stepped on, anyways- the number display went blank, before kicking back a number.  Andrea felt her stomach tense up as she read the numbers.  

    "2-0-6".  She felt her jaw go slack.  That couldn't be right- if she was remembering her old weight even remotely correctly, then she had gained over 50 pounds!  Granted, the last time she went to the doctor was a few months before she even moved in with Kate... And she had been partying kinda hard before then... But still!  Andrea stepped off and the display went blank.  She stepped back on, waited, then gawked.  "2-0-5-point-8."  Grimacing, she kicked the scale back into the corner, not even bothering to tuck it away properly.  Despite her stomach angrily demanding she ate something, preferably with copious amounts of grease and sugar, she refused, instead crawling back into bed, willing herself to go back to sleep.  Her phone, along with the voicemail and message, lay forgotten on the edge of the sink in the bathroom.


    Kate woke up exceptionally late, especially for her.  She had gotten home, still feeling great about seeing Lisa, but a little worried about Andrea.  Then, she had talked to her parents for a little while about her night, and at some point she had mentioned the beer she had loved at the restaurant, only for her dad's eyes to light up.  "Aren't you gonna be impressed with me, come here for a second!"  They had made their way into the basement, where her dad's workspace was- including a mini-fridge.  Which just so happened to be filled with multiple cans of all styles of beer, including quite a few from the local brewery!

    So her and her dad hung out for a while- she never really thought about it, but her dad was kind of a beer aficionado- first, they split an ESB- a style she had never had before, at least to her knowledge.  Then, with a wry grin, her dad opened a cabinet and pulled out a bigger bottle, slightly dusty.  "Bourbon barrel aged- I've had this for just under 2 years, but who better to share it with?"

    Things got fuzzy after that.  They went upstairs, poured the beer into fancy glasses, started watching some random movie, and then... Well, judging by her hair, Kate was guessing she just crawled into bed.

    Glancing at her phone, she saw that there was still no word from Andrea.  She felt her heart drop- it was almost 11 in the morning, and Andrea had gone to bed so early... Was she upset with her?  Was the voicemail too direct?  She considered texting her again, but figured it wouldn't do much good.  The last text she had sent had encouraged Andrea to text her when she woke up- anything beyond that would just seem needy and pushy.  Sighing, she chucked her phone onto the bed and began to strip out of her underwear, to take a shower.  She had her own bathroom attached to her room, which was pretty damn nice- perks of being a single child, she supposed.  When she bent over to turn on the tap, she felt her stomach bulge outwards in a way that felt very unfamiliar to her.  Standing naked in the bathroom, she straightened as the shower began to warm, and looked at her full length mirror.

    There was no denying it, she was getting chubby.  It was a foreign experience to someone like Kate, who had always just been thin- not for any sort of trying, she just... was.  But now, between all the time with Andrea, all the drinking, all the junk food.  Her tummy- and yes, the term "tummy" seemed accurate- curved gently outward, a stark contrast from it's normal flat appearance.  Her boobs were definitely bigger, which she thought was a plus- she cupped them gently and felt their weight.  Her hips flared out in a way they never did before, and her thighs touched and squished together- not that they hadn't before, but now they did a lot more.  Still, it wasn't all bad.  She didn't feel gross, Andrea sure didn't mind, and she still mostly could fit into her clothes.  Her eyes briefly landed on the scale in the corner of her bathroom- an old analog one.  But she ignored it.  "It's fifteen pounds, at most."  And with that, she hopped into the shower, sighing happily as the hot water hit her head, which was starting to hurt from last night.

    When she was finished, she got out and wrapped a towel around her chest, and one around her head, after wringing her long dark hair out.  Her phone blinked a light indicating a new message, and she hurried over to the bed and snagged it, only to see it was from her dad.  "Damn."  She said out loud, then immediately felt bad.  Still, she had hoped it was from Andrea.

    She slid her finger over the screen and quickly scanned the message.  "I know you liked that beer, I thought maybe we could go to the brewery later, if you're not meeting up with one of your friends.  Your mom and I went out shopping, but we'll be home around 4.  Let me know!"  She grinned, a trip to a brewery sounded like a great last day home.  The lack of correspondence from Andrea was still bugging her, but there was nothing she could do about it now.  Sighing, she began to get dressed, thinking about what to do to kill time until her parents got home.


