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    Andrea woke up with a headache.  "Fuck, what did I do last night?"  She muttered grumpily, as she lifted her head off the fabric of the couch.  She remembered... Well, she remembered texting Kate at least once, but she was beyond remembering what she had said.  Grumbling, she let out a quiet, dry belch from the couch as she stared at her phone.  But she couldn't, because her phone was dead.  "Shit." She found herself murmuring as she plugged her phone in. 

One Percent Battery... CHARGING

    Andrea let out an annoyed grunt, knowing it would be a little while before the phone even let her turn it on.  "Why the hell are phones so stupid about charging?"  She grumbled as she stretched- oblivious to her pot belly being exposed past her belly button by her action.  Scratching her tummy, she wandered to her bed, took some pain killers for her head, and proceeded to pass out again.


    Kate's morning was going much better.  She woke up to see zero new messages- expected, it was only a little after 8 and even if Andrea did have to work today, she wouldn't be up for a few more hours.  "Lazy bones..."  Kate muttered, but she couldn't help but smile as she thought about a bloated Andrea snoozing on the couch, her belly sticking up in the air from last nights glut... Kate shivered a bit as she hopped out of bed.  She shot her a quick good morning text, complete with <3 emoji, before getting braced for the cold air of her room.  Normally she wasn't so inclined to say goodbye to her cozy bed, but she'd be damned if she didn't partake in whatever delicious smell was wafting up from the kitchen.  Shimmying into some jeans, ignoring how tightly they pinched her waist and gave her a moderate muffin top, she slipped into a loose-ish blouse and oversized sweater, and made her way to the kitchen.

    Her dad was whistling along to whatever TV show he was watching, as sausages sizzled in a pan on the stove.  And to the left of the stove... "Oh, you're up!  Well, I figured the best way to welcome you back home for the week was to start the first full day off right, with your favorite breakfast..."

    Kate finished the sentence for him.  "French toast!  Hell yes!" She shouted, before clamping her hand over her mouth in mock horror.  "Don't tell mom I made a swear, pops!"  She dramatically gasped out.

    Her dad slapped the spatula on his chest in a mock gesture.  "Scouts honor.  Go ahead and get started on the french toast before it gets cold, or, you know, your mom eats it all."  He gave her a wry grin.  "Just kidding, she'll probably eat salad for breakfast.  She's been on a big health kick lately, it's kind of boring.  Honestly, last night was the first time she's made anything remotely resembling a real meal!"  Kate just laughed as she forked three pieces of french toast on her plate.


    Andrea was finally up, somewhat begrudgingly.  It wasn't that she wanted to sleep more- hell, she probably couldn't fall back asleep again anyways.  It was more out of boredom.  Plugging her phone in by the couch, rather than by her bed, had definitely been a mistake.  She had nothing to do, so she got up.  Besides, she was starting to get hungry.  Her phone was proudly displaying a new voicemail and a few texts.  She checked the texts first- one was from Kate, which made her smile.  She quickly responded with "good morning to you too, cutie", before deleting the "cutie" and replacing it with a <3.  In a fit of confidence, Andrea quickly took a picture of her extremely messy hair, and added "woke up like this, haha can you believe how good i look?" and sent it before she could second guess herself.  The second text was from a number she didn't recognize.  Puzzled, she opened it, only to see "Hi andrea this is tim from work i was wondering if u could cover my shift at 1-5 today thx"  Andrea bristled.  She really didn't want to work today, and when she glanced at the clock, she realized that working would basically require her to get showered, dress, and leave.  But...  Her stomach overrode her brain at this point, aggressively grumbling at the thought of a nice pastrami and swiss sandwich, with a side of their new chili cheese fries...

    "Ugh!"  She groaned as she responded.  "Ill cover u, but u owe me one!"  Tim was a new kid, and this was the second time he had asked someone else to cover his shift.  Oh well, Mr. Arco would probably fire his ass if he kept it up, it wasn't like they were short-staffed.  She texted Kate again-"hey so tim wants me to cover for him so i might be quiet today, sry!", before leaving her phone to charge and ambling over to the shower.


