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    Things started off healthy enough.  Kate had been sincere about eating healthier when Andrea had brought up the concern of them consuming nothing less than pizza or comped meals from work- namely, she wanted the best from her girlfriend, even if it did mean Andrea lost a bit of chub.  However...  Kate wasn't dumb.  Within 10 minutes of walking around with Andrea in their local mega-size-super-market, Andrea had shown obvious signs of weakness.  Oh, sure, it started innocently enough- "Oh, well, stir fry is mostly vegetables, right?", which lead to a nod from Kate.  Of course, this lead to:

    "Well, this style of bagel bite-sized breakfast sandwiches have onion and peppers on them!"

    "This pre-made pasta has veggies in it!"

    "Who thought this could be healthy?  It's only 300 calories!" Of course, on closer inspection, this was per serving, of which there were 3.

    And so on, until Andrea was justifying items in terms that any sort of health-conscious person would've scoffed, such as buying "Healthy" mayonnaise, which was still insanely un-healthy.  Afterwards, Andrea ordered the equivalent of a medium frozen blended coffee drink (with whipped cream, which is basically zero calories, right?) from the psuedo meal-court that most mega-grocery stores seemed to have, arguing that it was less than she usual got.  Of course, Kate looked it up on her phone- a medium sized frozen mocha blend was just slightly over 500 calories, versus the 585 calories for the large.  Kate felt herself get a little weak in the knees, until she did a slight double-take:  That was without whipped cream.


    "You're seriously gonna be gone a whole week?"  Andrea half whined, half shouted from the kitchen.  It was amazing how much whiny-ness she could force into her voice when she was in a different room.

    Kate sighed.  "I told you about this like, 2 weeks ago- you didn't mind then!"  She shouted back, as she jammed a few bras into her bag, attempting to zip it shut.  Granted, Andrea was half in the bag when she had told her back then, but she kinda figured she'd actually remember it.  "Oh, and I reminded you like, yesterday."  Andrea had definitely not been drunk then.

    "Yeah, but... But... Now?  I kinda thought you meant next month, not tomorrow!"  Kate grinned again.  At least Andrea cared that she was going to be gone.

    "Look, it's just a week.  You'll be fine, right?  You're a big girl."  Kate let out a silent giggle, since her last glance at Andrea before walking into her room to pack was her with her gut oozing over her too-tight gym shorts.  Double entendres are fun, she thought to herself.

    There was an exasperated sigh from the couch, followed by the quiet (albeit not so quiet that Kate didn't hear it) creak of the couch springs.  A light thudding announced the arrival of Andrea in her doorway- her tank-top desperately trying to cling to the curve of her gut for half a second before creeping up just past her belly button.  "Look, I'm gonna be lonely.  No one will watch TV with me, no one will keep me in line with my healthy diet!"  Kate barely kept a grin off of her face.  "And... I'll just miss you, okay?"

    Kate managed to look up at her, keeping her face straight.  That was a very touching sentiment, after all.  "You don't think I'll miss you too?"  Andrea faltered, which Kate took as a chance to push even harder.  "Are you really gonna guilt trip me about seeing my parents over my week off?"

    Andrea pouted.

    Kate faltered.  "Okay, look, I wouldn't do it if I felt I didn't have to, but my parents are pushy... And you're covering for me, remember?  It won't be so bad.  And I promise I'll call every night, and I'll text you whenever I can, okay?  I mean, seriously."  She stood up and opened her arms, which Andrea graciously dove into.  "And I'm gonna miss you too." Kate managed to mutter, before pulling away (hating that she had to move away from the soft midsection that was pressing into her).


    "Just got home <3"  Kate had texted, a half hour ago.  Andrea stared at it for what felt like the hundredth time.  She still hadn't responded, namely because she was at work, and she didn't have enough time to accurately respond.  But it was more than that.  The heart emoticon was tripping her up.  She knew she cared about Kate, she really cared about her, in a way she had never cared about anyone else.  But the heart emoticon had put flutters in her chest in a way nothing had before.  She felt... Conflicted.  Was sending a heart back too pushy?  All her life, she had dealt with boys.  Boys were easy.  They were usually pretty upfront.  But beyond saying that they "liked" each other and that they were "girlfriends", the concept of love- or in this case, a heart emoticon (IE: <3) was a weird thing that they hadn't touched upon.  Andrea shoved her seventh... Or eighth... Or fifteenth... mouth of french fries into her face.


    "Another helping of potato casserole?"  Kate's mother offered, and before she could even protest, a spatula dumped a third helping onto her plate.  Her mother smiled.  Kate smiled.  She put her fork into the mass of carbohydrates, sipping on her second glass of wine before she put the forkful of gooey casserole into her mouth.  "I can tell you've been happy at school this year, dear!"  Her mother beamed at her as Kate swallowed her mouthful of food, before taking a hearty swig of her wine, bottoming out the glass.  Her father gave her a slight grin as he reached for the open bottle and gave her the third refill of the night.

    Kate had always gotten along better with her soft-spoken father.

    Finally feeling the need to speak up, Kate spoke- finding her voice much stronger than usual.  "Yes, actually, this is the first time I've felt genuinely comfortable at school, Mom."  Despite her self-restraint, she still put the emphasis on the word "Mom".  Her father shot her a look, but her mother took it in stride.

    Kate's Mother had always been the critical one, after all.

    "I'm just saying..."  She stated, every word drawn out in a way that was grinding to the senses, but not overtly so-  "You seem... Happier.  Not to mention, how do I put this.... Richard?"  She shot a glance at her husband, who shot her an equally stern glance back.

    "I'm not sure what you're implying, dear.  But if I had to guess-"  He paused, giving Kate just enough time to wince- her father almost never corrected her mother, and when he did, it was usually from a stance that she could not easily defend- " I would certainly hope it would have no bearing on her physical appearance."


    Andrea finally was done with her shift.  A box containing a hot, fresh, double BBQ and fried onion cheeseburger, along with a second box containing as many fries as she could convince their fry cook (Some new guy named Frank, who looked 70 years old, despite claiming to be 38, but super friendly regardless) to jam into a large takeaway box, were carefully wedged beneath one arm, while she texted with the other free hand.

    Andrea was kind of an instant hit at work, after all.  Mr. Arco had especially taken a liking to her (no doubt because Mr. Arco viewed Kate as his best employee) which meant that after her shift was over, he had asked her if she wanted to talk for a bit.  Andrea had been there long enough to know that "wanting to talk" meant "come have some of my expensive liquor and shoot the shit" which Andrea was all about.  And her extremely out of her price range double scotch on the rocks was just the push she needed to respond to Kate's text in exactly the way she wanted to, which was ringing in the back of her mind as Mr. Arco droned on about sports.


    Kate was horribly uncomfortable.  She couldn't think of the last time her parents fought in front of her.  Mainly, because they didn't fight.  Ever.  They had calm, confident conversations that held the slightest edge of disagreement.  Lo and behold, this is exactly what they were doing.  Her parents always carried themselves as- well, the closest analogy Kate could think of, was the rich family on television that never shouts, never raises their voice, but speak in steady, angry tones, as to not upset their rich dinner guests.  Or whatever.

    But truth be told, Kate's family wasn't rich.  They were very middle-class.  The wine they had been drinking was some cheap brand (not that she could tell) and their house was a fairly average 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom.  But her parents had their customs, and Kate always sat back and watched.  However, as she scooped up her last spoonful of potato casserole, she felt her phone vibrate in her jeans.  Pulling the upper edge out, she saw the name "Andrea :D" on her screen, immediately followed by "LOW BATTERY".  "Okay, well, no dessert for me!  I'm gonna call it a night, that was a long drive!  Love you both!" 

    The spell was broken.

    "Goodnight, honey!  Glad you're here!"

    "Goodnight, Kate!  Love you!"

    "I missed you both!  Glad I'm here!"

    There was a few seconds of silence, a few hushed words that Kate couldn't make out, followed by:

    "Where's the tupperware?!  The one that isn't all warped?  She didn't even finish off the casserole!"

    "It's in the drawer, where it always is!"

    Kate grinned as she slid into her room, before quietly pulling close the door.  Her room looked the same as always:  There were a few faded squares on the walls, along with four minuscule holes in the drywall from where various posters of movies and boy bands had once hung.  At some point she had written "Boys SUCK!" on her wall, and even though her mom had yelled until she was red in the face and made her scrub at the wall for over a half hour with soapy water, the faded words still sat eternally just above her dresser.  After she had bailed off to college, she had donated most of her "teenage" stuff, which meant her room was pretty void of decorations beyond a few trinkets she couldn't let go of.  Unzipping a corner of her dufflebag, she dug through the tangled web of cords- "I only brought my damn phone and laptop charger, how are they this tangled?" She angrily thought to herself as her phone let out an annoyed chirp, indicating it was laying on death's door and being invited in, eagerly.

