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Guys, for real- I don't mean to hype it up, but this long single-shot story is getting kinda nuts in the best way possible. I'm sorry for the delay but I hope it will be worth it!
Hey guys, sorry I kinda dropped off the radar.  Life's been getting me down in a lot of ways.

To get to the good news, though- I've been working on a story.  It's a one off, but it's a lot longer than anything I've ever written in one go, and when I finish it it'll probably be longer than some of my earlier chapter-based stories.  It's about a girl who goes to Russia and exposition happens and then other stuff happens.

"Hey Kate?  Why do we eat so much pizza?"  Kate broke her gaze from the television- Click was on, and she was rather transfixed by what was occurring on the screen- moreso because she had never seen such a terrible movie in her life, and she was astonished by Adam Sandler's fall from grace.

"Uh, what?"  Kate said, confused.  It was a Saturday, and she had gotten cut from work earlier than usual, so she had brought home some beer and pizza (a crux of any college student on a budget) and they were sharing a rather nice night on the couch, but exhaustion from an opening shift and a week of classes and work meant she found herself feeling a bit more drunk than one should after two beers.

"You know, we just... Eat a lot of pizza?  Andrea said- somewhat ironic, as she had just taken a bite of her pizza.  Kate looked her friend- no, girlfriend- up and down.  It had been more or less a pretty standard week for them, after her little "coming out" incident, Kate and Andrea had settled into a nice routine.  Andrea was still working, moreso than Kate because her classes had started.  Kate was pretty burdened by classwork and her job, but had found a pretty nice balance between the two. 

As such, the nightly routine usually went as follows-  Kate would go straight from her 4 PM class to work, where she'd crank out a four or five our shift, before the owner, Mr. Arco, would come in to close.  It was a good balance, since Kate got a good amount of sleep (all things considered) and she didn't have to stress over counting down drawers and doing inventory at the end of the day.  And Mr. Arco looked better than he had in months- clearly, he was pretty stressed out.  After work, she'd usually snag a pizza, which she'd bring home to Andrea, who was usually napping on the couch, since she had worked the opening shift at Arco's.  

Then, they'd hang out, cuddle up on the couch, and eat pizza, and watch television.  They hadn't really advanced beyond holding hands, cuddling, and the occasional kiss, but Kate was more than happy with what had transpired between the two of them.  However, this was an interesting twist.

Kate took a swig of her beer before looking her girlfriend in the eyes.  "I... Well, it's free, and we both like pizza?  I dunno what to tell you."  She said with a smile, and Andrea smiled as well- obviously, the situation wasn't quite as tense as Kate initially assumed.

"Well, yeah..."  Andrea said, trailing off for a moment before taking a gulp of her beer as well.  "It's good!  It's just, ya know, I'd like to have a salad or something, sometimes."  Kate felt herself tense up for a moment- but damage control was her specialty.

She inched up her smile a bit in a reassuring way as she squeezed Andrea's hand.  "Well, I'm guessing you were a little more drunk than I thought the other night!"  Kate couldn't help but laugh at the memory.


She had come home to Andrea swaying back and forth on the couch, a fifth of rum in her hand and the Pirates of the Caribbean on the television.  "Katie Kate Kate!  I bought rummmmmmmm!"  The drunken girl had shouted the second she walked in the door.  Kate had, as she recalled, a very bad day between work and class, but coming home to a sassy drunk Andrea pretty much made up for it.  After all, Andrea got a lot more... Cuddly, when she was drunk.

She let out a chuckle as she dropped her purse on the table.  "Oh, and what inspired that choice of booze?"  She asked, as Johnny Depp shouted But why is the rum gone?, which, in hindsight, was hilariously ironic.

Andrea staggered up from the couch- her now bona-fide gut wobbling it's way out of her shirt.  "Wellllllll, I will have you know, that I... Am a... Pursuer, wait, no, a purveyor, of fine rum, and!"  Andrea ended her sentence at that point, before rushing towards Kate and embracing her in a strong hug that only a drunk person could provide.  Kate patted her back lightly as Andrea leaned into her ear, and said:  "I missed you."  Kate felt herself flush as Andrea peeled herself away from her.