    "Nah, seriously dad, I'm finished!"  Kate laughed as her dad tipped the last piece of french toast and the two remaining sausages onto her plate, her hands up in mock surrender.

    Her dad didn't relent, however.  "No evidence, no crime."  He stated with a wink.  "Besides, I ate more than you did, and this stuff doesn't keep well in the fridge- you should know that by now!  Hurry up though, I think your mom's on her way home from the store by now."  Kate pouted, but dutifully poured syrup on her french toast.  She stifled a belch as she finished off the last of the breakfast feast, while her dad got to work scrubbing the dishes.  She felt her phone vibrate, then vibrate again as she received two new texts.  She pulled it out, only to see that she had one new text and one new message on facebook.  She felt kind of an odd feeling as she slid her finger across the screen, checking the texts first.  While she was reading the first one, Andrea texted her again, saying she'd be at work til 5.  She didn't even mention the voicemail that Kate left her.  Still, she didn't feel too upset.  It wasn't like it was a big deal.

    "Alright, have a good day!  Hopefully we can talk on the phone tonight, if you're not too tired."  Kate laid on the guilt a bit heavy, but didn't care.  She was still slightly peeved that Andrea had ignored her last night.  Next on the agenda, checking her facebook message.  And of course, it was from Lisa.

    "Believe it or not, I AM still here!  We should totally meet up today, it's my day off!  Lemme know, maybe we can grab dinner?  Why don't you text me, here's my number."

    And just like that, Kate had plans for the day.


    Andrea walked out of the steamy bathroom, towel wrapped around her substantial chest.  She was, of course, completely oblivious to how little of the towel remained able to actually wrap around her rapidly widening form, but she was in a bit of a rush.  Her shower had taken longer than she had thought, which meant she was in a bit of a rush as she dried off her hair and pulled on her ever-tightening uniform.  "I need to buy a new bra..."  She muttered under her breath, conveniently ignoring the fact that this one wasn't even two months old.  Her breasts oozed out the top of the cups slightly, and the back strap was getting harder to fasten by the day.  She bent over, feeling (and ignoring) her stomach pooch forward and her belly ooze outwards before separating into two thick rolls.  Grunting as she pulled her pants up, Andrea was faced with a new challenge- buttoning them.  She strained as she pulled the metal button towards the stretched out hole, but to no success.  "I must be bloated, or something."  She muttered, before pausing to look in the mirror.  "...Or something.  Shit."  She said again as she stared at herself, her jaw dropping a bit.

    Andrea knew she was gaining weight, she wasn't stupid, and she wasn't in denial.  She even was eating healthier... Well, kinda.  But when she stared at her reflection, her tummy sticking out further than it ever had before, her boobs oozing out of their cups her flesh squeezed tightly by the straps, her underwear- that she had just fucking bought- already starting to tear a bit, it finally hit her like a a ton of bricks.  "Damn... I got fucking fat."  She sighed.  It was a long time coming, but Andrea had finally moved past ignoring the rapidly rising weight that was creeping onto her frame day after day.  Sighing, she let the jeans fall to the floor- except they didn't, because her thighs were so thick that there was no room for them to slide.  She angrily shimmied out of them before grabbing a pair of tights and sliding into them, to hell with whatever people thought.  "This is out of fucking control."  She said to no one, and walked out of her bedroom.  Something had to change.


    Kate stared glumly at her phone.  Andrea's response wasn't exactly reassuring, she had just sent back a "ok".  No heart or anything.

    "I'm definitely overthinking this.  I'll just ask her if everything is alright when we talk on the phone later, I guess."  Kate thought to herself as she went back to reading articles online.  The day seemed to be creeping by at an unearthly pace, but it was finally 4:30.  "Finally!"  She said, a little too excited for her own good.  Kate had spent a good chunk of the day having an internal struggle regarding Lisa.  Was it weird that she wanted to see her old friend just to see if she was fatter?  Probably, but at the same time, this girl was her best friend for a while.  Even if she did get fat, it was just a side note.  "I'm just meeting with an old friend, nothing more."  She reassured herself as she slipped on her shoes.