    Finally, she jerked up triumphantly, having dislodged the two cables successfully, and eagerly slid the plug into the wall and into the awaiting phone port, before happily pulling up her messaging program and checking her newest text.

    "im so glad you made it, i miss you already!  <3 <3 <3  hows the family?"


    Andrea was currently on her third beer.  She let out a hearty belch as she staggered from the couch to the kitchen, wrenching open the fridge in a more aggressive nature than she usually did, feeling bad for the condiments immediately afterward.  "I'm sorry, mustard!  I'm sorry, ketchup!"  She shouted (albeit giddily) as she grabbed a can of beer from the fridge, her apologies eased out of her brain before she cracked the top of the tin can.  "I wish I..."  She began, as the beer eagerly fizzed, and she took a hearty swig, immediately forgetting what she was proclaiming a moment prior.  She let out another belch as she walked back to the couch, enjoying the feeling of being almost naked within the apartment.

    It's true, Andrea was pretty slack about how she dressed around the apartment, both before and after her talk with Kate which had lead them down the dizzying path that was their current relationship.  But she had never gone so far as to hang around in her panties and a tank top, sans bra, before.   But damn did it feel nice.  It felt so nice, in fact, that Andrea's version of "cutting loose" was even looser than usual, meaning that the fact that the older tank top ,which had once hung loosely over her breasts, was now riding well above the dome of her bloated stomach, exposing most of it, and yet she found herself not caring.  If it wasn't for the blinking LED light on her phone, she wouldn't have noticed that she had a text back from Kate.  She took a long draw from her beer, eyes glancing at the television screen- some older episode of Quantum Leap playing in the background, not that she cared.   Placing the beer can, slick with condensation, down on the coffee table, she retrieved her phone.  The screen lit up at once as the text popped open.

    "The family is the same as always.  I miss you already.  Wish you were here, girl.  My Mom made some crazy good casserole."

    Andrea felt herself getting hungry, and sure enough, her stomach growled, almost on cue.  "Shut up, I've eaten enough!"  She said, her drunkeness leeching forth in her tone as she sauntered back towards the kitchen- she was definitely sassier when she was alone, a fact she had mostly forgotten after her time with Kate.

    Oh, Kate.  How she liked her.  Like was a good word.  Like was nice.  Before she knew it, she was pulling a little "hidden" secret from out of the freezer- something she was (almost) certain that Kate wasn't aware of, at least since her healthier habits had kicked in.

     (Kate, of course, had found it last week, but didn't say anything)

    It was a delightful, sinful, decadent fudge cake from one of the bakeries near work.  Andrea had snagged it on a whim- well, it wasn't a whim in so much as a hankering, after two clearly Freshman girls who, judging by their tiny muffintops over their skinny jeans, had already succumbed to the dreaded "Freshman 15"- had talked aloud about having a slice each the other day, and how they'd probably stop by there again.

    "Well," Andrea remembered thinking wistfully, "as snooty as Freshman tend to be about campus food, it must be good..." And then promptly heading there after work.  Hell, the dude at the counter recognized her (he, himself, tended to stop by after work for a burger all the time) and snagged her a sweet "local business" discount!  Of course, it probably didn't help that Andrea's expanding chest had pressed her old work polo to ludicrous levels, and Andrea was never one to button it up professionally... Well, she may have gotten a "local massive cleavage" discount, even if she was too tired and laser-focused on the cake to notice.

    By the time she was done reminiscing, she had already eaten 2 bites.  And damn was it tasty!  She wasn't even being careful, just carving huge chunks out of the sides.  And popping it in the freezer was actually the kid behind the counters idea, which was an awesome idea, at that.  She considered texting Kate about it, but then remembered that she was supposed to be eating healthier.  And while guilt did stop her from texting Kate and bragging about the delicious cake she was eating, it sure didn't stop her from continuing to eat it...


    Kate messed around on her phone for a bit, before growing bored waiting for Andrea to text her back.  "Hell, she's probably passed out on the couch already.  I should probably get some sleep too, I'm sure dad will wanna get up for breakfast nice and early tomorrow, and I should spend some time with him."  However, boredom got the best of her, and she pulled out her laptop from her bag and got to browsing around on facebook.  Nothing new caught her eye, except for one thing- a picture of one of her old friends, from in town.  In fact, it was the same girl who, embarrassingly enough, Kate figured might be the reason she was into bigger girls with bigger appetites.  Lisa.  Just the name sent memories pouring through her head- they had been so close in middle school and most of high school, but then they... Just sort of drifted.  Sometimes, people just do that- there's no catalyst, no reason for it, it just happened.  But hell, it had been... What, 4 years?  Since she had last seen her? 

    But they weren't friends on facebook- hell, Kate hadn't even gotten one until halfway through her first year of college.  Lisa had just been tagged in someone elses photo, but her picture had caught her eye immediately.  How could she forget that crazy red hair?  Somewhat excited, Kate popped open the picture, wanting to see if Lisa had grown any...  But, as these things tend to be, it was some shitty bar shot, with everyone acting all goofy, leaning all over each other, and Lisa's face and neck was all that wasn't obscured.  She tried to recall how round her face was, did it look chubbier, or is it just me?- before Kate made a decision.

    She clicked Lisa's name- her profile picture was the same thing, an upper shot that barely went below the neck.  Still no good, now she couldn't remember if Lisa had always had a chubbier face.  Kate sighed- of course her photos were private.  Kate closed her laptop, and decided to call Andrea to say goodnight.  But when she called, the phone just went to voicemail.  "Dammit I bet she did fall asleep that lazy jerk-" Kate muttered, but still diligently left a voicemail.  "Hey, just made it into bed, I'm gonna call it a night!  Lo-"  Kate awkwardly paused.  "Look forward to sending you pictures of my mom's cooking tomorrow, haha.  I bet you'll be jealous.  Anyways, goodnight!  I miss you, and uh... Yeah.  Just text me!"

    Kate couldn't help but feel disappointed- Andrea had made such a big deal about missing her, but now she wasn't answering her phone.  What a bummer.  But she knew Andrea well enough to know she was probably on her fifth beer and had the TV up so loud she couldn't hear it.

    Kate reopened her laptop.  She stared at the photo of Lisa for a bit, before clicking on the "Send Message" button.  Her fingers began to type, and before she could second guess herself, she hit "Send", sighed one more time, and closed her laptop.

"Hey Lisa!  It's been forever, and I happen to be in town!  Just was wondering if you wanted to hang out before I leave?  Just shoot me a message if you're still around too!"
Andrea's Roommate (Chapter 24)
Done and done.  Next time:  Is Lisa fatter?  How drunk is Andrea?  How was the cake?  Is there more cake in the future?
And you know what that means!

New Andrea soon!

How soon? 

Soon enough!


Whatever, enjoy the new story please.
And you know what that means!

New Andrea soon!

How soon? 

Soon enough!


Whatever, enjoy the new story please.

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   "Oh... Oh, fuck..."  Nora gasped as she half walked, half waddled into her apartment.  She had ended up staying at the buffet for the better part of another hour, and with another four plates under her belt (well, elastic waistband) she was definitely feeling the consequences of her actions.  Slamming the door to her apartment shut behind her, she placed one hand on the small of her back and let out a monstrous belch as she staggered to the couch, collapsing onto the well-worn cushions.  "What on earth has gotten- urrrp into me?" She said quietly as her stomach gurgled contently.  She was rapidly starting to discount her jet-lag theory, and was getting slightly worried with the distinct lack of self-control she had exhibited in the past few hours.  "Gotta call the doctor, after I hic sleep this one off..."

   Of course, she ended up sleeping until it was dark out, and by then it'd be pointless to call the doctor, because she'd just get the machine.  At some point in her sleep she had shrugged her way out of her sweatshirt, and when she sat up she felt her stomach bunch up in a way she wasn't familiar with.  When she glanced down, she saw that she now had two distinct jelly rolls.  Poking idly at her newfound chub, Nora let out a sigh.  "Didn't think I'd pack it on this quickly... Definitely gonna need to see the doctor soo- ohh!"  She bolted up as she groaned, her stomach had seemingly reacted to her experimental poke by cramping up aggressively with hunger pains.  "Come ON!"  She shouted in frustration.  She had just eaten half her body weight in buffet food.  

   "No, no no.  No.  Seriously, this-"  She stomped her feet and felt her newly rounded belly wobble aggressively.  "This is just, ridiculous.  I need to get some sleep."  Groaning as her stomach rumbled angrily, she made her way to her bathroom, opening her medicine cabinet and scrounging through the various bottles before she happily pulled one out.  In college, she had some issues with insomnia, and after a while had finally been prescribed some heavy duty sleep aids.  Grinning as she took two with a glass of water, she shimmied her way out of her yoga pants and crawled into bed.  "I'll call the doctor first thing in the morning..." She mumbled as she felt the pills kick in almost instantly.