"Well... First of all, that's Captain Morgan, so, you're not quite a purveyor of fine rum.  And secondly, I'm pretty sure it's because you were watching Pirates."  She laughed as her roommate struggled to pull her ill-fitting shirt over her protruding gut.  "And, for the record, I missed you too, Andrea."

Andrea let out a hmmph of defeat as she stumbled back to the couch.   "Yeah, welllllll, I am not -hic- admitting anything.  Innocent until proven innocent, or whatever."

Kate laughed again as she shrugged out of her coat.  "That's not how that goes.  And, for the record, I brought home pizza!  Which you clearly need, because we have to sober you up at some point..."  She muttered the second part under her breath.  

"No, no nonononoooooo!"  Andrea uttered from the couch, and as Kate made her way towards her drunken ladyfriend, she spotted something she never thought she'd see on a table in their apartment- a salad.  "See, I was smart, and I bought a salad, because you keep bringing home pizza, and I'm getting-"  She paused to grab her flabby midsection with two hands and gave it a shake, which Kate almost fainted from as she watched- "-faaaaat."  The way she said it was joking, but Andrea could tell that the elephant was finally out of the closet, or whatever.  It would be a wonderful world wherein Andrea never realized she was chubbing up at an absurd rate, but clearly all good things must end.  

Kate found herself sitting down on the couch next to Andrea and wrapping an arm around her.  Andrea happily returned the favor, her chubbier arms enclosing Kate's frame and squeezing almost too tightly.  "Andrea, I know... I know you're drunk off your ass, and honestly, you probably won't remember this..."  Andrea let out a hearty chuckle from her position right underneath Kate's chest.

"You're probably right about that..."  She admitted unabashedly.

Kate smiled.  "But, I just want you to know-  I think you're absolutely gorgeous, and I wouldn't care if you gained 300 pounds, I'd still think that."  Andrea just squeezed her harder, before sitting back up rather quickly, which almost caused her to fall off the couch.

"Well, frankly, that's a relief, because salad is fucking gross."  Kate looked down at the Caesar salad, which frankly wasn't any better than the pizza- it was practically swimming in dressing, coated with a thick layer of Parmesan cheese, and probably had half a loaf of bread's worth of croutons on it.  

Kate smiled as Andrea stretched her arms above her head, exposing several inches of chubby, pale belly.  "Well, I won't be the person to defend salad, because I'm 100% in agreement- salad is disgusting."  With that, Kate scooped up the Styrofoam container of salad and relayed it straight to the trash.  "Now, I've got a new kind of pizza- we're kind of ripping off the place down the street, but it's essentially a meat lover pizza, and I think you're gonna like it."

Andrea flipped a thumbs up from the couch, as expected.  The rest of the night proceeded pretty uneventfully, other than a few sloppy kisses on Andrea's part.


Kate more or less told the whole story (omitting the kissing and her little passion speech in the middle, as well as Andrea's moment of self-awareness regarding her weight) which left Andrea with a blank look on her face.  "How in the hell do I not remember this happening?"  She uttered, before letting out a light belch.

"Well..."  Kate began hesitantly- after all, if she exposed that Andrea was super  drunk, Andrea might omit the experience as drunken fuckery, but how would she explain the lack of remembrance otherwise?  "We had a little talk right when I came home, and you were pretty aware of your surroundings, at any rate.  But, as you tend to do, you slammed most of the rum afterwards."  Andrea nodded sagely- she didn't usually get black-out drunk, but that was a baaad day.  "So, that explains that.  But you really seem to not like salads."

"Hmmm..."  Andrea uttered, looking down at her beer.  "I suppose that makes sense.  And why would I eat something I don't like?"  Kate nodded eagerly, hoping this was the moment where Andrea surrendered to glutton forever.  "But, for real.  We eat a fuckton of pizza, you have to admit."

Kate found herself nodding in agreement.  She had, unfortunately, fallen by the wayside when it came to keeping track of what was going into her face.  While nowhere near as large as Andrea, she had found herself struggling more and more with her belt until finally she had to admit that she needed to bump up a size in terms of clothes.  Her stomach had a certain jiggle to it that was completely foreign to the formerly slim girl, and her breasts had reached a point where she had obtained a very prominent bra-bulge which resulted in some shopping on the side.  However, unlike Andrea, she had not yet come to terms with the idea of being a chubby girl, and had continued to let things slide.