    However, the drive there only made Kate rethink things even more.  Namely, she imagined what Lisa looked like the last time she saw her.  Definitely one of those girls who caught people eyes, but Lisa- especially in high school- had definitely toed the line between "curves in all the right places" and "would be a knock-out if she lost 15 pounds".  Kate had obviously swung more towards the first option, but that was high school, and she wasn't quite as cemented in her sexual orientation as she was now.  She tried to imagine Lisa the size of Andrea, and shivered happily, before chastising herself.  "Ugh, why am I thinking like this?"  She muttered, and tried to occupy her thoughts with other things- namely, Andrea.  She idly thought about Andrea's ever-growing waistline, how she was at a point where no matter how hard she tried to stay covered, her shirts constantly creeped up over her fattening belly, how her "health food" kick was going no where fast... Mmmm. 

    She was so preoccupied that she almost drove past the place her and Lisa were supposed to meet up.  It was a nice looking Italian place that hadn't been there last time Kate drove down this road, which was easily over a year ago.  She parked her car and shot Lisa a quick text.  "Just got here, I'll grab us a table!"  Lisa didn't respond, presumably because she was driving.  Kate was able to get a nice booth by the window with no wait, probably because it wasn't even 5 yet.  She ordered a porter, that apparently was local, and it was damn good, as well as putting in an order for some breadsticks.  She was more than halfway through it when a voice called her name.  "Kate?  Is that you?"  Kate recognized that voice immediately, and got out of the booth and turned round, only to be immediately enveloped in a tight hug.  And it was tight for more than one reason-  Lisa was fucking huge.  Kate felt herself sink into Lisa's body as she hugged her back, her hands sinking in slightly to the plushy body that was currently enveloping her.  Lisa was so big that Kate almost couldn't get her arms all the way around her!  She felt herself tremble slightly as the embrace ended.  "I'm so glad we could meet up!"  Lisa said happily as they broke apart.  Kate quickly recomposed herself and sat down in the booth, trying not to stare at Lisa.

    "Yes, of course!  It's been forever-"  Kate started, pausing slightly as Lisa wedged herself into the opposite side of the booth.  She couldn't get over how huge Lisa was!  Her form was more or less the same as high school, just expanded by easily 500%.  Her tits still overtook the rest of her body, massive and spherical and straining the blue sweater that she had squeezed herself into.  Her stomach, despite not sticking out as far as her chest, was still massive and round in it's own right, and was currently squeezing over the desk by a few inches, due to the tight nature.  Kate felt a small thrill at the fact that the table was bolted to the ground, meaning Lisa was going to be wedged in for the rest of the night.  "And it's just nice to meet up with someone while I'm here!  I, uh, ordered some bread sticks as an appetizer, I hope that's okay."  Lisa puffed slightly, and Kate quickly realized that she was slightly winded just from walking to the booth.

But of course, Lisa didn't disappoint her in any way.  "Some bread sticks would honestly hit the spot!  I'm starving, trust me..."  She trailed off as the steaming hot bread sticks were brought out.  The second they hit the table, Lisa dug in- grabbing and dipping one firmly into the sludge that was the restaurant's version of garlic butter, before devouring it in two bites.  She managed to swallow, and begin the process of grabbing another, before speaking again.  "So, what have you been up to?  Got a boyfriend yet?"

    Kate felt herself cough as she slugged down the final bit of her beer, which she didn't realize she had been drinking so quickly, and sputtered lamely as she managed to swallow without spraying a fine mist all over the table.  However, she found herself responding almost on auto-pilot.  "Nope, no boyfriend yet!"  She even managed a grin that she hoped came off as casual but dismissive.  "You?"

    Lisa shook her head, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin, which was lined with crumbs and grease.  "Honestly, I just got out of kind of a weird relationship, and I, uh... No.  Not anymore."  Kate didn't push the point- and thankfully, she didn't have to, because the server showed up pretty quickly to take their orders- and for her, another one of those porter.

    "Damn, I gotta find this brewery before I leave..."  She found herself thinking.