    Andrea fell back into a thoroughly restless sleep, constantly shifting around in bed and waking up what felt like every fifteen minutes.  Finally, as the sun blared down from between the side of the blinds and the window, she finally gave up on sleeping.  This stupid "not eating" thing was pissing her off, and her negative mood combined with her stomachs constant grumbling brought her to the brink of a mental break.  She shuffled through the house, still clad in too tight panties and a tank top, her belly oozing out the bottom of the tank top, as usual.  She jammed a coffee cup under the Keurig and stood with her arms crossed against her breasts, pushing them upwards and making her tank top ride up even further.  She idly wondered what she could eat for breakfast that wouldn't be terrible for her, when she heard the tell-tale noise of a phone vibrating against a porcelain sink, which reminded her that she left her phone in the bathroom when she had gotten up earlier.  

    She saw she now had 3 new messages on top of a missed call and voicemail, which she had forgotten about in her foul mood.  The newest messages from from Mr. Arco, and said the following:

    "Hey An3"

   And that was it for the first one.  Andrea couldn't help but grin- Mr. Arco was notoriously bad with his cell phone, despite not being quite old enough to have an excuse for it.  He seemed to have composed himself after the first mistake, and managed to send the following:

   "Hey Andrea this is your boss i went over the hours and you would be in overtime if you came in today so you have today and tomorrow off please come in for your shift on saturday at your normal time thank yo"

   Then the phone buzzed a third time, and a new message appeared at the bottom:

   "Thank you"

   Andrea laughed, for the first time in what felt like days.  She laughed so hard that tears ran down her face, her stomach bouncing happily along with her hearty laughter, and it took her a while to compose herself before she calmed down.  Buttoning back, she saw her new message from Kate- not really new, since it had come in last night.  "Hey, I called and left a message, hope you're okay- please just call me or text me when you get a chance.  I miss you."

   Still slightly giddy from her recent laugh at Mr. Arco's expense, Andrea felt her grin widen at the adorable text from Kate.  When she listened to the voicemail, her grin widened as it wrapped up.  Slightly dazed, feeling dizzy, she pressed the play button again, and again.  Hearing Kate say "I love you."  What a rush!  As she listened to it a forth time, she caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror again- still chubbier, still spouting the beginnings of a double chin, still having bigger boobs than ever before, and she remembered something.

   It was a fuzzy memory, from back when this whole relationship had been even newer and stranger than it was now.  Andrea had been drunk, Kate was getting there, and there had been a conversation, regarding pizza, and Andrea getting fat.  And Kate had said something, something along the lines of... Gaining 300 pounds and still being attractive.  And Andrea felt her willpower crumble like a brick of feta.  300 pounds was a lot of weight to gain, and she wasn't planning on getting that big ever- but if Kate would still think she was pretty at that weight, then she must think she's extra gorgeous now, extra hot.  She sent a simple text back- "I love you too!" Smiled, hit send, and made her way to the kitchen.  Scrambled eggs and bacon sounded amazing right now.

    And maybe a malt.  Who cared?  Fuck being skinny, fuck running.  Kate liked her, and Andrea felt happier than she had felt before.  Maybe it was settling, maybe it was "growing up", maybe it was just loving the person you were with, but she felt good.  Great, even!  Fuck it, a malt sounded awesome.  A malt and bacon and eggs and later she'd order a pizza.  Maybe she'd tell Kate, maybe she wouldn't.

    For now, she was just hungry.
Andrea's Roommate (Chapter 26)
Yup.  A weigh-in, on one side, anyways.  Stuff happens.  Sorry it took a while.

My life has taken a few weird turns in the past few months, and I find that writing is no longer anywhere near enjoyable or at the top of my list of priorities.

There may be occasional updates, but probably not as many as people would like.

(Insert "You take months to write chapters anyways!" comments here)

Too true, too true.  But at least this time, I'm giving you notice?  So be grateful.