   Nora awoke, wearing a flowing white sundress and laying stretched out in a long sun chair, smiling as she felt the sunshine wash over her.  Wiggling her toes happily, she sighed at the comforting feeling.  "This is truly the life..."  She muttered, as she heard a small clatter next to her head.  Opening her eyes slowly, she turned her head, seeing a platter of fresh fruit to her right.  "Ah, service fit for a queen..."  She muttered sleepily as she grabbed for the fruit.  However, by the time her hand made its way back to her mouth, instead of a fresh slice of melon, she found a handful of french fries.  However, Nora found herself not caring.  "I'm on vacation, anyways."  She muttered as she jammed the salty treats into her mouth.  Her next handful came back with potato chips.  Then, a stack of cookies.  More and more junk food seemingly materialized next to her as she eagerly scooped up clumps of greasy, salty, sugary, fatty foods, over and over, until her hand grasped at something other than food- a hand.  Her eyes, which had drifted shut, snapped open, and she turned her head quickly to see a long, scrawny looking fellow with black hair, sky blue eyes, and a neatly pressed 3-piece suit standing next to her.  "Uh..."  She muttered, staring blankly at the fellow, who, despite being a foot away from her, she found hard to focus on- his image was blurry, even though he was right there.  "Can I help you?"

   The man standing next to her cracked a wide grin, letting out a calm laugh.  "My dear, you already have..." He said in a sing-song voice.  "Trust me, I'm living... Vicariously, through you.  There's nothing you have to do..."  Despite that rather cryptic and almost ominous statement, Nora found herself even calmer.  She let her eyes close again as she let go of his hand.

   "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, be a dear and find me more food please."  Nora said lazily.  However, he didn't respond for a moment, forcing her to open her eyes and give him a questioning look.  "Well?"  She said, but his smile had faltered and he was already walking away.

   "I apologize, but it seems we're fresh out... You'll have to go shopping." He waved a hand loftily, before muttering again.  "See you soon, Nora."


   Nora awoke to a sharp pain in her neck and back.  "Ugh, what the... Hell..."  She muttered as she came to- only to find herself on the floor.  It wouldn't have been the first time she had rolled out of bed while on her sleep aids, they really threw her for a loop every time she took them, which is why she tried to not use them unless absolutely necessary.  Slowly letting her eyes flutter open, she groggily tried to push herself into a sitting position, only to let out a yelp of pain along with a loud belch as she collapsed back down.  "Oh, shit."  She said as her hands flew to the source of the pain- her stomach, which was absolutely tight with food.  "Please tell me I -urrrrrp- didn't..."  But, after a rather long ordeal of rolling onto her side, grabbing the counter for support and pulling herself shakily to her feet, it was obvious that she had:

   She had sleep eaten.  And not a small amount (as was apparent by the rounded sphere of her belly), but a good portion of the food in her pantry, that her mother had just restocked.  The last sleep-eating incident was pretty neat, but this one was a tornado of carnage.  There wasn't much food on the counters or the floor left other than crumbs, but there were wrappers torn apart, pans laying all over the place, and several knives and forks covered in various remnants of foodstuffs.  "Oh-kay..."  She sighed, gently rubbing her stomach and attempting to relieve the tightness a small margin, but only succeeded in giving herself a terrible case of hiccups and letting out several large belches, which helped only slightly.  "Definitely seeing the doctor.  Today."


   "And... You are at... 157.6 pounds.  Which..."  Nora winced as the nurse stared at her chart.  "Means you're up just over 16 pounds."  Nora gritted her teeth.  The nurse stared at her rounded belly- still swollen from the events of the morning, plus the cheeseburger she felt compelled to grab on the way here- she was proud to say she had just one, but her stomach grumbled in a way that made her think she should've grabbed two.  "Did someone enjoy themselves overseas?"  The nurse chuckled, with a wink- Nora realized she thought she was pregnant.  She managed to keep her mouth shut, just giving off a tight, forced grin.


   There was a knock on the door, and the doctor slid into the room, face bright with a grin typical to American bedside manner.  "So, Ms. Nora, what exactly is the emergency?"  He said, trying to keep the air in the room light and conversational.  "Oh, and how was your Eurotrip?"

   Nora let out a sigh, feeling her belly pinch tightly into her barely buttoned jeans- cursing herself slightly for not wearing her yoga pants again.  "Well, the trip was fun, pretty uneventful, but uh, ever since I left... Well, my appetite has been through the roof."  The doctor let some air out from between his teeth.

   "Right.  Which, leads me to the first question-"

   Nora sighed again.  "No, I'm not pregnant."

   "And you're-"


   The doctor let out a sigh, this time.  "Well, a weight gain such as this in such a short period is... Not unheard of, especially since you've been on vacation and all-"

   Nora cut him off.  "Right, but, see, the thing is, the day before I left, these jeans-"  Nora gestured angrily to the violent muffin-top that she was sprouting, "Were practically falling off.  Seriously.  And now... I mean, I just can't stop eating."

   The doctor stared at her for a bit, checking her charts again.  "Well, we're gonna start off with blood work."


   The doctor visit was more or less a bust.  "Bloating, post trip stress, anxiety, that time of the month, etc." was basically the explanation that was thrown Nora's way, followed by "If it persists, or if we find something alarming in the blood work, we'll be in touch either way, I'd say."  She was also told to start working out- Nora wasn't sure if that was for her own benefit and peace of mind, or to drop some of the weight she had already gained.  Sitting in her car, she felt the cool AC blow on her face as she thought about what to do next.  She had to get out of these pants, or at least-

   "Ooof."  She gasped with release as the button opened with a quick press from her thumb, letting her bloated belly push forwards.  "Okay, that's off the list."  She thought back to the mess at her apartment, that she barely started to clean before leaving for the doctor.  That needed to be handled.  The doctor had also mentioned speaking to her therapist.  She hadn't seen her in a long time, another relic of her college days when she didn't now how to handle her anxiety.  She supposed she could give her a call... But when she hit the button on her phone to call her and place an appointment, she saw she had a text from one of her friends, Kelsey.  

   "Hey girl, heard you're finally back home!  I tried to call a few days ago but your phone was still off- we're grabbing drinks tonight and you DEF. need to come."

   Nora smiled.  A night out sounded nice, get her mind off things.  She'd definitely call her therapist, Janet, first thing in the morning.  This whole thing with the food, and the doctor... She just needed to get out for a bit, get her mind off of it.  Besides, she hadn't seen her friends in months!  Smiling, she texted back "I'll be there, for sure- where?"  And started driving home, tucking her phone back in her purse.  "Hopefully,"  She said out loud, "Some of my club dresses still fit."


   There was some good news, which was most of her dresses still "fit", for what it's worth.  However, she noted they looked... Well, a bit slutty.  Her rounded out belly (thankfully compressed somewhat by the tight fabric), compared with her rounder chest and now jiggly, fleshed out ass, meant all of her dresses, even the somewhat longer ones, rode up a few inches higher than usual.  And when the dresses were designed with looking pretty showy in the first place, well... They didn't need a lot of showiness added.  But, as she looked at the three dresses that still kept her at least somewhat modest, laying on her bed, and the pile of dresses that simply wouldn't be proper for public wear, Nora felt a pang of disappointment in her chest.  "These all fit fine before I left."  She pouted, standing in her bra and panties.

   She needed a dress, now- her friends would be here any second to pick her up, so she snagged the black one.  Grunting as she struggled into the tight fabric, she pulled the dress down as far as she could without popping her tits out, then looked in the mirror.  Her cleavage bulged unnecessarily out of the top of the dress, but there was nothing she could do about it now.  The dress, for what it's worth, still went down about mid-thigh, which would have to do for now.  Nora really didn't like the way that her belly bulged outwards from the dress despite it's restraining nature, but it was something she'd have to deal with.  Hearing her phone vibrate, she bent over to snag it from the ground and felt the dress strain...

   But it held.  Letting out a little sigh of relief, she checked her new text.  "We're here!"  Wonderful.  Just in time.


   It ended up being a smaller group- just Nora, Kelsey, Kelsey's friend Tina, and Tina's boyfriend.  Tina said a quick hello and then pretty much ignored her to talk to her boyfriend in the back, so Nora snagged shotgun.  "Damn girl, I don't remember you having such a revealing dress!"  Kelsey giggled from her driver seat as she gave Nora a once-over while she adjusted her seat belt.  Nora chalked this up to the fact it was dark out, and her dress was pure black, which was somewhat disguising her plumper form- which in turn meant that pretty much all Kelsey could see was her cleavage, which was emphasized by the way her dress was pulled down by her rounder gut.  But, whether the comment was a sympathetic compliment, or genuine misunderstanding, Nora still felt herself feeling slightly better about her current... Predicament.  


   It was the first time her self-confidence had been this high in the club.

   For some reason, Nora was getting hit on- a lot.  When she had been to the club previously (the four times she had ever actually been convinced to come along in the past few years, at any rate), nothing had ever happened.  She sat on one of the weird sofas that were on the side, got kinda buzzed off drinks that were probably made way too strong, just because she was a lady, and then rode home in a cab with Kelsey and whoever else her friend had convinced to come along that day.  

