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    "Ugh, how long can it take to put on a pair of damn PJ pants?"  Kate grumbled, her crossed leg kicking impatiently as she waited for her deliciously pudgy roomie to return to their approximation of a living room.  Growing impatient as Andrea missed the opening sequence of Face/Off (That scene with the kid getting shot made Kate squirm every time) Kate decided to take some drastic measures.  Sauntering eagerly over to the microwave, Kate unearthed one of her "hidden treasures"- items she had bought at the grocery store, then tucked away deep in the sparse cabinet space they had in the apartment.  Half tempted to tent her fingers in a maniacal fashion, Kate jammed the item into the microwave, smirking as the smell of the hidden junk food cooking filled the air almost immediately.  Her stomach seemed almost equally as eager as her dirty-thought filled mind, growling in a comically loud fashion at the smell of-

    "Is that POPCORN?!"  Andrea yelled as she (apparently) dramatically flung her bedroom door open, judging by the loud thud the cheap fiberwood door made as it slammed against their equally cheap doorstop. "And not just Popcorn, but 'Hella Butter Popcorn by HellaBro Poppers'?!"  The thumping of footsteps by a rather pudgy roommate were all Kate needed to feel a little weak in the knees as she uttered out a lackluster affirmative.  Gaining back her composure, Kate whipped open the fridge in an attempt to cool her rapidly heating face.

    "Uh, duh!  I remember what you liked- don't think I don't pay attention when you drunkenly tell me your favorites!"  Kate said from beyond the frame of the fridge, somewhat proud that her voice didn't crack.  After all, she could tell just from the feeling in her face that she was blushing something fierce.  Her footsteps were enough to turn her on!  This was absurd.  Apparently, even with the... Release she had allowed herself in the shower earlier, Andrea's hold on her current sexual fantasies was pushing her into maximum overdrive.  Even Kate had to admit, this was getting out of hand.  Breathing through her nose for a moment, Kate managed to recompose herself and emerge from the fridge, two beers in hand.  "Sorry, I just went with the cheap stuff this time!"  She said cheerfully, handing off a beer to Andrea seconds before the microwave beeped. 

    And that was quite a relief for Kate, because she assuredly would've been giving Andrea quite the look-over if the opportunity presented itself.  The portly girl was dressed in one of her usual nightly outfits- but this one hadn't surfaced in quite some time, and it showed off her weight gain in the ways that only a person well-versed in the arts of enjoying growing female bodies could understand.  The bright pink shorts- ones Kate distinctly recalled from one of their first nightly gatherings-  were strained at the seams, quite literally.  Andrea didn't seem to realize how wide her hips had become, because the frayed edges on the sides of the shorts were visible from a few feet away, shockingly enough.  Above those was one hell of a muffintop, and the black band t-shirt ("Canvas Fuckahz"- Andrea had sworn up and down that it was supposed to be ironic, somehow) which had been distinctly loose everywhere but Andrea's already decent chest area, was now skin-tight and form-fitting.  While covering up her stomach enough to at least not reveal it while she stood, Kate had no doubts that she would see a bit of pale white belly flesh before the night ended.  And the skintight nature of the t-shirt made it all too obvious that Andrea was going braless at the moment, much to Kate's delight.

    "Ah, well, you know what they say- the cheap stuff is still fun... Wait, that just sounds like we're talking about drugs, or hookers, or- Hey, this is my favorite part!"  And with that, Andrea was bolting to the couch, to become bolted to the couch.  Luckily, this was quite what Kate had in mind... Once Andrea was into a movie, it was the perfect time to give her any and all of the treats she may or may not need, but she assuredly wanted.  After all, if she didn't want them, she'd simply not eat them... Right?


    Andrea was pretty good at gauging when she was starting to get drunk.  Well, at least she was when she didn't drink fast.  Which she currently was, driven by some deeply hidden urge to pour as much cheap college-level income brews into her maw as possible, eyes transfixed on the screen with one hand wrapped around her 3rd beer in fifteen minutes and her other hand covered up to the wrist in butter from the batch she currently was about to hit the bottom of.  "I'll, uh, pop another bag!  And grab you another beer, I guess."  Kate laughed, hopping off the couch in her usual nimble fashion.  Andrea grunted in an way that she was sure conveyed 'Yes please', as her mouth was currently stuffed with an inhuman amount of popcorn.  Her eyes didn't leave the screen as she swallowed loudly, before bringing the already warming can to her lips and chugging down the remaining half of amber ale.  