Anywho, I'll be around.  Just not as much.  Hope everyone has a happy holiday season.

P.S. I'll probably still try to post on every now and then, despite that site being utter garbage.  My profile on there is ikearct.
    Andrea woke up with a headache.  "Fuck, what did I do last night?"  She muttered grumpily, as she lifted her head off the fabric of the couch.  She remembered... Well, she remembered texting Kate at least once, but she was beyond remembering what she had said.  Grumbling, she let out a quiet, dry belch from the couch as she stared at her phone.  But she couldn't, because her phone was dead.  "Shit." She found herself murmuring as she plugged her phone in. 

One Percent Battery... CHARGING

    Andrea let out an annoyed grunt, knowing it would be a little while before the phone even let her turn it on.  "Why the hell are phones so stupid about charging?"  She grumbled as she stretched- oblivious to her pot belly being exposed past her belly button by her action.  Scratching her tummy, she wandered to her bed, took some pain killers for her head, and proceeded to pass out again.


    Kate's morning was going much better.  She woke up to see zero new messages- expected, it was only a little after 8 and even if Andrea did have to work today, she wouldn't be up for a few more hours.  "Lazy bones..."  Kate muttered, but she couldn't help but smile as she thought about a bloated Andrea snoozing on the couch, her belly sticking up in the air from last nights glut... Kate shivered a bit as she hopped out of bed.  She shot her a quick good morning text, complete with <3 emoji, before getting braced for the cold air of her room.  Normally she wasn't so inclined to say goodbye to her cozy bed, but she'd be damned if she didn't partake in whatever delicious smell was wafting up from the kitchen.  Shimmying into some jeans, ignoring how tightly they pinched her waist and gave her a moderate muffin top, she slipped into a loose-ish blouse and oversized sweater, and made her way to the kitchen.

    Her dad was whistling along to whatever TV show he was watching, as sausages sizzled in a pan on the stove.  And to the left of the stove... "Oh, you're up!  Well, I figured the best way to welcome you back home for the week was to start the first full day off right, with your favorite breakfast..."

    Kate finished the sentence for him.  "French toast!  Hell yes!" She shouted, before clamping her hand over her mouth in mock horror.  "Don't tell mom I made a swear, pops!"  She dramatically gasped out.

    Her dad slapped the spatula on his chest in a mock gesture.  "Scouts honor.  Go ahead and get started on the french toast before it gets cold, or, you know, your mom eats it all."  He gave her a wry grin.  "Just kidding, she'll probably eat salad for breakfast.  She's been on a big health kick lately, it's kind of boring.  Honestly, last night was the first time she's made anything remotely resembling a real meal!"  Kate just laughed as she forked three pieces of french toast on her plate.


    Andrea was finally up, somewhat begrudgingly.  It wasn't that she wanted to sleep more- hell, she probably couldn't fall back asleep again anyways.  It was more out of boredom.  Plugging her phone in by the couch, rather than by her bed, had definitely been a mistake.  She had nothing to do, so she got up.  Besides, she was starting to get hungry.  Her phone was proudly displaying a new voicemail and a few texts.  She checked the texts first- one was from Kate, which made her smile.  She quickly responded with "good morning to you too, cutie", before deleting the "cutie" and replacing it with a <3.  In a fit of confidence, Andrea quickly took a picture of her extremely messy hair, and added "woke up like this, haha can you believe how good i look?" and sent it before she could second guess herself.  The second text was from a number she didn't recognize.  Puzzled, she opened it, only to see "Hi andrea this is tim from work i was wondering if u could cover my shift at 1-5 today thx"  Andrea bristled.  She really didn't want to work today, and when she glanced at the clock, she realized that working would basically require her to get showered, dress, and leave.  But...  Her stomach overrode her brain at this point, aggressively grumbling at the thought of a nice pastrami and swiss sandwich, with a side of their new chili cheese fries...