    Andrea's day had fucking sucked.  At some point it had started raining, which was something she was aware of yesterday, but had forgotten about between the whole "spontaneously having to go to work" thing and the "oh shit I got way fat and gross" realization.  So, between the fact that she still hadn't eaten anything, and she was soaking wet, she was not in anything resembling a good mood.  By the time she walked through the door, she was pissed as hell.   Kicking off her soaking wet shoes, she let out an angry curse as she threw her bag down on the floor.

    "Man, fuck today."  Grabbing her phone out of her bag, she saw that Kate hadn't texted her back yet.  "Damn, what the hell?"  Andrea had actually been stuck at work a lot later than she should've- because of course she didn't get out right when the dinner rush started, that'd be ridiculous, even though the shift was supposed to end at 5.  And between not eating, and a few grumpy customers, she was basically ready to climb right into bed.

    But she really needed to eat something.  Shrugging off her wet jacket and revealing her equally wet work shirt, she trudged into her room and peeled off her overly tight and difficult remove pants and shirt, and slipped into her pajamas, which as she was well aware, were too tight, despite being sweatpants and a t-shirt that should've been loose on her, she bitterly found herself thinking.

    "At least I'm not soaked anymore, I guess."  Andrea grumbled as she wandered into the kitchen, wrenching open the fridge.  Beer wasn't healthy.  Leftover pasta wasn't really healthy.

    The freezer was opened.  Frozen tater tots weren't healthy, neither were french fries... Or hash browns.  "Okay, that's a lot of potatoes..."  Digging through the bags of frozen starch, she pulled out a bag of frozen vegetables which, judging by their brick-like consistency, had probably been in the freezer since before Andrea moved in.  "Still... 110 calories per serving, four servings per package.  Not bad.  Guess I'll eat these."  Andrea couldn't have sounded more disinterested if she had tried, but determination won over temptation.  A pot of water was set boiling, and the veggies were added, along with the suggested addition of salt, according to the package.


    Kate couldn't help grinning as she got into her car.  What a fun night!  Meeting with Lisa had been fun... Hell, shortly into their meal, their conversation had been nostalgic and enjoyable to the point where she had more or less forgotten that she was eating with a girl who possessed her perfect vision of a body on a girl up until they had stood up to hug goodbye, with promises to meet up again before she left.

    Of course, she also let out a hearty belch as she sat down in her driver seat- she had really overdone it.  Their 'Pasta Primavera' had come out in a bowl twice the size of her head, and after two beers, it was no small feat to choke down the entire bowl.  But Andrea had been rubbing off on her more than she was aware, and the idea of grabbing a box to load up the pasta was well beyond her scope of reasoning while sucked into pleasant conversation.  Sluggishly putting the key into the ignition, Kate glanced at the clock, only to realize it had been almost two hours since she glanced at her phone!  "Shit!"  She exclaimed as she dug through her purse.  The only text that greeted her was from Andrea, which made her grin widen more, up until she read it.

    "today fuckin sucked.  im gonna lay down for a bit.  i wish u were here..."  It was from almost an hour ago.

    "Shit!" Kate muttered again as she hit the Call button without even thinking.   But of course Andrea didn't answer.  Kate hesitated for a bit after the well-know beep went off, before starting to speak.

    "Heyyy... Uh, look, I'm sorry I didn't respond for a bit, I actually met up with one of my old friends from school, and I guess I lost track of time... I, uh, I'm really sorry.  But, I just want you to know, that... Tomorrow will be better, right?  And if you want to call me back, I'll be up for a while.  I'll even-"  Kate paused as she thought about what to say next.  "I'll keep my phone on as loud as it goes.  I really want to talk to you, and I miss you.  A lot.  A lot!  And, um...  Well, look, I..."  Kate felt herself tense up for a second, before relaxing a bit.  Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was good mood, or maybe it was just because she meant it-  "I love you.  Just get a hold of me whenever, okay?"

Hey dawgs,

Some of you may remember a similar journal being posted last night, when I was a few beers into a bad decision.