    "Might as well bring a few over, I don't really give a shit if they're cold."  Andrea said with slightly less enthusiasm in her voice than usual.  As the sound of popcorn started to overtake the sound of the television, Andrea felt a hand on her shoulder, followed by the loud thump of a 24 pack of beer (minus 4) hitting the table.  

    Kate snuck her head into Andrea's view, a serious look on her face.  "Okay, grumpy goose, why are you acting so forlorn?"  Kate said with concern, a small smile of empathy playing on her lips.  "You aren't being your usual self, and you seem to be drinking to forget- which to be fair, you usually do anyways, but this time it seems like you mean it..."  Kate's hand remained on Andrea's shoulder, and she didn't seem intent on moving it anytime soon.

    "Uh, remember when we talked about me getting into classes?  Well, I uh... Forgot.  Again.  And now it's too late, I think.  They said they'd put me on some waiting lists, but... Ugh, I feel like I was already behind because of a few courses I didn't finish before, and now..."  Andrea trailed off, miserable.  She thought about the last conversation she had with her parents regarding school.  It didn't go well in the slightest, with her mom being her usual dramatic self and her dad... Well, he was just a dick about it.  It was the biggest reason why Andrea ended up moving out for the summer, and the reason she didn't feel like going home for the holidays- or possibly ever again.  Her thoughts were interrupted by a quick hug from Kate, followed by the beeping of the microwave.

    "Well, that sucks, but, you're on the waitlist, right?  So that's something.  And besides-"  Kate paused as she hopped onto the couch from behind, miraculously avoiding throwing the bowl of popcorn across the carpet, much to Andrea's bewilderment. "-Worst case, you can't get into courses, and you work full time at the restaurant, get a headstart on tuition for next semester, right?  Besides, I'm sure they can squeeze you into something if you're worried about getting kicked off financial aid or whatever."  Kate shot her a reassuring smile as she cracked open two beers, one for Andrea and one for herself.  Andrea managed to shoot Kate a sincere smile before turning her attention back to the screen.


    "I uh, I don't think I, uh... Totally got that movie."  Andrea stated dumbly, before draining her eighth beer in one fell swoop, punctuating the end of the can with a loud belch.  Kate, while only 3 beers in herself, couldn't help but giggle wildly at Andrea's statement.  By the end of the film Andrea had pretty much demolished 3 bags of popcorn by herself (Well, more like two, with Kate eating the other, but tipsy Kate sucked pretty bad at math).  "I mean, I know that like, they were supposed to be, like, each other, or... Wait.  Um..."  Andrea rambled, her face expressing her confusion almost more than her horribly worded sentence.  

    "I think if you focused more on the movie than on slamming beers, you would've understood it a bit more- hic!"  Kate covered her mouth in embarrassment from the hiccup that managed to sneak out- only for Andrea to let out one of her signature gargantuan belches.  "But, at the very least, did it make you feel a bit better?"  Kate grinned as Andrea slouched forward to snag another beer, her tummy oozing out from her ill-fitting shirt and causing a barely audible creak to emanate from her poorly fitting shorts.

    "Meh.  Not really my kinda flick, ya know?  Now THIS-"  Andrea said happily as the show following the movie kicked on "-Is my kinda entertainment!"  The show in question was Hoarders, and while Kate normally couldn't stomach the show, she figured she'd put up with it for a while- anything to spend more time with Andrea, especially buzzed-going-on-drunk Andrea in too tight pajamas.  "Seriously, it's so gross, how do you think people live in such messy places?"  Kate eyed the several empty beer cans sitting on the table in front of her, but kept her mouth shut.  