    "Ugh!"  She groaned as she responded.  "Ill cover u, but u owe me one!"  Tim was a new kid, and this was the second time he had asked someone else to cover his shift.  Oh well, Mr. Arco would probably fire his ass if he kept it up, it wasn't like they were short-staffed.  She texted Kate again-"hey so tim wants me to cover for him so i might be quiet today, sry!", before leaving her phone to charge and ambling over to the shower.


    "Nah, seriously dad, I'm finished!"  Kate laughed as her dad tipped the last piece of french toast and the two remaining sausages onto her plate, her hands up in mock surrender.

    Her dad didn't relent, however.  "No evidence, no crime."  He stated with a wink.  "Besides, I ate more than you did, and this stuff doesn't keep well in the fridge- you should know that by now!  Hurry up though, I think your mom's on her way home from the store by now."  Kate pouted, but dutifully poured syrup on her french toast.  She stifled a belch as she finished off the last of the breakfast feast, while her dad got to work scrubbing the dishes.  She felt her phone vibrate, then vibrate again as she received two new texts.  She pulled it out, only to see that she had one new text and one new message on facebook.  She felt kind of an odd feeling as she slid her finger across the screen, checking the texts first.  While she was reading the first one, Andrea texted her again, saying she'd be at work til 5.  She didn't even mention the voicemail that Kate left her.  Still, she didn't feel too upset.  It wasn't like it was a big deal.

    "Alright, have a good day!  Hopefully we can talk on the phone tonight, if you're not too tired."  Kate laid on the guilt a bit heavy, but didn't care.  She was still slightly peeved that Andrea had ignored her last night.  Next on the agenda, checking her facebook message.  And of course, it was from Lisa.

    "Believe it or not, I AM still here!  We should totally meet up today, it's my day off!  Lemme know, maybe we can grab dinner?  Why don't you text me, here's my number."

    And just like that, Kate had plans for the day.


    Andrea walked out of the steamy bathroom, towel wrapped around her substantial chest.  She was, of course, completely oblivious to how little of the towel remained able to actually wrap around her rapidly widening form, but she was in a bit of a rush.  Her shower had taken longer than she had thought, which meant she was in a bit of a rush as she dried off her hair and pulled on her ever-tightening uniform.  "I need to buy a new bra..."  She muttered under her breath, conveniently ignoring the fact that this one wasn't even two months old.  Her breasts oozed out the top of the cups slightly, and the back strap was getting harder to fasten by the day.  She bent over, feeling (and ignoring) her stomach pooch forward and her belly ooze outwards before separating into two thick rolls.  Grunting as she pulled her pants up, Andrea was faced with a new challenge- buttoning them.  She strained as she pulled the metal button towards the stretched out hole, but to no success.  "I must be bloated, or something."  She muttered, before pausing to look in the mirror.  "...Or something.  Shit."  She said again as she stared at herself, her jaw dropping a bit.

    Andrea knew she was gaining weight, she wasn't stupid, and she wasn't in denial.  She even was eating healthier... Well, kinda.  But when she stared at her reflection, her tummy sticking out further than it ever had before, her boobs oozing out of their cups her flesh squeezed tightly by the straps, her underwear- that she had just fucking bought- already starting to tear a bit, it finally hit her like a a ton of bricks.  "Damn... I got fucking fat."  She sighed.  It was a long time coming, but Andrea had finally moved past ignoring the rapidly rising weight that was creeping onto her frame day after day.  Sighing, she let the jeans fall to the floor- except they didn't, because her thighs were so thick that there was no room for them to slide.  She angrily shimmied out of them before grabbing a pair of tights and sliding into them, to hell with whatever people thought.  "This is out of fucking control."  She said to no one, and walked out of her bedroom.  Something had to change.


    Kate stared glumly at her phone.  Andrea's response wasn't exactly reassuring, she had just sent back a "ok".  No heart or anything.

    "I'm definitely overthinking this.  I'll just ask her if everything is alright when we talk on the phone later, I guess."  Kate thought to herself as she went back to reading articles online.  The day seemed to be creeping by at an unearthly pace, but it was finally 4:30.  "Finally!"  She said, a little too excited for her own good.  Kate had spent a good chunk of the day having an internal struggle regarding Lisa.  Was it weird that she wanted to see her old friend just to see if she was fatter?  Probably, but at the same time, this girl was her best friend for a while.  Even if she did get fat, it was just a side note.  "I'm just meeting with an old friend, nothing more."  She reassured herself as she slipped on her shoes.