But one can only endure so many bed-time routines of belching and hiccuping until your stomach settles before you come to terms with the fact that you might be eating a little bit too much of pizza.  And so, while she wished for Andrea's pot belly to turn into an unrivaled mountain of fat and flab, she had to admit- the pizza thing was getting out of control.

"Well.  We have other food besides pizza.  Of course, if you'd rather go to the grocery store with me, we can figure out exactly what you want- it'll cost a fair bit more, but if you're really unhappy with pizza, that's pretty much the only solution."  Kate was, of course, banking on Andrea's incorrigible appetite- the odds were that a grocery store visit would yield no better results than pizza every night.  And if she declined, then great- more pizza for everyone.

Andrea stared at Kate for a fresh second.  Kate was waiting for the inevitable decline of her offer, followed by admitting her love of pizza forever.  However, it didn't come.  Instead, she heard:  "Well, that does sound nice.  Sure, let's go tomorrow!"


Andrea woke up in a sleepy state of mind.  She recalled beer and pizza- hell, her breath smelled like garlic and pepperoni.  Sitting up (and being aware of how her stomach now folded into two large rolls) the girl found herself stumbling to the bathroom.  Her hair was a mess, and her bra-free boobs were stretching her top to the verge of absurdity.  "Cleavage game is still on point, at least."  She muttered as she looked herself over.  If there was a shot of her boobs alone, she could easily knock half of the current top-paid super models in the world.  However, every other inch of her body was less than desirable.

Her gut inched its way out of her psuedo-tank top, to the point of exposing her belly button.  She looked herself over in the mirror for a moment- her somewhat defined facial features had faded into her chubbier neck and cheeks.  Her thighs rubbed together non-stop, her ass had torn its fair share of pants, and... Yeah.  She had gotten fat.  And yet, Kate seemed to genuinely enjoy her company.  And everything had just felt, well, very natural.  Things had progressed in a very healthy way, and while they had pretty much done nothing but holding hands, cuddling, and occasionally kissing, it felt right.

However, she wasn't oblivious to the changes on her body.  She was definitely not the slim girl she used to be, but... She just couldn't turn down food.  And it seemed like all the food in the house was absolute garbage, in terms of health benefits.  It was all pizza, and chips, and beer, and puffed cheese bites, and crackers with peanut butter in them, and pasta with cheese and butter, and... Well, it was all unhealthy.

But... She couldn't help but feeling content.  content.  It was a weird word to use, but Andrea felt more comfortable with Kate than she had, well, her entire life!  Her parents were overwhelming, her past boyfriends had been... Pieces of work, was the kindest way to describe them.  But Kate...

Kate was special.  She was sincere, she was affectionate, she was smart... It was all winning situations.  And she was, most importantly, there.  She was there for Andrea at every second that she could afford.  And, well, to be frank- she wanted Andrea around.  It was nice to be appreciated, for once.  Seeing as she wasn't in school at the moment, her parents would tear her a new one, despite the fact that she was working full time at school.  And any roommates she would have would have issues in her inherent laziness.  But Kate didn't, and Kate liked her body, and Kate supported her decisions, and Kate... Well, Kate made her feel good.  And frankly, she thought Kate was gorgeous.   If Kate was straighter than an arrow, she probably wouldn't even entertain the notion of being with her, but Kate's obvious interest in her, combined with her pretty face and gorgeous body, left Andrea in a weird position- but rather than fighting her subconscious, she gave in.  And she was happy for it.

Then, there was an aggressive knocking on the door that set her brain on fire.  


Followed by:

"Hey, Andrea, are you up?  You still wanna go to the grocery store today?"

Of course!  That's what she had forgotten.  She had pined for a grocery story visit.  "No more pizza!"  She had brazenly claimed, and when the time came, she had been forced to claim an affirmative. 

"Sure, I'll be right out!"  Andrea had shouted.  

Blush, eyeliner, mascara, etc., were all applied in a prompt fashion.  And, soon enough, Andrea found herself in Kate's car, with one of Kate's hand on the steering wheel and the other caressing Andrea's chubby thigh.