   But tonight?  Well, tonight, when Nora had gotten bored and walked up to the door in a slow pace- primarily because she could feel her dress straining against her entire body with every step- she had gotten spoken to, twice.  Which was two more times than usual.  Both compliments had been usual club affairs- "Hey, babe, are you [insert sexual pun here]", but Nora was somewhat impressed.  After all, her club excursions were usually nothing less than boring, despite the drinks being somewhat cheaper since she was a lady.  Or maybe they only visited cheap clubs- she could never tell, due to lack of experience.

   Still, while she walked back slowly to the booth that she had left her bag at, two (free) drinks in hand, she found herself feeling odd... And before she knew it, she had slammed both drinks down her throat in an effort to restrain the now somewhat prominent feeling that was developing rapidly within her very core- absolute need for food.  She almost let out a cry of despair as the telltale signs came back for what felt like the millionth time.  But, as she sloppily put the two empty drink glasses down onto their previously occupied- but now completely empty, save the 3 purses that still remained- booth, a man, who looked no older than 21, approached the table.

   Nora heard a voice nearer to her than she would've expected, and blearily looked upwards.  Diligently scooping off the two empty cocktail glasses, the young man spoke directly to Nora again, never breaking eye contact.  "Another drink?  A meal, appetizer, salad?"  Nora felt herself blush as she stared at him, if only for half a second before the sharp pain in her stomach reminded her of exactly what she wanted.  Last she recalled, there weren't servers at clubs, which meant this dude came over to her table for more shifty reasons.  But, that didn't stop her from acknowledging him.

   "Uh, hey..."  Nora awkwardly offered, as the gentleman stared her down.  When he didn't respond, she decided to look at her phone- until her stomach awkwardly and painfully grumbled.  "Oof!"  She uttered, her usual bored tact at these sort of clubs (on the rare occasion she was spoken to) dulled slightly by the pain her gut from refusing to eat.  With a voice that almost felt unlike her own, she managed to gasp out: "I would kill for a double cheeseburger... And some fries.  A lot of fries, probably."  Before awkwardly slamming down the rest of her water.  The order seemed excessive, and for a split second Nora waited for the guy to laugh at her order- but he didn't.  He simply turned around and walked back towards the bar area.

   Nora felt her gut sink.  "They don't have servers here, jeeze.  This guy is gonna drug me and nobody is gonna notice as I get carried out, what the fuck- I'll just... Move tables, right?  But there's a bunch of bags here, I can't just-"  Her internal panic was halted by the grumbling of her stomach.  When the prominent pangs of hunger subsided for a few seconds, Nora found herself letting out a quick chuckle at her own awkward stupidity.  "What was I thinking?"  She muttered.  "It's obvious that the club recently changed their policy."


  Patrick, who had stopped by earlier had actually gone through with his transparent server gimmick, showing up with a double cheeseburger (with the works) and about a pound of french fries, along with an ice water and a cocktail that Nora wasn't sure she recognized.  "I hope I'm not being too... Intrusive."  The oddly charming polite club-goer managed to utter as he slid the plate towards the slightly bewildered Nora.  She shook her head, but didn't respond,  as she was too busy jamming french fries into her mouth.  Soon enough, the fries were gone, and she began sloppily mowing down the double cheeseburger into her anxiously awaiting mouth. Patrick- who seemed fairly turned off by a girl jamming greasy bar food into her face- had wandered off into the small crowd of 20-something year olds, who were all bouncing along to the beat of whatever generic rap song that was playing.  Nora didn't care, because she felt starving, and by the time she had been somewhat sated by the several hundred calories of greasy bar food placed in front of her, Patrick was long gone.  

   By that time, a slightly tipsy Kelsey had come back to the booth. "Sup, Nora?", she asked, as Nora gently dabbed at her chin and mouth, a last-ditch effort to make it look like she hadn't just devoured a rather sloppy double cheeseburger that weighed half a pound at least.  She couldn't help but notice that Kelsey had accidentally dumped about half of her beer on the table.

   "Uh, not much?  I think I got hit on, but then he gave me my food and left.  And this drink, I guess?  I don't know what it is..."  Nora said awkwardly- again, this wasn't her first time to the club, but it was far from her usual comfort zone.  

   Kelsey stared at the drink, after taking a long hard pull from her beer as she listened to Nora.  "It's a long island iced tea.  They only serve them in that glass..."  She trailed off as she said it, noticing the look on Nora's face.  "Look, I doubt he drugged you, if that's what you're thinking."

   Nora let out a gasp.  "What?  Is that a thing that actually happens?"  She suddenly felt much more uncomfortable, and wanted to leave.  Obviously, her earlier paranoia was apparently justified.  Kelsey, being one of her closes friends, read her like a book.

   "Look, despite how much they say on cop procedural shows that girls get drugged all the time- truth is, we live a smallish city, and frankly, you getting dragged out of the club would get noticed by at least 5 people- including myself."  Nora didn't respond.  Kelsey sighed.  "You know what?  Here."  She grabbed the drink and took a healthy swig.  "Feel free to hang out for a bit, see if I pass out."

   Kelsey didn't pass out- on the contrary, she danced out on the floor for a bit, seemed to get into a bit of a minor argument with Tina, and then walked back to the booth where Nora was uncomfortably sitting.  "Okay, it's been over a half hour- drink your damn drink."  Sighing, Nora began to drink again- after all, her stomach was starting to hurt from hunger pangs, and she needed something more substantial than water.  Wearily, she found herself sipping down the remainder of her drink- at least 3/4's of it.  It was a delicious drink- and although she wasn't sure what was in it, it was nice.  She felt herself relax after finishing the rest of the drink, and before she knew it, she was on the dance-floor, awkwardly dancing with Kelsey, shaking her hips in rhythm with the music, jokingly draping her arms around Kelsey's neck, and giggling way more than she probably should've.


   "Yeah, yeah, this is it.  Thanks, dude!"  Kelsey drunkenly called out as they stepped out of the cab, slipping a 20$ bill into the taxi driver's hands.  After they danced for a bit, Tina had stopped by, looking as grumpy as always.  After a bit of a conversation that could almost- but not certainly- be called an argument, Kelsey had begrudgingly handed over her keys.  When Nora probed, all Kelsey had said was "Tina wanted to leave- I wanted to drink.  We worked it out."  And so, they had grabbed a cab on the way home.  It wasn't far at all, but Kelsey was drunk and felt generous.  "Well, aren't you gonna invite me in?"  Kelsey managed to work out without any stutters or slurring.  

   "Yeah, of course you can -hic- stay with me, Kels..."  Nora, herself tipsier than she cared to admit.  "Lemme, uh, fish out my keys."  She said as she dug through her purse- in the process, she dropped a napkin with a lazily scribbled phone number on it, probably from Patrick.  She didn't notice, and if she had, she wouldn't have cared.

   "Well, sweetheart, you're too sweet.  Thanks, doll."  Kelsey slurred out in a fake Southern accent.  It wasn't very convincing, which made Nora giggle- She was feeling a bit beyond tipsy, and had lost all of her ability to feel ashamed of her actions.  "Now, you've been gone way too long!  Are you gonna tell me about your trip?"  Kelsey managed to slur out as she stumbled through the recently opened front door of Nora's place.  

   "Yeah, I mean, it was a lot of mountain climbing..."  Nora awkwardly led off with, before spotting the awkward look from Kelsey.  "Look, I climbed a few mountains, but for the most part, I did cave exploring... And, uh... Eating their crazy food and drinking their beer."  Kelsey smirked.

   "I could tell it was good to you."  She awkwardly offered as she kicked off her shoes, which seemed trendy but uncomfortable.   "Look, no need to be awkward, I've known you for a while- You gained a few pounds.  So what? It happens to everyone who takes an extended vacation.  No need to be weird about it."

   Nora grimaced.  Was it that obvious?  That sucked.  "For fucks sake."  She found herself uttering.  "I didn't think it was that blatant.  I'm sorry if I looked trashy..."  She uttered.

   Kelsey let out a giggle, and Nora felt herself blush hard.  Before she had a chance to stutter out an answer, she felt herself being guided to a nearby couch, with Kelsey's firm hand.  "Tell me more, I mean, about the... Uh, the food.  How was it?"  Nora felt a bit awkward, and couldn't help but notice that Kelsey's stare was focused more at her chest area (although, had she been a bit more sober, she would've realized it was sent towards her belly area, not that it mattered).  She coughed, hiccuped, and asked again.  "So how was, the food, that is?"

   Nora felt awkward, but pressed forwards anyways, not really registering the air of the room.  "Food was good, but seriously- I spent most of my time there climbing mountains.  If I'm being honest, I... I gained most of this weight here, after I came back.  Seriously."  Nora couldn't believe she was being so upfront, but also didn't care.  She was drunk, Kelsey seemed cool enough, what did it matter?  "I guess I've been, well, I dunno, kinda hungry since I got back?"