    "I dunno, I guess it's a good thing I'm usually the one cleaning, or else this place would look just as bad!"  Kate laughed- and when Andrea glared at her, she just shot her a wink.  "You gotta admit, you're kinda messy, Andrea."  Andrea took a very aggressive swig of her beer while simultaneously flipping Kate the bird.  "I've seen your room, you know- I kinda do live across the hall from you."  

    "Man, shut up, it's not even that bad!"  Andrea groaned, blushing slightly at all the teasing- but Kate didn't feel like letting the issue go.  "Besides, I just cleaned it today, I'll have you know!  And- hey!"  Andrea lazily rolled off the couch as Kate, in her tipsy state, bolted towards Andrea's room.  Kate had burst through Andrea's door before Andrea could reach her- but much to Kate's surprise, the floor was unusually bare.

    "Huh.  I guess you did clean it.  Or, maybe... You just..."  Kate sniggered as she slowly moved towards the bed- Andrea paled.  "JAMMED IT ALL UNDER YOUR BED!"  Flipping up the mattress, Kate let out a howl of laughter at the absurd amount of clothes jammed under the bed, among, to her delight, several junk food wrappers.  Letting the mattress fall back down, Kate pointed at Andrea's empty laundry hamper.  "Seriously, why do you even have that hamper if you- Ooof!"  Andrea, red with embarrassment, pushed Kate back onto the bed, hands held assertively on her hips.  

    "I'll have you know, that... That... You know what?"  Andrea placed her beer on her nightstand before advancing on Kate, who, despite being overcome with laughter, couldn't help but have a single stray thought at the fact that she was currently laying on a drunk Andrea's bed- oh, what if this was the day she finally made a move?  What if Andrea made a move first?  What if- "I know how ticklish you are..." Andrea said with a smirk, and straddled Kate's waist, fingers wiggling maniacally in the air.  Kate, despite the obvious rush of blood to her face, tried to keep her sudden arousal as secret as possible. 

    "Andrea, no, you don't- NO!"  Kate screamed at the top of her lungs as her chubby roommate began to tickle her ribs, causing her to spasm violently with laughter and involuntary muscle spasms.  "No no no no no no nooooooooahahhhhhhHAHAHHAAAHHH!" She howled with laughter, but was unable to close her eyes, too enraptured with the sight of her roommate basically mounting her, her chubby belly wobbling in time with Kate's writhing, her breasts distinctly unrestrained by a bra bouncing without abandon, causing her shirt to jimmy further up her bloated belly.  And while Kate really did hate being tickled, it was worth the torture if only for the view.  Andrea, apparently satisfied that the time fit the crime, relented, pulling down her shirt in the resulting calm- And that's when Kate struck.  Defensless with her hands at her side, Kate wrapped her hands around Andrea's upper hips (barely suppressing a moan of ecstasy as her fingers found their hold in the soft flesh)  and, with a feat of strength possibly only when borderline drunk and pumping with the adrenaline of being tickled by your crush, managed a psuedo-flip of sorts, pushing Andrea onto her side next to her.

    Without hesitation, Kate reversed their original position, and while Andrea almost certainly would've normally been able to outpower her (due primarily to the drastic weight difference) her alcohol-dulled reflexes gave Kate ample time to mount her roomie, fingers wiggling just as eagerly as Andrea's had moments before.  "Kate... This is hic really uncomfortable... I'm really full, here..."  But her smile told Kate all she needed to know, and within seconds her revenge was enacted.  Andrea flailed more wildly than Kate, and she had to brace herself lest she get flung off her drunken roommate.  But unlike Kate, Andrea was wearing very illfitting clothes, and as Kate's relentless tickle assault moved towards Andrea's tummy area, and Andrea's flailing became more desperate, her shirt was urged further and further north by the wiggling and wobbling of the inebriated girl, much to Kate's delight.  And finally, as more of Andrea's creamy white midsection was revealed by Kate's constant encouragement, Andrea's boobs popped free in an almost comical fashion.  "WoahhhAHHH!!!  Hah, hah, Ah!  Kate, stoppppppppp..."  Kate, mouth agape, immediately seized her revenge- despite every urge not to.  An even more insane urge, one to grab Andrea's breasts desperately, slid into place, but through some Herculean feat of mental fortitude, she managed to not grope the ever loving shit out of her roommate.  However, her hesitance to hop off Andrea's midsection, compared with the fact that her eyes were firmly locked onto Andrea's ever hardening nipples due to being exposed to the relatively coldness of the room, did not go unnoticed.  "Like what ya see, sailor?"  Andrea said jokingly- albeit with a slightly trembling voice.