ANYWHO- I'm working on a sort of game- It will utilize Quest ( and I dunno how long it will be because I'm a little stressed out at the moment, so it might be kinda short (and maybe I'll add onto it later?)

That's the gist of it.  Hope to get it out sooner rather than later.

Big shout out to for inspiring me to do this with their own fun game, that was made using the same engine!

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    Things started off healthy enough.  Kate had been sincere about eating healthier when Andrea had brought up the concern of them consuming nothing less than pizza or comped meals from work- namely, she wanted the best from her girlfriend, even if it did mean Andrea lost a bit of chub.  However...  Kate wasn't dumb.  Within 10 minutes of walking around with Andrea in their local mega-size-super-market, Andrea had shown obvious signs of weakness.  Oh, sure, it started innocently enough- "Oh, well, stir fry is mostly vegetables, right?", which lead to a nod from Kate.  Of course, this lead to:

    "Well, this style of bagel bite-sized breakfast sandwiches have onion and peppers on them!"

    "This pre-made pasta has veggies in it!"

    "Who thought this could be healthy?  It's only 300 calories!" Of course, on closer inspection, this was per serving, of which there were 3.

    And so on, until Andrea was justifying items in terms that any sort of health-conscious person would've scoffed, such as buying "Healthy" mayonnaise, which was still insanely un-healthy.  Afterwards, Andrea ordered the equivalent of a medium frozen blended coffee drink (with whipped cream, which is basically zero calories, right?) from the psuedo meal-court that most mega-grocery stores seemed to have, arguing that it was less than she usual got.  Of course, Kate looked it up on her phone- a medium sized frozen mocha blend was just slightly over 500 calories, versus the 585 calories for the large.  Kate felt herself get a little weak in the knees, until she did a slight double-take:  That was without whipped cream.


    "You're seriously gonna be gone a whole week?"  Andrea half whined, half shouted from the kitchen.  It was amazing how much whiny-ness she could force into her voice when she was in a different room.

    Kate sighed.  "I told you about this like, 2 weeks ago- you didn't mind then!"  She shouted back, as she jammed a few bras into her bag, attempting to zip it shut.  Granted, Andrea was half in the bag when she had told her back then, but she kinda figured she'd actually remember it.  "Oh, and I reminded you like, yesterday."  Andrea had definitely not been drunk then.

    "Yeah, but... But... Now?  I kinda thought you meant next month, not tomorrow!"  Kate grinned again.  At least Andrea cared that she was going to be gone.

    "Look, it's just a week.  You'll be fine, right?  You're a big girl."  Kate let out a silent giggle, since her last glance at Andrea before walking into her room to pack was her with her gut oozing over her too-tight gym shorts.  Double entendres are fun, she thought to herself.

    There was an exasperated sigh from the couch, followed by the quiet (albeit not so quiet that Kate didn't hear it) creak of the couch springs.  A light thudding announced the arrival of Andrea in her doorway- her tank-top desperately trying to cling to the curve of her gut for half a second before creeping up just past her belly button.  "Look, I'm gonna be lonely.  No one will watch TV with me, no one will keep me in line with my healthy diet!"  Kate barely kept a grin off of her face.  "And... I'll just miss you, okay?"

    Kate managed to look up at her, keeping her face straight.  That was a very touching sentiment, after all.  "You don't think I'll miss you too?"  Andrea faltered, which Kate took as a chance to push even harder.  "Are you really gonna guilt trip me about seeing my parents over my week off?"

    Andrea pouted.

    Kate faltered.  "Okay, look, I wouldn't do it if I felt I didn't have to, but my parents are pushy... And you're covering for me, remember?  It won't be so bad.  And I promise I'll call every night, and I'll text you whenever I can, okay?  I mean, seriously."  She stood up and opened her arms, which Andrea graciously dove into.  "And I'm gonna miss you too." Kate managed to mutter, before pulling away (hating that she had to move away from the soft midsection that was pressing into her).