   Again, if Nora had been sober, she would've noticed the violent blush on her friends face, but she didn't.  "Well, that's to be expected, you've been gone a while.  And, well, if I may... You look great!"  When Nora gave her a look of disbelief, she continued.  "Look, Nora, I'm not jerking you around.  You look amazing.  I've seen you more than once, you know?  This is the best you've looked, ever!  You're one of my best friends- if you didn't look good, I wouldn't lie.  You remember when you had the flu?"  Nora vaguely remembered, but Kelsey kept on.  "I told you you looked like shit.  I was being honest.  As honest as I'm being now.  You look... Hot."  She stopped abruptly.

   Nora took it in, then asked, feeling more sober than ever- "Are you serious?  I mean, are you being honest?"  She took a long look- if not, slightly wobbly- at Kelsey.  For what it's worth, it apparently worked.

   "Well, yeah."  Kelsey admitted, grinning for a second before looking away.  "You look, uh... Hot.  Seriously."


   Nora didn't quite remember the next few minutes, other than cracking two beers and sitting down on the couch, Kelsey right next to her.  But when she decided to start paying attention again, feeling significantly (IE: slightly) less drunk than she had, she felt Kelsey's arm around her waist, and her head snuggled firmly into her chest.  "Hey..."  Nora said, awkwardly, before pausing.  She wasn't sure where to go with this.

   Kelsey seemed way more aware than herself, and she immediately responded.  "What's up?"

   Nora paused.  Kelsey didn't seem phased.  She thought a second, before responding.  "Wanna see what I found?"


   It had been about twenty minutes.  After showing off a myriad of presumably generic European (and frankly boring) Kelsey seemed very bored, and asked "Where can I sleep?"  Nora immediately felt offered her bed, before feeling awkward.  "I mean, you can have my bed.  If you wanna crash in here, I'll gladly take the couch."  She offered, before Kelsey glared at her.

   "Look, Nora."  Kelsey began.  "I can't believe... Have you really... I mean, you haven't picked up on this?"  Nora awkwardly stared at her.  "Seriously, how have you not realized this?  Don't you remember, when you left?  I cried, Nora."  Nora thought back- it was true, she had cried, but it didn't seem significant.  It had come across as just... Being said that her close friend was leaving.  "Let's be real... I mean, hasn't it been obvious?"  
   Nora flinched.  She felt like she filled the gap by drinking her beer awkwardly, but only succeeding in coughing on it, causing her to feel even more awkward than before.  But now, it seemed obvious.  Nora had never seemed interested in boys, but to that extent, Kelsey had seemed even less interested in them.  And Kelsey had been there, forever.  Literally, she had known her for over 12 years, and now (partially thanks to the alcohol) it seemed more apparent than ever.  Kelsey had always had a thing for her.  

   "Seriously, you never realized this?"  Kelsey asked again, but this time, she sounded hurt.  And this time, Nora couldn't lie.

   "I knew, Kelsey.  I always knew."  And with that, she embraced Kelsey, but in a way that every friend wouldn't.  "I always knew."  And whether she knew what Kelsey was speaking about or not, Nora still found herself kissing one of her closest friends on the mouth, and found herself taking her by the hand to her bed, and kissing her all over, and being kissed in return, and...


   "Look, I-"  Nora managed to squeeze out in between bites of eggs and toast.  "I know, I know... How drunk I was last night.  But I'm being honest, right now, when I tell you, I'm serious.  Kelsey, I've know you for, how long?  Oh, right, over 4 years.  And frankly, I've been pretty dishonest with myself.  But now I'm being real.  Last night was... Well, you know what it was.  It was amazing.  And I... Well, I kinda wanna move things forward, if you don't mind me saying."

   Kelsey, for what it's worth, stood there in silence.  Nora observed her speechless attitude for a bit, before continuing, scraping her plate clean and jamming the final piece of toast into her mouth.  "Look, how else do you want me to... Oh!  I know how I can prove this."  And with that, she stood up with a belch, her bloated gut scraping the table as she did so, but Nora paid it no mind (beyond pulling down her shirt in a fruitless attempt to cover her swollen gut).  She dragged Kelsey by the hand into her bedroom, before throwing open her drawer and pulling out the small, metallic oddity that she had managed to confiscate on her trip shortly before she left.  "Look, I found this in an unexplored cave!  And I'm being completely honest when I say it's one of a kind.  And I'm giving it to you."

   Kelsey stared at the item in her hand- a squash shaped, metallic object with faint Russian letter scraped into one side.  "Are you serious?"  She asked, but when Nora's face fell, she reacted.  "I mean, are you... Uh... Serious about giving this to me?"  Kelsey asked, sounding as sincere as possible.

   "Of course I am!  Look, I've always felt weird about boys, but I've never felt weird around you.  Please, just... If anything that happened last night was serious to you, just take it.  Please."


   Kelsey felt herself awaken, in a shiny, metallic sun chair, with a gigantic bowl of tasty looking pasta on her left, and an even larger bowl of bread on her right.  She found herself starving for such food, and immediately began cramming bowls full of the food into her face at an absurd rate, her left hand bringing up handfuls of pasta and her right hand bringing up pieces of bread every other moment.  Oddly enough, she found each handful to be different- dinner rolls turned into croissants, which turned into biscuits, while spaghetti turned into fettuccine which turned into rotini.  However, she didn't care- she just kept eating, until a booming voice overtook her.

   "Why, you're not Nora!"  The voice boomed, angrily- Kelsey could hear it reverberate from every direction.  "Who dares take her place?"  The voice shouted, sounding furious.

   Kelsey froze, glancing around.  No one was there.  Before she could squeak out an answer, the bowls on either side of her emptied.  She gasped, before responding- "My name is, uh... Kelsey.  I know Nora, but..."  And before she even thought about the response, she shouted out- "I take her place!".

   There was silence for a moment, before the bowls filled back up with pasta and bread- but on either side of the respective bowls, two new bowls appeared, including new foods- ones which Kelsey loved!  Before she could reach out for some to munch upon, a figure grabbed her hand.  And when Kelsey tried too look at him, he seemed far away, as well as close up, at the same time.  "I see, Kelsey.  And I see you know Nora.  I will grant you access.  I hope you enjoy yourself, as Nora once did.  I accept you."  

   And with that, Kelsey dug into the food surrounding her.
   "Come, come, not much further, yes?"  The surprisingly spry, yet portly, Russian guide shouted in broken, stuttered English, as he motioned eagerly from ahead.  Nora Berger chuckled lightly as she nimbly followed behind her guide.  She looked at the gorgeous view of somewhere within the Altai Krai, located within Russia, and reflected on how she had arrived there...  


   Her somewhat uncharted spontaneous post-college trip had started out rather innocent- she was struggling to find a job with nothing more than a History degree, and after a few months of fruitless soul/job searching, her rather wealthy father had offered to pay for a majority of her travel expenses "as a reward for doing so well in college".  Loosely inspired by one of her role models from days long passed playing original PlayStation Lara Croft games with her father, Nora found herself wanting to go mountaineering.  And where better to do such an act than in the Eurasia area?  Of course, after a few climbs (and several hundred Euros practically flushed down the drain), Nora found herself... Dissatisfied.  It all seemed so kosher, so pedestrian,  so... Boring.  

   And so, on a whim, she found herself in Russia, hanging out in dingy bars, talking like she knew a lot more about mountaineering/spelunking/adventuring than she did.  Anything to get something outside of the normal, fit, touristy thing that seemingly every white non-European person did while in Europe.  At some point, she was sipping on some tangy, slightly unpleasant but still drinkable, Russian whiskey (which was a rarity in itself) when she found herself next to a portly, mustachioed man who spoke English- more or less.

   "You talk big mountain talk, yes?"  He half grumbled, half slurred.  He clearly was three or four vodka shots deep, but seemed genuine enough- especially to a buzzed Nora.  

   "Well, I've seen a mountain or two... But I'm looking for something more, something... Interesting."  Nora tipped her glass in the strangers direction with a nod.

   The stranger, to his credit, didn't falter one bit- whether he was simply oblivious to social cues, or if he didn't care, wasn't apparent.  "Well, I know interesting, friend!  My name is..."  He paused for a moment, putting one fist upon his chin.  "My name is not important, friend."  He winked at this- clearly playing into this American girl's curiosity.  "But you, since I am sure you could not say my name, you can call me... Boris?  Is this acceptable?"  

   Nora, buying into this man's spiel, if for no other reason than boredom, flashed a smile.  "I am more than happy to call you Boris, Boris.  Now, what's this about 'interesting'?"

   And so, after a few shared drinks, Nora found herself entering an address and a time into her phone- which was practically rendered useless in terms of communication in Europe, but still served it's more basic purposes, including data entry.  The next day, a hungover Nora found herself awoken by an alarm with an address and a name:  Boris.