    Kate felt all the blood rush to her head so fast that she almost fainted.  "Oh!  Uh, sorry, Andrea, I'll uh... Hop off you.  I guess.  Sorry."  Kate, positive her face was going to melt off a la Raiders of the Lost Ark, numbly stepped away from her revealed roommate.  Shaking visibly, Kate muttered a final apology before walking out of the room.  "Let's watch more Hoarders!"  She shouted from the other room, her voice cracking slightly.


    "That was... Odd."  Andrea said quietly as she readjusted her shirt.  Kate doesn't usually get quite so... Red in the face... All the time.  Besides, it wasn't like she hadn't seen boobs before!  Last Andrea checked, Kate had some.  And that last check was when Kate's boobs were basically in her face during her tickle attack that had led to her own boobs popping right out like too overly excited kittens... Or whatever.  Still, Kate was kinda modest... Probably just thought it was awkward- And if there was one thing drunk Andrea thought was hilarious, it was making people uncomfortable.  As a joke, obviously!  But it was fun watching people squirm... And if Kate got red at the sight of Andrea's boob accidentally popping out for a bit, well- it was time to do a little experiment.  Smiling to herself, Andrea pulled the bottom of her shirt up through the neckhole and back around, loosely tying her shirt up in a style similar to a tube top, barely containing her bountiful chest.  "Oh, this is gonna be so good..."  Andrea giggled, looking in the mirror and giving her chest a little shake (conveniently ignoring the much more prominent wobble of her substantial belly, which stuck out further than her tits by a solid inch since it was crammed full of beer and popcorn).  "Wait, this just looks dumb.  Besides, she's already seen my tits out of this shirt, so there goes that plan.  Hmm..."  Remembering that she needed to be kinda quick, Andrea shouted  "I'll be out in a second!", doing her best to not giggle loudly as she did so.  Then, she searched through her drawers for a second until- bingo!  She found exactly what she was looking for...


    Kate was sitting on the couch, twiddling her fingers on one hand nervously while her other hand drummed her fingers against a beer that she was doing her best to chug (and failing miserably).  That image of Andrea's breasts just wobbling out like that, oh God...  Kate had half a mind to retreat to the bathroom for the next, oh, ten years, never leaving and just getting off until she died of exhaustion.  And her laughs kinda sounded like moans of the sexiest kind- at least, that's how Kate would remember them for the future.  Still... It HAD to be obvious that she had gotten turned on at the site... Right?  There's no way Andrea didn't know.  The cat was out of the fucking bag.  Might as well ask Andrea when she planned on moving out.  Besides, even if Andrea was totally cool with Kate being so fucking attracted to her that she could barely go a half day without touching herself over the thought of Andrea's growing frame (well, maybe Andrea didn't know QUITE that much detail about her attraction, but still...) how could Kate live with it?  She'd have to just do what she did back when she shared a dorm- always have her headphones on, hide in her bed.  Oh, her old roommate... How gorgeous she had been.  Sure, she wasn't quite as portly as Andrea had grown to be, and she definitely did not have Andrea's healthy endowments, but she was a fan of walking around in her bra and panties.  And she never seemed to notice Kate's lustful stares as she did so...

    "What am I doing?  I'm already so turned on, why the fuck am I thinking about this?" Kate mentally chastised herself.  No need to fucking double over from arousal seconds before Andrea came out- she'd probably be more covered up than a fucking nun, though, so why not entertain the notion?  Besides, at this rate, they'd probably be done hanging out soon enough, and then Kate could just lay in bed, think about the night, and probably never leave her room again.  Probably. Her thoughts, however, were interrupted by a giggle from the hall, followed by a barely suppressed belch from the subject of her lustful affection.  "So, how do I loooook?"  Andrea said, slurring the words slightly and drawing out the word "look" way too long.  Kate, taking in a deep breath in an attempt to regain her composure, looked up, hoping and praying that her face wasn't as red as it felt- only to let out her breath in a giant wooooooosh.