"Okay, we have $150, more or less.  We'll swing it on a basis of food you want, is that fair?"  Kate asked, sparing hot second to look over at Andrea, who nodded aggressively in the affirmative.  "Well, good.  I just want you to be happy, okay?  Feel free to... Go nuts, or whatever."  Andrea nodded again.

"No, you're being too nice.  Lemme pitch in, please?"  She half asked, half whined.

Kate's face flashed annoyance, if only for just a moment-  But Andrea noticed.  "Sure, sure.  Whatever you want, you get, Andrea.  If you wanna give me cash, give it to me- It's your call."  Andrea blanched, and Kate, of course, noticed when her perfect girlfriend let go of her hand, and let her arms fall loosely at her side.

Andrea, of course, was not one to restrain herself from speaking her mind, and she said exactly what she was thinking.  "Look, I know you're stubborn- and I know you want to take care of me, since I'm your-"  Her voice dropped several levels of volume- "Girlfriend.  But I want to pitch in, okay?  Frankly, I work more than you.  Lemme help... Please?" 

Kate, of course, was looking at the ground.  "Fine."  Was all she said.  But Andrea found herself intertwining her fingers into Kate's, and when she looked her into the face, Andrea found herself smiling- not because she wanted to, but because she was genuinely happy.

"Look, now that we're... Girlfriends..."  Andrea still struggled to utter the words out loud, but it definitely came easier every time.  "... We need to start acting like it.  And that means that you let me help out with groceries- something I should've done from the start."  Kate looked up and grinned, which Andrea took as an "OK" to continue her rant.  "And I want to make sure that you're not... Well, straining yourself, when it comes to money.  After all, my only expense is paying rent to you, and I wanna pitch in, okay?"

Kate nodded in agreement, before continuing to speak.  "Look, okay.  If you wanna help, then we'll split the bill.  Is that fair?"  Andrea nodded in agreement.  "Cool, cool.  Look, you're... You're really important to me.  If you wanna help out, you can.  But I care about you and if you can't pitch in, then, well, I'll still pay for it, an-"  Kate started, before Andrea interrupted with a quick peck on the lips.

She felt herself smile as she said, "Of course.  Look, I care about you too.  And, like I said, I have way less expenses than you.  Please let me help."

Andrea watched Kate nod in agreement, and as the two girls made their way into the store, they both found themselves smiling as they held hands.
Andrea's Roommate (Chapter 23)
This chapter is lonnnnng.

I'm operating on 2 hours of sleep so reader beware, spelling and grammar issues inbound.  I hope you still enjoy. 

Remember, only 2 more chapters left!
JUST TO BE CLEARLY CLEAR (Like, hyper-translucent):

IF I were to ever do a proper sequel, it would be to "Andrea's Roommate".  It just won't be any time soon BECAUSE I have several ideas (and reserved ideas) that need to be typed out, PLUS stories that have been promised for weeks.

I love you all and I try to move at the fastest pace I can, but I'm only human.  And I refuse to crank out a story that I'm not happy with. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Kate awoke, as she usually did: Slowly.  But there were some distinct differences in HOW she awoke. For instance, she usually awoke alone.  Granted, Kate's bed was not the biggest bed in the world- a simple full sized mattress, comfortable for one and slightly less so for two.  And yet, here she was, seated to the point where her butt almost hung off the edge, because... Andrea was in her bed.  Half-awake, Kate tried to shuffle through the events of last night, and a small part of her hoped that it had all been a dream.  So awkward.  And yet, the evidence seemed to point to it being truthful- and although she wasn't happy with how things had ended up breaking down- truth be told, she had wished her confession had gone a lot smoother- she couldn't be more thrilled with the site of Andrea sleeping in her bed. 

Kate ran through the events of last night, as muddled as they were.  They had continued to watch Hoarders.  Andrea had held her hand.  At some point, Andrea had finally changed out of that ridiculous dress and into her prior, slightly less ridiculous outfit of bright pink shorts and band t-shirt, squeezing her pudgy body into the overburdened outfit.  Kate had, at some point, reheated some leftover pizza, much to Andrea's delight ("Can't have beer without pizza, I think Plato said that", Andrea had spouted out at some point), which was promptly devoured.  At some point, the girls had acknowledged that it was getting late, and agreed to go to bed.  And... Apparently Andrea had bunked with Kate.  Nothing raunchy had gone down- Kate surely would have recalled that, but the fact that Andrea had slept in her bed spoke volumes. 