    However, the drive there only made Kate rethink things even more.  Namely, she imagined what Lisa looked like the last time she saw her.  Definitely one of those girls who caught people eyes, but Lisa- especially in high school- had definitely toed the line between "curves in all the right places" and "would be a knock-out if she lost 15 pounds".  Kate had obviously swung more towards the first option, but that was high school, and she wasn't quite as cemented in her sexual orientation as she was now.  She tried to imagine Lisa the size of Andrea, and shivered happily, before chastising herself.  "Ugh, why am I thinking like this?"  She muttered, and tried to occupy her thoughts with other things- namely, Andrea.  She idly thought about Andrea's ever-growing waistline, how she was at a point where no matter how hard she tried to stay covered, her shirts constantly creeped up over her fattening belly, how her "health food" kick was going no where fast... Mmmm. 

    She was so preoccupied that she almost drove past the place her and Lisa were supposed to meet up.  It was a nice looking Italian place that hadn't been there last time Kate drove down this road, which was easily over a year ago.  She parked her car and shot Lisa a quick text.  "Just got here, I'll grab us a table!"  Lisa didn't respond, presumably because she was driving.  Kate was able to get a nice booth by the window with no wait, probably because it wasn't even 5 yet.  She ordered a porter, that apparently was local, and it was damn good, as well as putting in an order for some breadsticks.  She was more than halfway through it when a voice called her name.  "Kate?  Is that you?"  Kate recognized that voice immediately, and got out of the booth and turned round, only to be immediately enveloped in a tight hug.  And it was tight for more than one reason-  Lisa was fucking huge.  Kate felt herself sink into Lisa's body as she hugged her back, her hands sinking in slightly to the plushy body that was currently enveloping her.  Lisa was so big that Kate almost couldn't get her arms all the way around her!  She felt herself tremble slightly as the embrace ended.  "I'm so glad we could meet up!"  Lisa said happily as they broke apart.  Kate quickly recomposed herself and sat down in the booth, trying not to stare at Lisa.

    "Yes, of course!  It's been forever-"  Kate started, pausing slightly as Lisa wedged herself into the opposite side of the booth.  She couldn't get over how huge Lisa was!  Her form was more or less the same as high school, just expanded by easily 500%.  Her tits still overtook the rest of her body, massive and spherical and straining the blue sweater that she had squeezed herself into.  Her stomach, despite not sticking out as far as her chest, was still massive and round in it's own right, and was currently squeezing over the desk by a few inches, due to the tight nature.  Kate felt a small thrill at the fact that the table was bolted to the ground, meaning Lisa was going to be wedged in for the rest of the night.  "And it's just nice to meet up with someone while I'm here!  I, uh, ordered some bread sticks as an appetizer, I hope that's okay."  Lisa puffed slightly, and Kate quickly realized that she was slightly winded just from walking to the booth.

But of course, Lisa didn't disappoint her in any way.  "Some bread sticks would honestly hit the spot!  I'm starving, trust me..."  She trailed off as the steaming hot bread sticks were brought out.  The second they hit the table, Lisa dug in- grabbing and dipping one firmly into the sludge that was the restaurant's version of garlic butter, before devouring it in two bites.  She managed to swallow, and begin the process of grabbing another, before speaking again.  "So, what have you been up to?  Got a boyfriend yet?"

    Kate felt herself cough as she slugged down the final bit of her beer, which she didn't realize she had been drinking so quickly, and sputtered lamely as she managed to swallow without spraying a fine mist all over the table.  However, she found herself responding almost on auto-pilot.  "Nope, no boyfriend yet!"  She even managed a grin that she hoped came off as casual but dismissive.  "You?"

    Lisa shook her head, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin, which was lined with crumbs and grease.  "Honestly, I just got out of kind of a weird relationship, and I, uh... No.  Not anymore."  Kate didn't push the point- and thankfully, she didn't have to, because the server showed up pretty quickly to take their orders- and for her, another one of those porter.