"Holy.  Shit."  Kate gasped.
Andrea's Roommate (Chapter 20)
How's that for an absurd, fetish fueled, impossible scenario?  And don't let nobody tell no one that I can't write a cliffhanger!

What could Andrea be wearing?

A bikini?

A S&M bondage gettup?

One of those really oldtimey nurse outfits that aren't sexy in the slightest?

WHO KNOWS?????????

Also, be sure to check my journal regarding my 175K views.  YOU could win a story written by ME, a barely talented schmuck!  How exciting!

It's been a weird ride I guess.  And while I'm probably going to have the next episode of Andrea up tomorrow, I could use some suggestions.

Therefore, I wanna have a 175,000 pageview party!  Person who screenshots the closest to 175,000 pageviews, will get a CUSTOM story (limit of 4,000 words) (and also no anime/manga since I haven't watched/read any, sorry).

So, what I'm saying here, is that give me prompts.  Tell me what you want the story to be about, not WHO you want the story to be about.  If you want a dude dating a girl who fatten each other up, that's cool!  If you want just the lady to get fat?  THAT'S RAD!

Give me specifics, and keep them... Well, specific.  I struggle to write characters that are already identified and defined (think of comic book characters) while I have a much easier time writing for unique characters. 

Perhaps you want to see what happened to Rachel?  Or mayhaps Kristi??  Or possibly you don't give a shit, and want to hear about some random girl who magically only gains weight in her hips???

Like I said, the sky is the limit, within... Erm, limit.  Just don't make it weird and don't make it based on some girl/guy I haven't heard of because they only showed up in some anime that I haven't seen.  If you do manage to screencap my VIEW COUNT...  I'll do said story for you.  I promise.
YOOOO: send me yer smash codes ;0
Protip: don't leave your window open when it's snowing and then fall asleep!
    The walk home was hell.  Literally hell.  "Literally fucking hell!"  Andrea grumbled as she held her hand against her forehead, attempting to stave off the frankly outrageous wind they were having.  She had tried to hangout for a bit to see Andrea, you know, to say goodbye, but the girl was so damn busy!  She hadn't popped her head out in almost fifteen minutes and Andrea wasn't made of time!  Well... She kinda was, but damn if the futon wasn't calling her name with it's siren song.  So, despite her agonizingly overfilled belly, Andrea gathered up the gumption to march back to their apartment.

    Of course, gumption be damned, because it was so windy!  Andrea's hand up on her face lead to the tiniest bit of her bloated belly peeking out of her formerly loose sweater, which acted as a sort of windsock, billowing up with wind and creeping up constantly, until Andrea finally had to just hold the damn thing down.  Which just put more pressure on her gut, which caused her moderate pain... But, she had to admit, it was better than getting a frostbitten front.  Unlikely, since it was barely below fifty, but still!  By the time she staggered through the front door, practically delusional from a mixture of food, sugar, and discomfort, it was like a chorus of angels began singing.  As though on cue, Andrea released a deep belch as she kicked off her fuzzy boots. "Hot holy damn..." She grunted as she collapsed on the couch.  Her entire being seemed to be absorbing the heat radiating from her tummy, and she winced in pain as she attempted to get comfortable on the couch.  She flipped the TV on, only to almost barf at the sight of some cooking show in the middle of deep frying cookie dough.  After flipping channels mindlessly for a few minutes, Andrea floated off into a food-induced nap that would end up lasting until Kate came home- but not before she got a bit more comfortable.