Kate, of course, couldn't help but oggle her roommate/best friend/psuedo-girl friend.  Boy howdy, Andrea was absurdly unaware of how poor-fitting her outfit was.  The shorts had rolled down in her sleep, exposing a fair bit of her chubby ass, which was getting larger by the day, as far as Kate could tell.  Andrea slept on her side, and even the effects of gravity couldn't hide her ludicrous love-handles, which oozed over the waistband of her ill fitting shorts by several inches.  Kate couldn't see Andrea's front, but judging by how far up her t-shirt had ridden, it was safe to say that her bloated gut and wonderful chest were looking better than ever.  Letting out a content sigh (and hoping that sober Andrea was still open to the idea of possibly being in a relationship, sober consent is important, folks) Kate contemplated what to do on this fine morning. 

And of course, she decided to make breakfast.


Andrea woke with a bit more of a start than usual, mostly because she found herself with a faceful of sunshine to start her day, the tiny inch of window that lacked curtain somehow directing it straight into her face.  Which was odd, because Andrea's bed was on the opposite side of the window specifically to avoid this problem.  And that was when Andrea realized she wasn't in her bed.  Despite her veteran status when it came to drinking too much alcohol, Andrea had to skim her thoughts for a few more seconds than usual to recall what had occurred last night, due to her headache. 

Oh, right.  The whole Kate thing.  Andrea had a small moment of introspection- was this something she REALLY wanted, or was it the beer talking?  It wouldn't be fair to lead on Kate like that... But, as Andrea replayed the events of last night, she felt comfortable.  And the last thing Andrea would have ever thought she'd feel comfortable about was the possibility of being in a relationship with another girl, but there she was- sleeping in Kate's bed after having kissed Kate last night and held her hands and nuzzled into her shoulder.  And their relationship was progressing as reasonable rate, as far as she could tell- nothing exceptionally naughty had occurred last night, plus, Kate had already seen her tits, for crying out loud! 

But, all things considered, Kate seemed like a good person to date.  Date.  The concept still seemed weird to Andrea, but, just like the night prior, her brain didn't seem opposed to the idea.  In fact, now that she was thinking it over with clear mind, it seemed a lot more than plausible.  And last night was really fun.  And now that she had known Kate for a fair amount of time, she had to admit that Kate was one of- if not the most- sincere and kind people she had met, certainly moreso than the handful of guys she had every considered being more than just friends with, before dismissing them entirely due to how they treated her.

Of course, her bed thoughts were interrupted by her stomach gurgling loudly. Last nights gorge had rendered itself pointless by the time the sun came up, because it was Andrea and of course she was hungry.  But the smells wafting into the bed from the slightly ajar door weren't helping one bit.  "Hell, I'd date Kate just for her breakfast cooking skills..."  Andrea found herself absentmindedly thinking as she stretched her legs outwards with a yawn, kicking off the sheets that covered her lower half.


"Smells good, Kate..."  Was the first thing Andrea mumbled as she walked into the main living area of the apartment they shared.  Of course, Kate jumped immediately into matriarch mode, ever trying to tip the odds in the favor of sober Andrea wanting to date her. 

"Well, thank you!  I've already poured your coffee- 3 creams, 4 sugars, I remembered- and I'm baking a cheese quiche, plus I've got toast, sausage, and cinnamon rolls going..."  Kate sort of trailed off, hoping her breakfast spread- while over eager in it's presentation- would appease Andrea.  Her nervousness was misplaced, however, as Andrea promptly strolled into the kitchen, wrapped her arm around Kate's waist (tingles shot through her spine) and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"It sounds delicious.  I really appreciate how much you cook for me, Kate."  And with that, she was out of the kitchen and on the couch, coffee in one hand and remote in the other.  Kate couldn't help but grin as she turned her attention back to the sausages- taking care to add a dollop of butter to the already grease laden pan.  The more the merrier, right?