    "Just got home <3"  Kate had texted, a half hour ago.  Andrea stared at it for what felt like the hundredth time.  She still hadn't responded, namely because she was at work, and she didn't have enough time to accurately respond.  But it was more than that.  The heart emoticon was tripping her up.  She knew she cared about Kate, she really cared about her, in a way she had never cared about anyone else.  But the heart emoticon had put flutters in her chest in a way nothing had before.  She felt... Conflicted.  Was sending a heart back too pushy?  All her life, she had dealt with boys.  Boys were easy.  They were usually pretty upfront.  But beyond saying that they "liked" each other and that they were "girlfriends", the concept of love- or in this case, a heart emoticon (IE: <3) was a weird thing that they hadn't touched upon.  Andrea shoved her seventh... Or eighth... Or fifteenth... mouth of french fries into her face.


    "Another helping of potato casserole?"  Kate's mother offered, and before she could even protest, a spatula dumped a third helping onto her plate.  Her mother smiled.  Kate smiled.  She put her fork into the mass of carbohydrates, sipping on her second glass of wine before she put the forkful of gooey casserole into her mouth.  "I can tell you've been happy at school this year, dear!"  Her mother beamed at her as Kate swallowed her mouthful of food, before taking a hearty swig of her wine, bottoming out the glass.  Her father gave her a slight grin as he reached for the open bottle and gave her the third refill of the night.

    Kate had always gotten along better with her soft-spoken father.

    Finally feeling the need to speak up, Kate spoke- finding her voice much stronger than usual.  "Yes, actually, this is the first time I've felt genuinely comfortable at school, Mom."  Despite her self-restraint, she still put the emphasis on the word "Mom".  Her father shot her a look, but her mother took it in stride.

    Kate's Mother had always been the critical one, after all.

    "I'm just saying..."  She stated, every word drawn out in a way that was grinding to the senses, but not overtly so-  "You seem... Happier.  Not to mention, how do I put this.... Richard?"  She shot a glance at her husband, who shot her an equally stern glance back.

    "I'm not sure what you're implying, dear.  But if I had to guess-"  He paused, giving Kate just enough time to wince- her father almost never corrected her mother, and when he did, it was usually from a stance that she could not easily defend- " I would certainly hope it would have no bearing on her physical appearance."


    Andrea finally was done with her shift.  A box containing a hot, fresh, double BBQ and fried onion cheeseburger, along with a second box containing as many fries as she could convince their fry cook (Some new guy named Frank, who looked 70 years old, despite claiming to be 38, but super friendly regardless) to jam into a large takeaway box, were carefully wedged beneath one arm, while she texted with the other free hand.

    Andrea was kind of an instant hit at work, after all.  Mr. Arco had especially taken a liking to her (no doubt because Mr. Arco viewed Kate as his best employee) which meant that after her shift was over, he had asked her if she wanted to talk for a bit.  Andrea had been there long enough to know that "wanting to talk" meant "come have some of my expensive liquor and shoot the shit" which Andrea was all about.  And her extremely out of her price range double scotch on the rocks was just the push she needed to respond to Kate's text in exactly the way she wanted to, which was ringing in the back of her mind as Mr. Arco droned on about sports.


    Kate was horribly uncomfortable.  She couldn't think of the last time her parents fought in front of her.  Mainly, because they didn't fight.  Ever.  They had calm, confident conversations that held the slightest edge of disagreement.  Lo and behold, this is exactly what they were doing.  Her parents always carried themselves as- well, the closest analogy Kate could think of, was the rich family on television that never shouts, never raises their voice, but speak in steady, angry tones, as to not upset their rich dinner guests.  Or whatever.

    But truth be told, Kate's family wasn't rich.  They were very middle-class.  The wine they had been drinking was some cheap brand (not that she could tell) and their house was a fairly average 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom.  But her parents had their customs, and Kate always sat back and watched.  However, as she scooped up her last spoonful of potato casserole, she felt her phone vibrate in her jeans.  Pulling the upper edge out, she saw the name "Andrea : D" on her screen, immediately followed by "LOW BATTERY".  "Okay, well, no dessert for me!  I'm gonna call it a night, that was a long drive!  Love you both!" 

    The spell was broken.

    "Goodnight, honey!  Glad you're here!"

    "Goodnight, Kate!  Love you!"