    Kate hummed happily, swinging her keys around on her finger merrily as she walked from her car to the front door.  She was practically on fire with excitement as she sashayed her way up the sidewalk.  She imagined Andrea, bloated and battered, laying on the couch in her bra and panties, begging for a belly rub... (Ed. Note: Kate thinks naughty thoughts in alliteration!)  Stopping herself before she walked in, she dug out her phone from her purse, checking herself out in the camera.  Part of her knew she was being silly- What did Andrea care what she looked like?  But... On the other hand, it wouldn't do her well to stagger in the front door all flustered.  For a second, Kate felt guilty about coming home empty handed... But, she doubted Andrea would be able to stuff anything down her face, despite her having the self-control of an underfed dog around a dropped cookie.  She wasn't looking too hot last Kate saw her.  Sighing at the fact that tonight was just going to be more of herself biting her tongue at every sight of Andrea's ever expanding body, Kate opened the door. 

    Thankfully, she didn't make too loud of an entrance, since judging by the noises from the couch, Andrea was asleep.  Gently, Kate shut the door, setting her purse down gently and slipping out of her work shoes.  Actually tip-toeing, like in a cartoon, Kate crept to the futon, before realizing how absurd that was: they had concrete floors.  Flat footing forward, Kate barely contained a gasp.  Andrea had shrugged off her sweater, revealing her sweater puppies packed into their new, properly fitted bra!  Oh, how heavenly they looked- definitely much bigger than their initial encounter.  And that belly!  Ohhh, that belly.  Clearly still bloated beyond belief, it wasn't helped in any way by Andrea's slightly slouched position from the pillows bound up behind her bed.  A very small roll adorned an absolutely wonderful spare tire of a tummy.  And- Kate had to withhold an even stronger gasp- there were a few red stretch marks scattered about!  Beyond that, well... Let's just say Andrea's choice of leggings, despite being black, were anything but slimming.  Kate actually felt a little light headed from the sudden blood rush, and she quietly- but eagerly- scurried off to the shower for what would end up being a very, very fulfilling 45 minutes of "alone time".

    And of course, in her rush to get into the shower for the aforementioned alone time, combined with the over-eagerness to get down to business, Kate didn't notice the bright red marks her work pants and bra left on her from the several pounds of pudge she had managed to accumulate over the past few weeks, nor the fact that, as she bent over, her belly pooled outwards into the very  beginnings of a slight pot belly.


    Andrea woke up to the unpleasant sound of the shower squeaking off as Kate finished her shower.  Not exactly the most comforting sound to wake up to.  But, what was even more uncomfortable to wake up to than the squeakiness of her roommate, was the fact that her roomie was home and she was shirtless. What an embarrassment!  To be caught with her pants around her ankles... Well, more like her sweater on the floor.  Andrea wasn't great with metaphors.  Sitting up with a small burp, Andrea struggled to grab her rumpled sweater off the ground beside her, managing to squirm into it as the shower door opened.  "Oh, Andrea!  I didn't see you earlier!"  Kate rasped.

    Andrea, still blushing slightly, calmed down a bit after hearing that statement, but confusion clouded her thoughts.  "What's uh, up with your voice?  You getting sick on me?"  Kate coughed a bit, spinning to her side as she quickly strode into her room, towel clutched tightly around her chest. 

    "Nah, I just need some water!"  She shouted, the last syllable almost cut off from the shutting of her door.  Andrea sat up a bit more, ignoring her paunch oozing out the bottom of her sweatshirt.  That was... Weird.  Still, Andrea had more pressing matters.  Literally.  Her tights were pinching into her lower waist something fierce.  Pushing off the couch in a lazy manner, Andrea stumbled a bit on her first few steps, her hours long nap messing with her equilibrium.  Or her new gut, but Andrea was still somehow in denial of just how much she had grown.  Still, her pajama pants and favorite sleeping shirt were calling her name.  Despite sleeping most of the afternoon away, she still didn't want to be up TOO late, after all, tomorrow was another work day!  And her boobs were aching for release from their laced prison...


    Kate had really hoped that Andrea would still be asleep when she finally finished with her shower, but no such luck.  Still, seeing her crammed into her tight sweater yet again, with her belly pressing forcefully against it, was almost enough to set her into another fit of lusty funtimes, but miraculously her self-control (being much more pronounced than Andrea's, apparently) came through in spades, and she managed to change into her pajamas without giving into even more sexual release.  Tugging on her only pair of gym shorts (usually favored for bed over any sort of gym activity), Kate noticed a bit of a pinch.  "Shit, did I leave these tied?"  She muttered, only to find two very much untied strings.