   Her and Boris had a rather brief breakfast prior to the expedition, in which a much less hungover Boris explained exactly where they were headed.  "I have owned this map for many years."  He stated dramatically over half cooked eggs and room-temperature coffee.

   Boris pointed dramatically to a faded X that was drawn in pen.  Nora stared at it, unable to make heads or tails of the map from her slightly fuzzy view.  What the fuck was in Russian whiskey?  It hadn't tasted like anything she remembered from back home- for all she knew, it was vodka with brown food coloring- the hangover sure felt that way.  Still, her trip was almost over and she had nothing to show for it- some mystery location would be the perfect place for pictures, after all, if for nothing less than to appease her Father, and make him believe he didn't waste his money.

   Boris, somewhat ignoring his soon to be travel companion, continued on, after sneakily looking around to make sure nobody was looking.  Of course, the scummy restaurant they were in only held one other patron, a elderly woman who sat several tables away and seemed to have one foot in the grave, as well as one pillow away from falling asleep. "I have been searching for long years for what my babushka claimed as the perfect treasure for my wife.  Of course, I am not quite husband material!"  With that, Boris let out a hearty laugh- one which seemed to awaken their elderly co-customer, who, with a huff, stood from her table and cautiously waddled her way towards the door.

   Nora's interest was somewhat piqued at this statement.  Again, what would her old hero, Lara Croft, have said?  And, after a bit of persuasion, she was able to persuade Boris to explain, in so many words, where the X was located- it was a very reachable location, so, if worst came to worst, she could just... Leave.


   "Ah, ah ah ah!  This... Is... Where we should be.  I am most certain!"  Boris shouted from beyond a turn in the lower level mountains.  Nora couldn't help but chuckle as she pulled out her phone.  Time for yet another photo- she had no service (obviously), but the second she was on a wi-fi, she'd be sure to send her Father a picture of herself.  No point in taking a trip on someone else's dollar without reminding them constantly that you're actually enjoying yourself (and thankful, of course).   Holding her phone up, Nora attempted to capture the perfect angle of her face while still getting the mountains in the background.

   Nora had hit what one would call the genetic lottery- Asian father, White mother (Irish, Dutch, Scottish, plus about 30 other races) but retained apparently all of the most attractive genes.  She was slim, apparently purely by luck, since she ate utter garbage.  And yet, she found herself fitting into size 2 pants and size Small shirts on the regular.  Her face was angular, but not so much as to be unattractive- she had been hit on by her fair share of men, but was confident enough to shut them down.  Her stomach was untoned, but far from flabby- she had no fear when it came to wearing lo-cut tops that bared a lot of midriff, along with pants that rode just a little too low, at least by traditional standards.  Her face was angular, but not overly so- with deep brown eyes, a rather tiny nose, and perfectly straight teeth- no braces or orthodontic work required.

   Currently, she was snuggled up in a parka that covered her modest (at least to her, at any rate) B-cup breasts, yet somehow emphasized just how skinny she was, while also keeping her warm.  Her lower half was no stranger to her skinny genetics, with a tight (and more toned than the rest of her) ass, and thin thighs that displayed a gap and calves that could crack a brick.  She was relatively in shape- certainly, she could be better, but this is what she had, and she was happy with it.  She had turned quite a few heads in Russia, an achievement to be sure, since the standard around these parts seemed to be Barbie-esque women with fake boobs, fake tans, and fake nails.  Her self-indulgence/reflection was interrupted by Boris' shouts of excitement.  

   "And here it is, friend!"  He shouted happily- in proper Russian fashion, he pulled a flask from inside his coat and took a swig before handing it to Nora, who gracefully pulled a fair amount from the warm metal canister.  They had arrived, apparently.  The cave face was quite narrow- certainly moreso than Nora was used to in her somewhat limited cave-diving experience.  Still, as previously stated, Nora was quite an easy fit.  Of course, Boris just offered her a "Good luck, friend!  I'll be here when you get back!"  And she watched him plop his rounded exterior down on a nearby tree stump- surely this site couldn't be that secret, if someone had bothered chopping down a tree, but a cave was a cave, she supposed.

   Quite fearless was Nora as she diligently edged her way through the narrow cave face, which quickly widened up enough for her to walk forward normally, if not a bit crouched.  She flipped on her headlight as the outside natural light faded, and to her excitement, the cave seemed relatively untouched.  No scribbles of bored teenagers, the walls were ripe with the usual flora that inhabited a damper cave, and despite the temperature outside, Nora found herself relatively warm.  Also missing were the usual signs of Russian teens- condoms and liquor bottles, burnt out cigarettes and junk food wrappers.  That being said, Boris could just be some schmuck who occasionally sold this cave to foreigners in exchange for a few drinks at the bar.  Still, the small shiver of excitement ran through her body- what if this really was some mysterious cave, untouched by anyone for "many years" as Boris had claimed.  Cautiously, she pulled out her small camera, and flipped the flash to on- her headlight could only see so far down the corridor and, if nothing else, it'd make for a good picture, the black gaping maw of the cavern ahead.  With no large amount of flourish, she sloppily took a picture without much attempt at composure, and looked at the LCD screen, which confirmed that the cavern went further for a ways before another twist.  Shrugging, Nora carried on.

   Not much happened for the next few moments, the passage widened a bit more and Nora felt warmer still, though if that was the innards of the cave or her relatively quick pace, she wasn't sure.  Every fifty feet she'd pause and listen for signs of wildlife within, just in case a hungry... Oh, she didn't know, bear, or something, was inside.  At one point, however, she heard the telltale sound of any cave-explorer's dream- running water.  Oh, what if there was a massive cavern with waterfalls and endless lakes inside?  She found herself rushing forward with an excited pace, making sure every once in a while to check behind herself for branching paths- no point in getting lost inside a cave this close to the end of her trip.  As she finally met a rounded corner, she turned around it as the running water noises increased only to find...

   The most piss-poor excuse for a cavern she had ever seen.  It was roughly the size of a living room- the sound of rushing water must have been amplified by the acoustics of the cavern, because it was simply a small stream of water, barely two feet across, that ran though the middle of the room.  It's source was a smallish crack on the lowest side of the rock-wall, maybe five inches tall.  The water was barely a trickle and led to another hole on the opposite side of the small room that was even shorter and narrower than the entry point.  Scanning the room quickly, Nora was disappointed to find that there were no other entrances to a deeper part of the cave, other than the way she came.  Sighing, she snapped some pictures, with the flash off (for dramatic effect, to make the room seem bigger with just her headlamp on) and a few with the flash on.  She let out another sigh as she made her way out from whence she came, sluggishly flipping through the photos she had snapped, until something caught her eye.  In one of the photos, where she had snapped a picture of the exit-point of the water flow, there was a glint among the water that she hadn't seen before.  "Probably nothing, but what the hell."  She said aloud, slightly enjoying the reverb levels of the cavern- no wonder the water had sounded so loud!  

   She lazily wandered back to the water flow, looking futilely around the room and finding nothing new.  Crouching down and taking care to not get her pants wet, Nora rolled her sleeve up and slowly inched her hand through the opening.  Throwing caution to the wind, she stretched her arm almost up to her elbow, patting around in the water- taking note of the fact that the water was above room temperature, easily.  "Must be a run off from a hot spring somewhe- Oh!"  Nora felt her hand wrap around something slightly smooth, definitely not aluminum.  "Thank God it wasn't a beer can..."  She muttered as she pulled gently on the item.  When it didn't budge, she found herself bracing one foot against the rock wall, putting herself into a rather awkwardly stretched position which probably wouldn't be possible if she didn't take all those yoga classes in her free time.  She applied gentle pressure, ramping up slightly until she felt the item come loose.  Almost stumbling into the water, Nora corrected herself at the last second, veering backwards and falling on her butt on the damp (but not soaking) ground.  

   Part of her was scared to look in her hands- what the hell were the odds of her finding anything worthwhile in this stupid dinky cave?  But, with no small amount of excitement, she opened her hand, only to find... Well, she wasn't sure what.  It was sort of shaped like a small squash, and there was a metallic sheen to it as she shined her light over the object.  She flipped the item over, and noted there was something lightly etched into the back, but she couldn't quite make it out- although it appeared to be in Russian.  "Well, I guess I can always just tell Dad it's some mystic artifact, but odds are this just fell down here years ago and got shaped by the water currents."  Nora found herself wondering if water could actually shape metal the way it does rocks, but she didn't really care- it looked impressive enough, and she'd have plenty of time to think up a good back story on the plane ride home.  Unsurprisingly, the trip back outside was uneventful.


   When Nora reemerged from the cave, she stared at her phone- it hadn't even taken 45 minutes to get in and out of the cave.  "Boris, I hate to tell you, but that cave was pretty damn boring, 'friend'."  She shouted as she waltzed back out into the sunlight, throwing a sleeve over her forehead to readjust to the outside brightness, combined with the snow.  When no answer came, she lowered her sleeve, squinting.  "Boris!"  She shouted, a little panicked.  She was fairly sure she could find her way back- snow hadn't fallen yet, but she wasn't keen on making her way through unfamiliar terrain without a host.  "BORIS!"  She shouted again, only to whip her head around fast enough to cause it to lock up at the sound of branches snapping.  