By the time breakfast was finished, Kate was already feeling exhausted- a shame, seeing as it was only 10:30 AM.  But, as she looked over the spread, glistening in the light of the kitchen due to a uniform coating of grease and fat, she felt content.  Andrea and her were, as the kids say, a "thing", Andrea was getting chubbier seemingly by the minute, and life just felt good.  Better than good.  Life felt great.  Amazing.  Superb. 

As she loaded up a plate for Andrea, the tingling in her spine from earlier seemed to move south as Kate overburdened the plate with all manner of fattening treats.  Two cinnamon rolls, a chunk of quiche so large that an inch hung off the plate, and four sausage patties piled on top of two pieces of toast- golden brown, but limp due to the sheer amount of butter that they had absorbed.  "This will do, for a first course..."  Kate found herself thinking rather maniacally as she stared at the calorific spread... Even though their relationship was fresher than a green tomato, she couldn't help but envision a future where Andrea was an absolute blob, with thighs so thick that she couldn't walk further than 30 feet, a gut that bulged outwards and downwards, tits bigger than her head...  By the time Kate dropped the plate off at Andrea's lap, she was practically drooling over the thought.

She didn't even recognize Andrea's hearty "Thank you!" beyond a simple head nod as she steered her way back to the counter.  And with her head in the clouds, Kate didn't even think about the fact that her own portion of breakfast was comparable to Andrea's in terms of size...


The two girls sat on the couch, practically catatonic from the sheer amount of food that they had stuffed into their guts.  Kate normally would've been beside herself from the sheer fact that Andrea was currently nestling her head on her thigh, and every now and then she'd feel her head shift slightly from a constrained hiccup.  But she was far too full to care about anything other than sitting as still as possible and digesting the sheer amount of greasy breakfast foods that had been crammed own her gullet.  She couldn't help herself- watching Andrea eat, feeling Andrea's hand occasionally brushing against her thigh, hearing her laugh- looking the damn girl in the eyes, and seeing reciprocated feelings-  it was all she could think about.  Never in her wildest dreams (and she had had some pretty wild dreams) had Kate imagined that Andrea would ever actually act this way.  And so, as Andrea gorged, Kate gorged.  And she gladly took both plates back for round two, which was just as bad as round one, if not moreso.  The quiche= gone.  Sausages= gone.  Cinnamon rolls had been left with one survivor, which Kate consolingly pawned onto Andrea, and the toast was a non-issue, as it was still just bread, so there wasn't excess.  

And so, while in most previous experiences, Kate had simply watched Andrea eat til she was fit to burst, she had actively partaken in the gluttony, due to her absolute fascination on Andrea.  And now she was feeling the same way Andrea had felt hundreds of time in the past few weeks. But she didn't care.  She had a chubby girlfriend (Kate had done away with the doubt the second Andrea laid her head in her lap) who loved to eat- frankly, she'd out eat the Black Widow herself if it meant she could spend 5 more minutes with Andrea.

So they sat and watched reruns of friends, either girl occasionally letting out a deep belch or a hiccup in their stuffed states.  It wasn't the most comfortable situation for Kate to be stroking the hair of the girl she had pined after for weeks in, but she made due.  Somehow, despite the constant gurgling and grunting of her overburdened tummy (which had, between last nights beer binge and this mornings breakfast bonanza, bloated up to the point of granting it the title of tummy rather than toned) she managed to derive absolute delight from the girl's head resting in her lap.  Nothing too significant- hell, Kate herself had placed her head into the laps of several friends over the years, and never derived any real meaning of the act- but it was a nice little touch to a nice little 24 hours of surprises.
Andrea's Roommate (Chapter 22)
Written over the course of several nights, including one borderline delirious one from exhaustion, so if there's errors, please excuse me (but also point them out because I'll fix em yo).

Getting close to wrapping it up, homies and hommettes (sp?). 


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United States
I live in the Northern Americas. I am a man. I watch cartoons despite being 22 years old. I'm quite quiet about my fetishes.
Hey guys, sorry I kinda dropped off the radar.  Life's been getting me down in a lot of ways.

To get to the good news, though- I've been working on a story.  It's a one off, but it's a lot longer than anything I've ever written in one go, and when I finish it it'll probably be longer than some of my earlier chapter-based stories.  It's about a girl who goes to Russia and exposition happens and then other stuff happens.


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