    Kate stared dumbly at the very much untied gym shorts on her waist, not to mention the tiniest bit of... chub oozing over them.  She sort of stood there for a moment, dumbstuck.  She had never had... Well, any excess weight!  She had always been a working girl, opting to work 40 hours a week (or as close as she could get) at whatever job she had- and between the resturaunt she worked at now, and her stockgirl position at a grocery store prior to college, she had always been on her feet.  That, combined with her tendency to miss meals (on accident, of course!)... Well, the weight had never found it's way to her.  But... Now... This?  She experimentally pinched her waist, leading to an exploratory groping of the rest of her body.  Boobs felt... The same.  Seemed they didn't feel like getting any bigger (sigh).  Tummy clearly had put on at least an inch.  Kate realized that she had pretty much wore the same size clothes for five years or so, apparently making her completely oblivious to the feeling of her pants getting tighter.  Spinning around, she viewed her ass in her mirror, sans gym shorts, which had been promptly kicked off.  Her booty strained her boy short style panties ever so slightly, and an experimental flicked confirmed:  her ass had grown.  It had never really wobbled before, but now!  Now, there was a distinct split second of wobble!  She was sure of it!

    "Well... That sucks."  Kate said, rather lamely.  It was kinda inevitable- she was drinking a lot of beer lately, and eating a lot of pizza... It would be stupid to think that this wasn't going to happen eventually.  And even if, deep down, a tiny, teensy, absolutely miniscule part of her rationalized that gaining a bit of weight might not be the end of the world... Weird, insecure outward Kate absolutely crushed down the thoughts.  Just not very aggressively.  While many girls would suddenly find the aspect of a gym membership MUCH more appealing, Kate sort of half-assedly made a mental reminder to not eat so much pizza and not drink so much beer from now on.  With that in mind, the offending gym shorts were pulled back on, a tank top was adorned, and Kate headed back out to the living room.

    Andrea was in her room, hopefully planning on joining the land of the living again rather than going straight back to bed, so Kate flipped through the television channels, not bothering to turn down the volume.  "Hey, Andrea!  Face/Off is on, and I know how much you love Cage!"  (Ed. Note:  Kate actually pronounced it "Face slash Off!")  A muffled affirmative irradiated from Andrea's room, and Kate settled into the couch a bit more, her legs tucked under her rear, not entirely unaware of the pinching waistband of her shorts.


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United States
I live in the Northern Americas. I am a man. I watch cartoons despite being 22 years old. I'm quite quiet about my fetishes.

It's been a weird ride I guess.  And while I'm probably going to have the next episode of Andrea up tomorrow, I could use some suggestions.

Therefore, I wanna have a 175,000 pageview party!  Person who screenshots the closest to 175,000 pageviews, will get a CUSTOM story (limit of 4,000 words) (and also no anime/manga since I haven't watched/read any, sorry).

So, what I'm saying here, is that give me prompts.  Tell me what you want the story to be about, not WHO you want the story to be about.  If you want a dude dating a girl who fatten each other up, that's cool!  If you want just the lady to get fat?  THAT'S RAD!

Give me specifics, and keep them... Well, specific.  I struggle to write characters that are already identified and defined (think of comic book characters) while I have a much easier time writing for unique characters. 

Perhaps you want to see what happened to Rachel?  Or mayhaps Kristi??  Or possibly you don't give a shit, and want to hear about some random girl who magically only gains weight in her hips???

Like I said, the sky is the limit, within... Erm, limit.  Just don't make it weird and don't make it based on some girl/guy I haven't heard of because they only showed up in some anime that I haven't seen.  If you do manage to screencap my VIEW COUNT...  I'll do said story for you.  I promise.

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You're too sweet <3
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Thank you very much for considering my stuff worth to be included into your favorites.
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Awww, your stuff is pretty alright dude!
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please i need points
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