    "I missed you both!  Glad I'm here!"

    There was a few seconds of silence, a few hushed words that Kate couldn't make out, followed by:

    "Where's the tupperware?!  The one that isn't all warped?  She didn't even finish off the casserole!"

    "It's in the drawer, where it always is!"

    Kate grinned as she slid into her room, before quietly pulling close the door.  Her room looked the same as always:  There were a few faded squares on the walls, along with four minuscule holes in the drywall from where various posters of movies and boy bands had once hung.  At some point she had written "Boys SUCK!" on her wall, and even though her mom had yelled until she was red in the face and made her scrub at the wall for over a half hour with soapy water, the faded words still sat eternally just above her dresser.  After she had bailed off to college, she had donated most of her "teenage" stuff, which meant her room was pretty void of decorations beyond a few trinkets she couldn't let go of.  Unzipping a corner of her dufflebag, she dug through the tangled web of cords- "I only brought my damn phone and laptop charger, how are they this tangled?" She angrily thought to herself as her phone let out an annoyed chirp, indicating it was laying on death's door and being invited in, eagerly.

    Finally, she jerked up triumphantly, having dislodged the two cables successfully, and eagerly slid the plug into the wall and into the awaiting phone port, before happily pulling up her messaging program and checking her newest text.

    "im so glad you made it, i miss you already!  <3 <3 <3  hows the family?"


    Andrea was currently on her third beer.  She let out a hearty belch as she staggered from the couch to the kitchen, wrenching open the fridge in a more aggressive nature than she usually did, feeling bad for the condiments immediately afterward.  "I'm sorry, mustard!  I'm sorry, ketchup!"  She shouted (albeit giddily) as she grabbed a can of beer from the fridge, her apologies eased out of her brain before she cracked the top of the tin can.  "I wish I..."  She began, as the beer eagerly fizzed, and she took a hearty swig, immediately forgetting what she was proclaiming a moment prior.  She let out another belch as she walked back to the couch, enjoying the feeling of being almost naked within the apartment.

    It's true, Andrea was pretty slack about how she dressed around the apartment, both before and after her talk with Kate which had lead them down the dizzying path that was their current relationship.  But she had never gone so far as to hang around in her panties and a tank top, sans bra, before.   But damn did it feel nice.  It felt so nice, in fact, that Andrea's version of "cutting loose" was even looser than usual, meaning that the fact that the older tank top ,which had once hung loosely over her breasts, was now riding well above the dome of her bloated stomach, exposing most of it, and yet she found herself not caring.  If it wasn't for the blinking LED light on her phone, she wouldn't have noticed that she had a text back from Kate.  She took a long draw from her beer, eyes glancing at the television screen- some older episode of Quantum Leap playing in the background, not that she cared.   Placing the beer can, slick with condensation, down on the coffee table, she retrieved her phone.  The screen lit up at once as the text popped open.

    "The family is the same as always.  I miss you already.  Wish you were here, girl.  My Mom made some crazy good casserole."

    Andrea felt herself getting hungry, and sure enough, her stomach growled, almost on cue.  "Shut up, I've eaten enough!"  She said, her drunkeness leeching forth in her tone as she sauntered back towards the kitchen- she was definitely sassier when she was alone, a fact she had mostly forgotten after her time with Kate.

    Oh, Kate.  How she liked her.  Like was a good word.  Like was nice.  Before she knew it, she was pulling a little "hidden" secret from out of the freezer- something she was (almost) certain that Kate wasn't aware of, at least since her healthier habits had kicked in.

     (Kate, of course, had found it last week, but didn't say anything)

    It was a delightful, sinful, decadent fudge cake from one of the bakeries near work.  Andrea had snagged it on a whim- well, it wasn't a whim in so much as a hankering, after two clearly Freshman girls who, judging by their tiny muffintops over their skinny jeans, had already succumbed to the dreaded "Freshman 15"- had talked aloud about having a slice each the other day, and how they'd probably stop by there again.