   "Many apologizes, my loud American friend!  I was, ah... What is it they say about bears and woods?"  He said with a sly grin.

   Nora sighed.  "Is that your way of saying you were taking a wizz, Boris?"  The man giggled like a child as he nodded- clearly his flask had run dry at some point in the past few minutes.  "Anyways, your cave was a bust, dude."  Her American slang seemed to be slipping out lately, despite Boris' cliche Russian euphemisms.  

   He frowned.  "There was nothing inside?"  He seemed to doubt her- which reminded her of the trinket she had found in the small stream.  She snuck her hand inside her parka to an inner pocket, where she had stashed the small bauble.  Boris' face lit up at the sight.  "Oh, treasure for the treasure hunter!"  He held his gloved hands out, and Nora happily deposited the mysterious item within them.

   "Yeah, there's a really small dead-end cave in there with a really small stream running through- it photographed alright.  I found that inside it, so I guess it wasn't a total bust.  It looks like there's something written on it in Russian, any idea what it says?"  The portly man, of course, pulled out a small magnifying class- with how quirky he was, Nora was hardly surprised.  He squinted eagerly at the item, mouthing a few words under his breath.

   He handed the item back to her, stashing the magnifying glass back into his coat.  "It is just letters, friend.  I am sorry I couldn't be of more help, and I am sorry I was unable to show you a good time."  Nora winced slightly at Boris' accidental innuendo, but the disappointment in his tone melted her heart.

   "Oh, come on, Boris, you gave me a fun little adventure on my last few days."  She awkwardly patted his back.  "C'mon, I'll buy you a few drinks as a parting gift!"  Boris' face immediately reverted back to his usual lopsided smile, and they made their way back to the village.


   Nora woke up hungrier than she had felt her entire trip to Russia.  Blearily, she flipped onto her side that would be facing her alarm clock, only to find the faint glow of the digital clock (Circa early 90's, if she had to guess) to be mostly overwhelmed by a deep blue glow that emanated from her dresser drawer.  Sleepily and blearily, the American girl flipped the drawer open, only to be blasted full-force by the drawer, basking her in light, her stomach growling louder and louder until it came in ear-shattering waves, each increasing in pitch in such a way that-


   Nora woke up more hungover than she had ever felt in her entire trip to Russia.  She vaguely remembered trekking back to the hotel bar with Boris, who kept apologizing until Nora had gotten forceful with him "Seriously, don't worry about it, Boris- for the hundredth time, I'm not upset."  She also vaguely remembered them going to the bar and Boris immediately ordering her a drink in Russian, which she foolishly slammed down in one gulp- much to Boris' enjoyment.

   "Friend," He had uttered, "I wouldn't recommend that in Russia."  This was... More or less the last thing she recalled Boris saying.  She had woken up in her hotel room.  Blearily, she had gotten up for her morning commute back to the states in an undesirable way- mainly, hungover.  She had checked the room for any items of importance- primarily, her mostly useless cellphone, her favorite pants, her wallet... And that was it.  God, was she starving.  She did her usual check under the bed for quote-unquote important stuff, of which there was none.  Struggling to find the effort to care, she checked her bathroom as well.  Unshockingly, nothing of interest surfaced.


   "Are you shitting me?"  Nora found herself muttering under her breath.  She had hardly $8 left to her name (American, of course- her hangover was still too far in upper-middle territory to bother with conversion rates), but her flight had been delayed 5 hours from now.  "Fuck."  She had found herself uttering under her breath.  Eight dollars in Russia would get her pretty far, but judging by how her stomach was grumbling, it wouldn't get her far enough.  She dug through her bag briefly for change- anything to prevent her from utilizing her card for "Emergencies".  Beyond a few coins that she was sure were worthless, she was lacking significantly in funds to quell her unruly stomach.  She hunched over slightly as the growling magnified, and made her way to the nearest bar.  

   "Look, what's the cheapest, yet most filling, thing you serve?"  Nora half asked, half gasped- much to the bemusement of the bartender.  He looked her over once- judging by her wallet design, her jacket, and her face, he could tell she was American- working in an airport bar tended to help with easy ethnicity identification.

   "It'd be our pasta bowl.  Let me guess, Russian food got you down?"  He said in an alarmingly American voice (North American, namely United States, and if you wanted to get specific, Mid-Western, if she had to guess).  Nora found herself nodding vigorously.  The bartender nodded back, curtly, as he made his way to the cheap computer that was utilized for order-entry.  He was slightly hurt that she hadn't asked about his accent, but he let it go.  Airport folk were mean enough, so he had grown a bit of a thick skin.


   Her bartender hadn't been lying.  It was a massive plate of pasta, almost alarmingly so.  Even more alarming was the rate at which Nora found herself shoveling it into her face.  She hadn't eaten that quickly in... Well, ever, now that she thought about it.  Or that much.  Leaning back in her chair, she found herself in a tricky position- at least, regarding her pants.  Nora hadn't been hungry, per say, on her entire trip- which is to say, she hadn't really gone without a meal in a while.  And so, despite her semi-active lifestyle, she hadn't really lost enough weight to notice her packed luggage feeling necessarily loose on her body, especially with the handful of climbing adventures she had embarked on.  And yet, she felt an unusual and uncomfortable pain against her lower belly area.  Looking downward as she sipped a (rather shitty) Russian-labeled beer, she almost did a spit take as noticed her midsection bulging rather abruptly over the waistband of her pants.

   "Must just be bloating..."  She thought insincerely as observed her almost always flat stomach bulging over a pair of mid-calf length, loose pants that she had worn pretty regularly for at least the past 3 years.  "...Definitely."  Nora found herself thinking reassuringly as she hesitantly poked at the new (at least to her, or so she thought) bulge over her pants.  She looked downwards at the now empty bowl of noodles, which she had seemingly devoured.

   A voice not unlike her own (Although why would she ever order another?) asked, "Could I have another?"


   A clearly recorded message awoke Nora abruptly.  "Our descension will begin shortly, please make sure your seat-belt is secured and your flight tray is in an upright position!  Thank you for choosing us as your flight service!"  Nora jerked upright and snorted louder than she intended, judging by the annoyed look on the elderly woman next to her.  She barely recalled getting onto the plane, although- judging by the handful of snack wrappers jammed into the small pouch reserved for Skymall magazines and safety pamphlets- Nora hadn't gone hungry during the flight.  This was backed up by the fact that she almost immediately let out a soft belch following her rude awakening, and by the fact that her pants now sat unbuttoned, with her pale belly oozing out an inch over her fastened safety belt.

   The elderly woman gave her one more stare, for good measure, before turning back to her in-flight magazine, clearly losing interest in the seemingly gluttonous girl sitting next to her.  "What the hell is wrong with me?  I've never been one for snacking..."  Nora found herself thinking, bemused by her sudden appetite.  "Must just be post-trip stress, or something.  Is that how jet-lag works?"  No explanation jumped out at the twenty-something year old as she clumsily buttoned up her pants, not too thrilled with the tight pinch that followed.


   Nora almost faltered as she wandered through the terminal to the luggage check.  The smells of cinnamon buns, french fries, fresh sandwiches and other greasy goodies wafted through the air.  She distracted herself by digging through her purse for her car-park ticket that she had made sure to store safely away in one of the pockets when she had received it weeks ago.  Finally finding the slightly wrinkled stub, she glanced up anxiously at the signs, thankfully finding her luggage terminal relatively quickly.  At this point, her stomach was grumbling something fierce- which she had originally written off as unpleasantness from the apparent amount of in-flight chips she had managed to scarf down before passing out, on top of the two large pasta bowls she had devoured in the Russian terminal.

   But in her head, she knew the real reason- she was starving.  Again.  "Seriously, if this is jet-lag, I understand why people would want to avoid it."  She found herself thinking as she tapped her foot much faster than one should when they've only been waiting for their luggage for fourty seconds.  Part of her felt like her stomach was on fire, the other half felt like her head was about to split.  She hadn't felt this hungry... Well, she had been pretty hungry back in Russia, but this was worse.  More intense, somehow.  Experimentally, she poked her still bloated stomach, only to receive firm resistance.  "This is not the stomach of someone who is hungry."  She though frustratedly.  "I just need to get home and lay down, this has to be some weird post-trip thing..."

   Her luggage arrived in short order (a rarity in airports, to be sure, but one she was more than grateful for) and fifteen minutes she was in her old Honda 2001 CR-V, angrily glaring at the several fast food signs that adorned the twenty minute highway trip back to her apartment.  By the time she had gotten back home, her hunger had evolved from roaring stomach pains to alarming dizziness (Nora was thankful, at least as thankful as one can be in such circumstances, that this hadn't occurred until after she parked) and slight fuzziness in her vision.  Too exhausted to unpack, she threw her luggage lazily on her couch, stripped down to her bra and panties, and collapsed into bed, staring briefly at the ceiling, watching it spin, before passing out.