    "Damn, I gotta find this brewery before I leave..."  She found herself thinking.


    Andrea's day had fucking sucked.  At some point it had started raining, which was something she was aware of yesterday, but had forgotten about between the whole "spontaneously having to go to work" thing and the "oh shit I got way fat and gross" realization.  So, between the fact that she still hadn't eaten anything, and she was soaking wet, she was not in anything resembling a good mood.  By the time she walked through the door, she was pissed as hell.   Kicking off her soaking wet shoes, she let out an angry curse as she threw her bag down on the floor.

    "Man, fuck today."  Grabbing her phone out of her bag, she saw that Kate hadn't texted her back yet.  "Damn, what the hell?"  Andrea had actually been stuck at work a lot later than she should've- because of course she didn't get out right when the dinner rush started, that'd be ridiculous, even though the shift was supposed to end at 5.  And between not eating, and a few grumpy customers, she was basically ready to climb right into bed.

    But she really needed to eat something.  Shrugging off her wet jacket and revealing her equally wet work shirt, she trudged into her room and peeled off her overly tight and difficult remove pants and shirt, and slipped into her pajamas, which as she was well aware, were too tight, despite being sweatpants and a t-shirt that should've been loose on her, she bitterly found herself thinking.

    "At least I'm not soaked anymore, I guess."  Andrea grumbled as she wandered into the kitchen, wrenching open the fridge.  Beer wasn't healthy.  Leftover pasta wasn't really healthy.

    The freezer was opened.  Frozen tater tots weren't healthy, neither were french fries... Or hash browns.  "Okay, that's a lot of potatoes..."  Digging through the bags of frozen starch, she pulled out a bag of frozen vegetables which, judging by their brick-like consistency, had probably been in the freezer since before Andrea moved in.  "Still... 110 calories per serving, four servings per package.  Not bad.  Guess I'll eat these."  Andrea couldn't have sounded more disinterested if she had tried, but determination won over temptation.  A pot of water was set boiling, and the veggies were added, along with the suggested addition of salt, according to the package.


    Kate couldn't help grinning as she got into her car.  What a fun night!  Meeting with Lisa had been fun... Hell, shortly into their meal, their conversation had been nostalgic and enjoyable to the point where she had more or less forgotten that she was eating with a girl who possessed her perfect vision of a body on a girl up until they had stood up to hug goodbye, with promises to meet up again before she left.

    Of course, she also let out a hearty belch as she sat down in her driver seat- she had really overdone it.  Their 'Pasta Primavera' had come out in a bowl twice the size of her head, and after two beers, it was no small feat to choke down the entire bowl.  But Andrea had been rubbing off on her more than she was aware, and the idea of grabbing a box to load up the pasta was well beyond her scope of reasoning while sucked into pleasant conversation.  Sluggishly putting the key into the ignition, Kate glanced at the clock, only to realize it had been almost two hours since she glanced at her phone!  "Shit!"  She exclaimed as she dug through her purse.  The only text that greeted her was from Andrea, which made her grin widen more, up until she read it.

    "today fuckin sucked.  im gonna lay down for a bit.  i wish u were here..."  It was from almost an hour ago.

    "Shit!" Kate muttered again as she hit the Call button without even thinking.   But of course Andrea didn't answer.  Kate hesitated for a bit after the well-know beep went off, before starting to speak.

    "Heyyy... Uh, look, I'm sorry I didn't respond for a bit, I actually met up with one of my old friends from school, and I guess I lost track of time... I, uh, I'm really sorry.  But, I just want you to know, that... Tomorrow will be better, right?  And if you want to call me back, I'll be up for a while.  I'll even-"  Kate paused as she thought about what to say next.  "I'll keep my phone on as loud as it goes.  I really want to talk to you, and I miss you.  A lot.  A lot!  And, um...  Well, look, I..."  Kate felt herself tense up for a second, before relaxing a bit.  Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was good mood, or maybe it was just because she meant it-  "I love you.  Just get a hold of me whenever, okay?"



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