    "Well," Andrea remembered thinking wistfully, "as snooty as Freshman tend to be about campus food, it must be good..." And then promptly heading there after work.  Hell, the dude at the counter recognized her (he, himself, tended to stop by after work for a burger all the time) and snagged her a sweet "local business" discount!  Of course, it probably didn't help that Andrea's expanding chest had pressed her old work polo to ludicrous levels, and Andrea was never one to button it up professionally... Well, she may have gotten a "local massive cleavage" discount, even if she was too tired and laser-focused on the cake to notice.

    By the time she was done reminiscing, she had already eaten 2 bites.  And damn was it tasty!  She wasn't even being careful, just carving huge chunks out of the sides.  And popping it in the freezer was actually the kid behind the counters idea, which was an awesome idea, at that.  She considered texting Kate about it, but then remembered that she was supposed to be eating healthier.  And while guilt did stop her from texting Kate and bragging about the delicious cake she was eating, it sure didn't stop her from continuing to eat it...


    Kate messed around on her phone for a bit, before growing bored waiting for Andrea to text her back.  "Hell, she's probably passed out on the couch already.  I should probably get some sleep too, I'm sure dad will wanna get up for breakfast nice and early tomorrow, and I should spend some time with him."  However, boredom got the best of her, and she pulled out her laptop from her bag and got to browsing around on facebook.  Nothing new caught her eye, except for one thing- a picture of one of her old friends, from in town.  In fact, it was the same girl who, embarrassingly enough, Kate figured might be the reason she was into bigger girls with bigger appetites.  Lisa.  Just the name sent memories pouring through her head- they had been so close in middle school and most of high school, but then they... Just sort of drifted.  Sometimes, people just do that- there's no catalyst, no reason for it, it just happened.  But hell, it had been... What, 4 years?  Since she had last seen her? 

    But they weren't friends on facebook- hell, Kate hadn't even gotten one until halfway through her first year of college.  Lisa had just been tagged in someone elses photo, but her picture had caught her eye immediately.  How could she forget that crazy red hair?  Somewhat excited, Kate popped open the picture, wanting to see if Lisa had grown any...  But, as these things tend to be, it was some shitty bar shot, with everyone acting all goofy, leaning all over each other, and Lisa's face and neck was all that wasn't obscured.  She tried to recall how round her face was, did it look chubbier, or is it just me?- before Kate made a decision.

    She clicked Lisa's name- her profile picture was the same thing, an upper shot that barely went below the neck.  Still no good, now she couldn't remember if Lisa had always had a chubbier face.  Kate sighed- of course her photos were private.  Kate closed her laptop, and decided to call Andrea to say goodnight.  But when she called, the phone just went to voicemail.  "Dammit I bet she did fall asleep that lazy jerk-" Kate muttered, but still diligently left a voicemail.  "Hey, just made it into bed, I'm gonna call it a night!  Lo-"  Kate awkwardly paused.  "Look forward to sending you pictures of my mom's cooking tomorrow, haha.  I bet you'll be jealous.  Anyways, goodnight!  I miss you, and uh... Yeah.  Just text me!"

    Kate couldn't help but feel disappointed- Andrea had made such a big deal about missing her, but now she wasn't answering her phone.  What a bummer.  But she knew Andrea well enough to know she was probably on her fifth beer and had the TV up so loud she couldn't hear it.

    Kate reopened her laptop.  She stared at the photo of Lisa for a bit, before clicking on the "Send Message" button.  Her fingers began to type, and before she could second guess herself, she hit "Send", sighed one more time, and closed her laptop.

"Hey Lisa!  It's been forever, and I happen to be in town!  Just was wondering if you wanted to hang out before I leave?  Just shoot me a message if you're still around too!"
Andrea's Roommate (Chapter 24)
Done and done.  Next time:  Is Lisa fatter?  How drunk is Andrea?  How was the cake?  Is there more cake in the future?
And you know what that means!

New Andrea soon!

How soon? 

Soon enough!


Whatever, enjoy the new story please.
And you know what that means!

New Andrea soon!

How soon? 

Soon enough!


Whatever, enjoy the new story please.


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Big shout out to for inspiring me to do this with their own fun game, that was made using the same engine!

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