   Nora was dreaming.  She knew she was dreaming, which was odd, but she was okay with it.  In the dream, she was walking through a urban street with Boris, who was, for some reason, dressed as a pastry chef, and spoke with a heavy french accent.

   "Over here, madam!  THIS, my friend, is the most renowned pastry chef in all the land!"  Boris cried, as he brought her through a small shop, which was lined with at least twenty identical copies of Boris, each holding various pastries.  Boris had grabbed her hand and effortlessly pulled her through the shop, as each copy of himself had shoved a pastry into her mouth, each more delightful than the last!  Happily, she had skipped along beside him, as he continued their tour through the city.

   "This, THIS, my friend, is the world's greatest brewery!"  Boris had shouted, and a similar scenario occurred, this time with her walking along, head tilted up and mouth wide open, as each smiling Boris had pulled a tap and poured several ounces of beer into her awaiting gullet.

   The dream, more or less, continued this way, with Boris proclaiming with more and more glee each store of how it was the greatest in the world in whatever respective foodstuff it involved.  However, his efforts became more and more pronounced, and by the end of the dream, he could barely inch her along, although she tried as hard as she could to move along with him.  She couldn't figure out why, either- when she looked down, she looked exactly the same as she always had!  A large, bouncing belly, with breasts larger than cantaloupes drooping lazily over each side, her thick thighs rubbing together, producing a loud buzzing sound, rhythmically aligned with her steps- wait...

   A sweaty Nora bolted upwards in bed, letting out a loud gasp as the sound of her cellphone angrily buzzing on her nightstand reverberated through her tiny apartment bedroom.  Panting, she grabbed the phone, didn't even look at the name or number, and hit the "ignore" button.  She reached up and pushed sweaty bangs out of her face, disoriented and confused as to where she was- this certainly wasn't her hotel room!  However, at the sound of a carhorn honking outside, Nora found herself somewhat snapping back to reality.  She had gotten home, stripped down, and immediately gotten into bed.  However, at some point, she must have woken up and plugged her phone in, hence it being on and buzzing angrily at her.  Sighing, she looked down at herself- and let out a huge gasp, followed by a small hiccup.  Her stomach was alarmingly round.  When she poked it, she once again found a fair amount of resistance.  "What the hell is wrong with me?"  She said aloud, slightly worried.  After taking a few deep breaths, she carefully stood up from her twin-sized bed, slightly wobbly due partially to her abrupt awakening, and partially from the now rounded dome that protruded from her midsection.  After a few wobbly steps, she found herself in the bathroom, where, much to her surprise, she found a reflection of a girl with ketchup all over her face.

   "Did I... Sleep eat?"  She wondered aloud as she turned on the tap water and splashed cool water on her face for several seconds.  What else would explain the absurd food baby she had going on, and the ketchup.  For a second, she hesitated to step out of the bathroom- what damage would she see?  Judging by the size of her stomach and how full she felt, the answer was a fair amount- and Nora was unfortunately right.

   At some point, to no recollection of her own, she had apparently cooked the entirety of her freezer.  Prior to her trip, she had made sure to clear her refrigerator of all but a few non-perishable items, including a large bottle of ketchup.  However, during her nap, she had somehow (again, she had absolutely zero memory of this taking place) turned on her oven, and cooked an entire bag of pizza rolls, a mostly full bag of crinkle fries, several chicken patties, and had drank three cans of off-brand lemon-lime soda.  Apparently, sleep-eater Nora was still somewhat cleanliness-minded, as she had neatly stacked the now empty plastic bags on top of each other and flattened them, washed out the cans of soda, and put the cooking sheet in the sink.  Slightly alarmed, Nora once again found her hands wandering to her stomach, slightly probing the tight surface that was exposed to her air-conditioned apartment, due to her lack of clothing beyond her underwear.

   "I hope this doesn't become a trend, or I might get kinda fat..."  She muttered to herself as she cleaned up the kitchen.  Afterwards, she took a long shower, grateful to be back with her organic shampoo and soap- and less grateful to be back with her horrible water pressure, although she had to admit that the consistently warm water felt good on her bloated stomach.  After a much needed brushing and blow drying, she finally made her way back to her room to check her phone.  "Shit!"  She swore loudly as she saw the screen displayed three missed calls- all from her father.  Silently berating herself, she dialed him back immediately- she was sure he had been worried sick, he must have known her flight had landed... Wait, what time was it?  She glanced briefly at the clock- oh, thank God, it was only 6:14, it had barely been 3 hours since her flight landed.  She glanced outside at the dusk as the phone rang several times, before a sleepy voice answered.  "Hey, Daddy!  I'm sorry I didn't call right away, I ended up taking a quick nap- wait, what?"  She looked outside again- it wasn't dusk, it was... Dawn?  "Oh... Oh, my God!  I guess, um, with jet-lag, and all that... Wow, Dad, I'm-  No, no, I get that you were worried... I'm sorry!  I had no idea I slept that long!  I'm sorry I woke you up, I'll-  Yeah, yeah, lunch would be great- I'm so sorry- Yeah, I love you too- Yeah.  Sorry.  Okay, see you there at noon, bye!"

   Phone call over, Nora took a moment to silently jump up and down and swear in her head.  She had slept for over 14 hours?  How the hell does that happen?  And more importantly, why did she agree to get lunch at an all-you-can-eat buffet with her dad when her stomach was already larger than most 4-month pregnant women at her size?


   By 9:30 AM, Nora had completely unpacked.

   By 10:45 AM, she had texted pretty much everyone she knew, letting them know she was home safe, and that she couldn't wait to tell them about her trip.

   At 11:04 AM, Nora almost screamed from how hungry she was, and-

   At 11:37 AM, Nora was on her first plate at the buffet, adorned in her stretchiest yoga pants and her loosest t-shirt.

   When 11:58 AM rolled around, Nora had just cleared her forth plate, and nervously waved over an attendant to have her plate taken away so her father wouldn't notice she had started without him, and at 11:59 AM her father walked in the door, and Nora happily rushed to the door to meet him.  Hugging him in a way that she hoped wouldn't expose just how full she was at the moment, she happily lead him to her table, motioning to the cashier at the entrance that this was her second member of her party, which awarded her a bored nod from the teenager.  "You know..."  Her father said with the faintest smile of a grin,  "I can't think of the last time you beat me somewhere."

   Nora let out a much larger smile than the comment probably warranted, before simply stating "I guess a continental trip changes some things about a person, huh?"


   The meal was brief (her father didn't get rich from sitting around, after all) but the conversation was pleasant and meaningful.  She explained all the various parks and mountains she had explored, and happily showed her father every picture she had taken- he seemed especially interested by the pictures of the rather boring cave for some reason, which Nora took as a sign of her photography trickery actually succeeding in making the room look bigger.  The only other comment her father made was that she didn't seem too into her plate- Nora shrugged it off, simply stating "I'm still trying to get used to American food again" which seemed to appease her father.  His phone was purposely silenced during the duration of the meal- but an alarm at 12:30 PM forced him to look at it for the first time in exactly 30 minutes.

   He let out a sigh as he stood, straightening his tie and suit as his thumb busily scrolled through the series of missed calls, texts and e-mails he had received in the last half hour.  His thumb stopped abruptly and he looked up with a weary smile.  "Your mother will be by later with groceries- you know how she can get, so... Just don't forget to donate whatever you don't think you can eat, as we talked about."

   Nora let out a sigh.  "Of course, I remember."  Nora's mother was something of a worrier- she had stopped by Nora's apartment once, early on in her solo-living days, and had almost fainted by Nora's lack of diversity in her cabinets.  "Nora!" She had stated, dramatically.  "A healthy mind needs a healthy diet, and living off of cheap ramen and peanut butter isn't cultivating a productive mindset!" A light bicker had evolved from the statement, which culminated in Nora agreeing to let her mother grocery shop for her.  Of course, Nora's mother had no sense of scope, especially when it came to a twenty-something year old girl's diet, so she went overboard, week after week, cramming Nora's shelves full of food.  Nora and her father had quickly agreed that rather than trying to get her mother to stop, it made more sense for Nora to simply donate the food to the nearest pantry.

   "Wonderful."  Her father flashed a very genuine smile as he leaned down and hugged his only daughter once more- him standing, her seated.  Nora was grateful he didn't try to embrace her standing up- even with her loose yoga pants and sweatshirt, she could safely assume her stomach was still quite bloated.

   And of course, the second her father was out the door and into his brand new sedan, Nora stood and headed straight back for the buffet.
Ruins of Xepsino, Part 1
Wow, this is long.  So long, it has to be 2 parts.  Sorry?  Featuring Russia and bellies, probably


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